Drama in the Bedroom: Blue and Black Bedding & Comforter Sets: an exercise in drama

Blue and Black Bedding: 7-Pc Comforter Set Queen
It's blue and black bedding like these fabulous, yet affordable comforter sets and related pieces that have the strength to transform woefully lacking bedrooms into the warm, sophisticated, even dramatic retreat you've long been pining for. Black is one hue that's full of mystery and intrigue, while blue can present as light and airy in shades of teal or the deep and dramatic shade of navy; it's all about your taste for color and design and how you define your ultimate bedroom.

Blue paired with its subduer, black is one force to be reckoned with and if you're up to the challenge, the resulting bedroom can be the show-stopping stunner you're deserving of.   

Scroll down for a look at both sides of this dynamic duo as it's woven into fabulous blue and black bedding you're most likely long overdue for. The time is now; so let's get started, shall we?


Getting Started With Your Blue and Black Bedroom:                                                  your focal point

Blue and Black Bedding: 10-Pc Comforter & Sheet Set

Budget-Friendly Blue and Black Comforter Set:

Dare I Say, "Uber-Cheap?"

a smart start to a successful finish

Most often, it's your bed that serves as your bedroom's focal point; it's the space's biggest contributor and is often seen upon entering the room  

Ideally, you'll want to begin with your bedding in the blue and black palette you're working toward. Your bedding has quite the job description: it's the bedroom's host, of sorts, grabbing guests' attention and ushering them into the space, while introducing your bedroom's theme in a warm and welcoming fashion. 

So it makes sense to go as posh as feasible without breaking your bank account in twenty places. But it's vital  to the success of your bedroom's decor to begin with an amazing comforter set like this one, here. It's highly visual, capable of catching the eye, holding it for a scant few moments longer before admirers behold the rest of your bedroom's offerings. 


Accent Hues for More Options
Bands of Blue and Black with Grey

Blue and black bedding sets are a great color combo but the addition of grey in the comforter set here, means you can add metallic pieces, like the nightstand shown in this model bedroom.

Too, you can opt for either black, blue or grey window panels or an area rug . . . or . . .

With the simple addition of one color, you've opened the door to a host of decor options.

                                                                                                                                                                             Black and Blue Bedding with a Splatter of Art:                                                                                        


Bring in more blue with an area rug or abstract wall art.  
Top off your efforts for grandeur with a fabulous plug-in, black chandelier. Surprisingly, the fixture I show above is quite budget-friendly and like its coordinating bed set, will put you one step closer to a total fab model room for much less. 

Uber-cheap note: Not feelin'  the chandelier's love? Believe it or not (that means believe it), you might consider a black chandelier wall decal for under $10.                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I'm loving this Nevermore black raven bedding set for it's value as both art form and bed set. 
It's bluish hues lend to the color combination you're after and by the simple addition of blue sheets like those I talk about below and perhaps several cool pillows.

Black Bedding: 7-Pc Comforter Set Twin, Queen King

So, Where's the Blue?

Ever the mind reader, I  know what you're thinking, 'So, where's the blue in this comforter set?'

Well, you'll need to add it with a nice solid or patterned blue sheet set. That's the beauty of this bedding set; it has plenty of versatility and can weather the storm of a dozen decor redos and hand-me-downs. 

Note how the bed in this model room is on the half roll down; it's here where your blue sheets  peek out from their blank canvas quite nicely giving you the look you're after.
How easy-peasy is this budget-wise decision. 

Solid Cobalt Blue Sheet Set is Available in Black Too 

 Sheet Sets ~

Balance Your Missing Hues

Isn't this cobalt blue sheet set amazing? Well, despite sounding like an overzealous used car salesperson, hear me out on this one.
I'm quite the fan of cobalt blue, as it's one of the purest hues on the spectrum. Cobalt differs from other blues with its radiance; it's as though cobalt leaves you with its own cologne-like 'note.'

Can you see it?   

Sheet sets and pillows can manipulate your outer bedding's true color scheme and leave the eye 'seeing' more of what isn't present in your comforter. Make up your bed on the half-roll or fold, where you've a peek of the underlying bedding while creating a warm, welcoming vision.  


7-Piece Aqua Blue and Black Bedding Comforter Set

Blue and Black Bedding:

 That Much We Know: What's Your style?

                                                               As I mentioned in my intro, above, blue and black bedding can take on a host of different personas and it's clear this more formal comforter set is strikingly dissimilar than its contemporary cousins above. But you must agree: Isn't this bed set gorgeous with its contrasting aqua blue hue and plush black flocking?  
Your bedding will be the first glimpse to what's inside your space, mind you, not what's in your head, rather your shade of blue--lovely and light or dark and dramatic-- melded with black's design, best betrays what personality your bedroom is intended to portray.  

What is flocking, you ask? Flocking is a weaving process that produces a raised, fuzzy-like pile (the black on this bed set) amidst the smoother, aqua blue backing. I like flocking for its value in creating dimension and warmth for your bedroom's decor. 

For those of us who plan a European, chic boutique or girly-glam bedroom, this comforter's damask design is spot-on and will be the dynamic 'first piece' in your new space. If you'll be using existing furniture, don't hesitate to use any of the new paints out these days, where you can literally spray your way to 'new' bedroom furniture.  

