Large Wall Decal Chalkboards for Kitchens--and Any Place

Wall decals are one of the best kept secrets next to that eccentric colonel's chicken recipe.  I've yet to figure that recipe out but I swear I've come close a time or three.

It's true!

Er . . . back to these Total FAB wall decal chalkboards in black or white; they're even available in the schoolhouse green chalkboard. I want to suggest the blackboards for modern kitchens, though, as these decals best show off your stainless appliances in the kitchen.  Note how well the wall decal blackboard contrasts with  the stainless (nickel, really)  drafting lamp.  

Wall Decal  Chalkboard:                constant reminders calendars  

Set of 4 Wall Decal Chalkboard for Kitchens & Home Offices

Large Wall Decal Chalkboard Mural-Style

Large chalkboard wall decals like this one, here make a great impression. I love its simplicity and the idea you can add your own style of fun or fancy. Notice how the drum shade pendant lamp both contrasts with the blackboard while its classic black design melds with the decal.

Large-to-Huge Chalkboard Wall Decal

budget-smart uber large
chalkboard wall decal

You can easily trim this chalkboard to fit your space or wall area. All you need is a pair of regular scissors and a yardstick. I recommend a level or T-square to keep things straight and super-neat. This large chalkboard wall decal is uber-cheap and you can create the shape you want. 

If you're artistic, consider using a Sharpie pen to add designs or themed images that will support your decor and withstand the constant, chalkboard erasing and cleaning.   

Getting Fancy                                  

    with your chalkboard

Fancy 'Framed' Large-Size Chalkboard Wall Decal

Oh, boy, these large wall decal chalkboards are 
fabulous for our fancier side with their ornate frame designs. And there seems to be no shortage of fancy frame styles, so I'll include several in my post, here.  

If you're looking for more sophisticated, finished wall decor consider square chalkboards like this one on the right; its 'frame' will give you the structure you want and it's topped off with a classic trim design. 

choosing your blackboard shape: oval or square?

Large Oval Chalkboard Wall Decal

Warm decor needs a healthy mix of 
shapes, textures and layers.
If we all lived at the dentist's office, 
great; keep the boxes. Nobody cozies
 up to the x-ray machine and melts into 
the dental chair with a best seller. So, 
yeah, we need some 'warm and cozy' 
now and again. 

Take a breather from the box and be
 sure to use the occasional rounded 
edge in every living space you have.  

Going for straight lines only seems natural when it comes to wall art; we think 'frame,' so that must mean rectangular or square but using rounded shapes like oval for your blackboard is a great way to steal away from all that linear design our rooms tend to boast. Kitchen have boxy refrigerators, while home offices sport desks. All these linear arrangements can make a space harsh and not at all warm and welcoming. 

Fancy Frame Large Size Chalkboard Wall Decal

Please be Reminded:                                      large wall calendars

Large Chalkboard Monthly Calendar Wall Decal

I'm the world's worst at remembering dates and appointments. What's even worse, is when I forget those dates and times, I get on the big guilt trip roller coaster we moms are famous for. Despite my cell phone, I forget the date the minute I hang the phone up, so miss putting the date in my app!

Having a wall calendar at the ready is a great way to get those dates and time down without having a bulky dry erase board.    

Large Chalkboard Decals:                         for the kitchen & refrigerator 

Large Wall/Refrigerator Decal for Kitchens

This blackboard decal is made for refrigerators but you don't have to literally stick to the rules on this one. But the decal's size is large and well designed for appliance use and you can certainly have the chalkboard are your ideal height--something we short folks appreciate.

Big time.  

Large Chicken/Rooster Wall Decal Chalkboard
Other fun blackboard shapes for your wall or refrigerator

Refrigerator Wall Decal with Bird Design

What do you think about these chalkboard 
wall and refrigerator decals? I'm lovin' 'em all!
Please share your ideas and share a pic
or two if you have something fabulous.  

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