Quirky Name for a Novel Concept: The Slide Under Couch Table

End Table that Slides Under Sofa/Couch Ideal Snack Table
Under Couch Slide Tables the little table that 'does' 

These tables that slide under sofas and couches are ideal for small spaces, parties or just relaxing with a snack or favorite beverage.

What does one call a table that slides under the couch: a couch table, sofa sliding table, couch snack table?


5ere's any number of monikers used to label and describe these nifty snack tables that slide under the couch. Mind you, these sofa tables aren't just for drinks and munchies, rather there's plenty of uses and I'm more inclined to plop my laptop down and set up shop wherever and whenever the mood strikes me. 

Let's take a look at several budget-friendly (seriously) side tables that slide under couches and chairs and how you can incorporate these gotta-haves in your favorite 'chill zone.'  


See this Side Sofa Table on Amazon:
Sliding Under-Couch Side Table with Storage Drawer

Defining Your Style:

I'm all about that form and function thing, where useful pieces are melded with striking good looks. This small table has it all: portability for setting up your little space and a convenient drawer for tucking away reading glasses, those ever-elusive remotes and gaming devices. This cutie can make itself at home in any genre of decor and color palette.  
With its basic but smart style, you can slide this table under the lowest of couches with the loudest of upholstery. I'm lovin' this lil' guy already.   

You know I'm touched when I start personifying a furniture piece. 

Going Traditional:                                     the no-nonsense sofa table

See this table's specs on Amazon:
Country/Traditional Wood Slide-Under Couch Table with Magazine Storage

Not everyone is all gaga over modern design like I am
and I've had to broach other genres of decor--imagine that?
I had to come to the realization that, yes, country and traditional 
decor still holds a strong position among furniture preferences; 
here's one such example of simple, yet strong design, a measure of
 modern convenience wrapped in classic styling. 
How did I do with that ideal?

Seriously though, this little table is great for avid readers. 
As for decor,  it will serve you well, as its
maple finish promises to work well with our wood floor craze.
Not feeling the natural wood finish? Not a prob; this table is
available in espresso and black.

See this sofa table on Amazon:
Small Black Metal & Wood Slide-Under Sofa Snack Table

Dynamic Duo:     iron and wood 

While the metal may  not be true-blue wrought iron, you have the look topped by a
solid wood tabletop with this fit-into-any-space-anywhere style. I can see this slider table in a traditional to modern space with its black metal tray-like base and versatile wood finish. Notice how low the couch is in the model room, here and I'd guess there's not a sofa this table can't easily slide under.
The low-profile base won't play elephant-in the-room, either--even if there's two of them
(I don't share).

See this under the couch table on Amazon:
Metal & Wood Under-Couch Table with Metal Leaf Scrollwork

When it's All About Form:

 metal leaf scroll base & wood top

Odds are you have a spot in a room already picked out
for your new table along with its purpose as snack, drink or laptop
table but I can come up with several unconventional spaces you
might want to entertain, namely: sunrooms and covered porches.
The trellis-style metal work lends a sense of fresh air to any space.
Do note though, that this table won't fully slide under your couch; it's
base has a decorative metal curvature preventing a complete slide.
But, isn't this a pretty snack or laptop table?   

Uber-Cheap                                                      but chic @ under $25

To see this table on Amazon:
Contemporary Metal and Wood Slide-Under Couch Table  
Yup, you have it right: under $25 for this slide-under-the-couch table. I'm loving the stained glass style and metal framing of this snack table.

 With its larger tabletop, even I would consider sharing. Indeed, you can easily slide this sofa/snack table between you and a significant other and munch your way through the ball game.   

There's Just Something About

To see more about this high-rated sofa table:
Classic Brown Finish Slide-Under Couch Snack/Laptop Table 

'Cool Basic'

Of all the ornate and not-so-much
in the ornate department slider 
tables I've talked out, it's this plain 'ol
piece that's what I've coined, 'cool basic.'

There's something about its utilitarian style that's intriguing--kinda like 1970s or 80s old-school. I like the table's low profile metal base; it won't compete with your other more
substantial pieces. Cool, huh?

Glass Top Tables:                                     should you or shouldn't you?

See more about this glass top slide-under sofa table on Amazon:
Glass Top Snack/Laptop Table: Easily Slides Under Couch  
Glass top tables like this one
are fabulous for small spaces
with their transparent top that
betrays an illusion of more space.

Indeed, these snack tables can be super-cool to have.
That is--if you don't have kids.
Then these under-the-sofa-sliders
become a massive headache unless
you've a penchant for scrubbing.
With a toothbrush. 

While holding a dental mirror.
Whilst on all fours. 

Nope, not all that appealing, after all. . . .
For households sans kids, have at it; these sofa tables slide under the couch
quite nicely and like the piece above, you won't have lot to work  around; the tale fits right in.  

I'm willing to take back everything I said about
glass top tables above for this amazing snack end 
table; that's how much I love this piece.
See this sofa tale on Amazon:

White Glass Modern Under-Couch Snack/Drink Table
I'm willing to take back everything I said about
glass top tables above for this amazing snack end 
table; that's how much I love this piece.

I could learn to love dental mirrors.

This small snack table has all the energy and sparkle 
of city skyscrapers, their glass glinting in the sunlight. 

With its chrome finish metal frame and total cosmo
glass top, you'll love having it in your favorite room,
but be warned: this tale may steal the show in your space.  

I hope you've sorted through all the possibilities of of these functional
and fun sofa snack and laptops tables. Drop me a line and share your
drama story.  ~Eva

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