Lime Green Black and White Bedding

6-Piece Lime Green and Black Duvet/Bedding Set

Getting Started:                                your lime green, black and white focal piece

Two words best describe this lime green black and white bedding set: "Oh, WoW! I just love it!" Well, that's five words if you want to be uber-precise; I went a little overboard but isn't this duvet set absolutely luxurious, fab and loud?! 

Loud, luxurious and fab is just what you want for your focal piece and if you hang around me long enough, you'll hear again and again like it's my mantra (is it?).  I have a lot of those the older I get but great decor starts with one showstopping point of entry, so it makes sense to get it right from the get-go with your lime green and black bedding.

Needing Inspiration?                                      finding those budget-friendly ideas

Modern Lime Green, Black and White Comforter and Sheet Set
Have you ever gotten overwhelmed when you're shopping or perusing those designer websites and all their things are crazy-expensive? It happens to me all the time with clothing stores--of which I know very little. I could never figure out how I can find the right window panels at a dirt-cheap price but it's a real chore buying a pair of slippers. What's that all about? 
If you can relate, here's an idea for getting the best for less: copy-catting. I'm not talking going out and stealing the RL embroidered letters from the latest Ralph Lauren home collection and calling it your own but you can take cues from this model room. 

Aren't all those yellow, lime and black glass bottles amazing? Come time to crack open that next bottles of wine you can make your own. Just pour in cheap craft acrylic paint in the bottles and other leftover glassware, turn the glass piece around and pour out the remainder. I've included a how-to video I found on YouTube. For Under $5 you can make several pieces in your lime green and black bedroom palette.  Think outside the box on things you see and love and chances are you can create your own.

Using Patterns to 'Create' Space:                     lines make your bedroom larger

7-Piece Budget-Wise Comforter Set
I'm sure you know that a simple line can't add inches to your bedroom but we know if we've a few extra inches on our hips we should stay away from wearing horizontal lines or that dress will really make our butt look big (it's true). We can get back at those 'mean 'ol lines' and use them to our advantage with our  bedroom decor. Just remember: horizontal lines/stripes make a room look wider; vertical lines make the room appear longer or deeper. 

Black and Lime Green Comforter Set by Sweet JoJo
Reversible Lime Green and Black Bedding

My New Love:
           Stacked Ball Table Lamps
Set of Two Stacked Ball Nickel & Linen Shade Table Lamps

Here's a look at my latest crush: the stacked ball table lamp; actually, this is a set of two standard-sized lamps for under $60. How cool is that? The style is really all you need if you're looking to save money. You won't need crystal or other expensive material for the lamp's base. These lamps have linen shades which I find surprising considering their low cost. 

Going Uber-Cheap:                                                     your budget isn't so bad after all

Lime Green and Black Zebra Print Comforter Set
Tweens and teens love the lime and black color combo; add zebra stripes to it and you've a dynamic duo like with this uber-cheap comforter set for well under $40.

Pair this comforter up with a budget-friendly lamp or pendant like the puzzle globe lamp below and you've a fabulous focal point for under $50!

Large Lime Green Puzzle Pendant Lamp for Under $15
Yup, you got that right: under $15 for the large lime green lamp. It's available in a host of fun colors and will add volumes to your bedroom's color palette. With both the lime and black zebra comforter set and the pendant lamp you're already one fab focal point where ll that's needed is a rug, pillows and wall art. Easy-peas.

Lime Green Window Panels: Super Cheap @ Under $10 Pair
Saving on window dressing:                             sheer panels
 Window sheers are the best kept secret when decorating on a budget. These lime green panels are under $15--for the pair. While they're available in a ton of fun colors, I suggest using whatever color best supports your needs. For bedding that's a little lax on lime, go for these panels or if the bedroom needs more light, go for white panels. For extra fun, go for a lime, hot pink, lime hot pink pattern. Sheers look great with two colors per window.  

Super-Cheap Lime Green Adjustable Arm Task Lamp

As Promised:                                                       turn old wine bottles into Total FAB!

I'm loving all the projects here in this short video but if you're not  fan of arts and crafts, just go to any craft or discount store, buy cheap bottles of acrylic lime green, black--whatever color of craft paint you want for under $2 (some for under $1!) per bottle and dump it into any empty clear bottle you love the shape of. Turn said bottle upside down; drain. 
So, in less than one minute, you've an amazing new vase!

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