Perhaps I should write about the power on the paint nozzle. Who knew?

Decorating with Blue and Black Zebra Animal Print Bedding

Blue and Black Zebra Print Bedding Set
Just one more reason to consider blue and black bedding. This zebra print is an unexpected twist to the more banal black and white animal we've come to love. I'm insistent on each room I decorate having a little 'surprise inside.' I suppose I'm loving it when I hear, "Oooh, look!"  and the ensuing questions; it's all part of the fun, my passion.

But, back to blue and black bedding; where were we?
I think we were somewhere between fabulous black and blue bedroom decor and saving money, big time.   
I was pleasantly surprised the low price of this shout-out bed set. The coordinating accent pillows are a real plus-plus, as like I mentioned earlier, you can tie two unrelated furniture pieces together or build upon a flat-looking bed. While the set is entirely black and blue zebra print, I recommend breaking up the sameness with a solid black and/or blue pillow a well. 

If you're decorating for a tween or teen girl (or boy, for the matter) this bedding will grow with your girl and last longer than a Bieber phase. I would pair this comforter set with fun  posters and/or prints in the standard size 36" x 24." I'' e talking about wall art at a later date but for now, there's quite a few more styles of black and blue bedding to elaborate on. 

Light it Up:                                                                             Your Bedroom's Ambient Light

7-Piece Blue and Black Zebra & Leopard Animal Print Bedding
While I've already included one animal print comforter set in our color faves, blue and black, I wanted to touch on the subject of how the lighter shades of blue can breathe light and life into your space or conversely, darker blue hues can bathe your bedroom into a even bleaker 'box of blah-dom.'

This medium blue and black comforter set with it shiny-chic silver pillows and fluffy fru-fru black trim has all the personality of a friendly free spirit. The pink walls in the model room, here bring the bedding up a notch or three in the happy department. If you've a space that's dark and foreboding in itself, you'll need a lift with a light shade of blue, the walls or both. 

If your having to brighten your bedroom for lack of natural light, opt for white, sheer panels, a fluffy white flokati rug and bring in the bling with metal finishes that reflect light and bounce it about the space.  And add plenty of light at every level. I'll talk more about this light issue a bit later. For now simply inhale the greatness of this space.    

Aqua Blue, Black & A Splash of White


7-Piece Embroidered Blue and Black Bedding Set

I wanted to take a minute to talk about how the simple addition of white can be the simple solution to dark bedrooms, devoid of natural light. White's reflective properties alone can banish those creepy looming shadow people with overhead lighting shining down on your masterpiece of a bed.  Add a well-placed mirror and you've double the light. A word to the wise: while you'll get a two-for-one with your mirror's reflection, if you're not careful, you can reflect upon twice the mess!

If lighting isn't a problem for your bedroom's space, the darker black and blue comforters and other bedding will suit  you well for that alluring drama you're looking for.  

Black or Blue Round Pillows Like This One Add Dimension

Black & Blue Pillows Add Texture

Add Vital Layers: Blue or Black Throw Pillows


Pillows like these are a great way to add dimension to otherwise flat bedding. Too, you'll have your pick of shapes, styles and sizes to create the bed you've been pining for. I've included a few pillows here in your black and blue palette. Add one on your bed and its twin on an adjoining piece of furniture to create a relation between your bed and other furniture pieces that may not fit in quite as well. Use plenty of ambient light to show off your fabric's distinct detail.

Black and Blue Bedding: Reversible Comforter Set Twin, Queen King

Black and Blue Reversible Bedding

Reversible bedding, like this black and blue set afford you the most versatility
in decorating your bedroom. While you'll obviously enjoy the duality of either a predominantly blue or black bed set, solids free you to experiment with pattern, styles and themes.

If you're of the habit to redecorate every other year or so, I recommend you invest in solid bedding, where you can be the happy decorator you've longed to be and still retain a bank account. 

Click This Link to see this Blue and Black Paper Lanterns From Under $5
Uber-Cheap Modern Lighting: Blue, White & Black Paper Lanterns
It's been my mission all along to save others money while giving advice and sharing tip for decorating spaces they love--all without diving into our retirement savings (er . . . what savings?). Seriously though, it's not a far stretch of the imagination to get fabulous lighting from a paper ball. While you might be saying, 'That's mighty cheap; I'm not feeling it.'  Do hear me out on this one.

Yup, we're talking about paper. And we're talking about lighting. And being cheap.

 You may want to broach the ideal that we pay big bucks for wallpaper and wall art prints--both paper products. Think a bit harder and money is paper. Feeling better about the lanterns, here? Paper lanterns make fabulous light installations when hung in alternating lengths, in one or three colors and in several sizes.  Hanging light kits for these under $5 lanterns are less than $10 for many 16' cords.  With limitless colors and  super-cool shapes, themes and sizes, you've practically a custom light extravaganza. 

If you've high ceilings, you may want to opt for hanging several lanterns in the center of your bedroom, or for small spaces, create a cozy nook with one or two overhead a comfy, corner chair.

Your fab-u-less dream room is just a black and blue comforter set away, where you'll have a great focal point; make it a big one and the rest is easy-peasy. 

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