Red White and Black Comforters & Bedding Sets: Bright, Sopshiticated, Alive

Red, white and black bedding sets like these can send any number of messages, creating the space you've set your sights on, be it urban-sophisticated, classic-traditional and sporty-casual. 

While that may sound a bit like fashion runway gone wild, it's bedding sets with this versatility that give you the most power when decorating your space for you. Scroll down for a look at several styles of red, black and white bedding along with some budget-saving ideas to finally get that retreat you're long overdue for. 

Getting Started in Your Space: The Focal Point

Red White and Black Bedding: 7-Pc. Comforter Set w/ Red, White and Black Pillows
Ideally your bed will serve as your bedroom's focal point, as it's the space's biggest contributor. It's here with the bedding that you want to make your biggest impression, so it makes sense to go 'over the top' visually. Your comforter has quite the job ahead, as it must introduce your bedroom's theme, warm your space and welcome you or guests inside.    
That's a heavy load, indeed.

The red, black and white comforter set above has all the qualities to get your traditional style bedroom off to a great start of something even bigger.  

8-Piece Traditional Red White and Black Bedding Set
Red, White and Black: a True Head-Turner

Much like the red, white and black bedding above, this highly-visual comforter set has the stamina to uphold its status as head-turner, holding the eye just a bit longer before you  inhale the bedroom's other decor.   
I was happy to see the decorative pillows: one in white print, the other red button-tufted. Too, there a complete set of shams as well as Euro pillow shams. That's quite a bundle to get your focal point fabulously finished.

                                                     Uber-Cheap Yet Utter-Chic

7-Piece Southwestern Style Black Red and White Bedding Set 

Two words on this red, white and black bedding set: 'Oh, WOW!' For its low price, and  fabulous pattern that's quite unique, you may want to express your love for midwestern decor--particularly if you've the white bedroom furniture or are handy with spray paint and want to revive old bed pieces. I like the white window panels and fresh look that's mirrored in the area rug in this space.                                                                                   

 7-Piece Red Black and White Comforter Set with Accent Pillows

Modern Black, Red and White Bedding

I love this modern red, white and black comforter set for its versatility as mid-century modern piece a well. It's all in your accessories and wall art where you want to go with this bedding.  For mid-century, pair this comforter up with white orb lamps and a fluffy, high-pile rug like flokati or shag. 
If modern if where you're headed, opt for metal finishes and abstracts

White Black and Red Bedding: 8-Pc Queen Comforter & Pillow Bed Set

Just Plain Crisp and Clean:
White, Black and Red Comforter Set with
Matching Pillows

Set of 3 Contemporary Lamps with White Shades and Nickel Finish 
Light Up Your Space 
It's important to your decor that you balance light and afford any and all awkward
angles and recesses the ambient light needed to banish
creepy corners and looming shadows. With its floor and matching table lamps this well-styled trio helps insure
you've the light you need for reading in bed or while seated in a side chair.
I love their nickel-finished bases and with the plethora of styles these lamp sets are available in, you're sure to find a set for your needs and bedroom decor.
With white shades, reflected light emits a much-appreciated healthy glow.  

4-Piece Black Red and White Trellis/Lattice Comforter Set
             Classic Trellis/Lattice                 Bedding

Here's yet another genre of red, black and white bedding with its classic trellis (often referred to as lattice) pattern. The comforter's loud design will earn its keep in your space and would make a great guest room set with it being such a gender-neutral piece. I suggest a white lamp with a clean-lined drum shade or a pendant chandelier like the one below. 

For sizes and specs on Amazon:
White Drum Pendant Chandelier for Contemporary/Modern 
Drum Shade Pendant Light

As I mentioned, having ample light in your bedroom
space is a must-have. Overhead lighting is one way of ensuring 
your bedroom is bathed in balanced light and with the addition of smaller contributions by means of table lamps, you're sure to have all your needs met--no scary corners to influence negative vibes and create those creepy shadow people; you know, the kind horror stories are made of.  I'm lovin' the acrylic cutout diffuser; it adds interest while enhancing the pattern of light that's cast about the space. 
For spaces with low ceilings,  you might consider a semi or flush mount light fixture. Both options are equally low in price and there's no shortage of colors and styles. 

Rich Red Black and White Bedding Set in Queen & King Sizes

Sophisticated and Warm: Rich Red, Black and White Comforter Set

I'd venture to say this 7-piece themed back, white and red comforter is more a sophisticated, warm hue than the 'burgundy' (where a more purple undertone is evident) its branded to be here in the image. Like several of the comforter sets I've included here, this bedding is ideal for couples and can support many decor genres, most notably contemporary,  modern and teen-friendly palettes, so you may see this set making the rounds in more than one family member's bedroom. With the red, black and white color trio it's hard not to like these bed sets. 

White Black and Red Geometric Bedding: Comforter Set with Accent Pillows 
Designs That Wow: keeping design in check
There's no mistaking the amazing detail in this white, black and red comforter set. With such bold 'moves' going on as your focal piece, you'll want to keep control of the situation, lest you'll be seeing a web of lines that you can't blink away hours later (I'm exaggerating a bit but you know what I mean; I'm sure). 
Allow this comforter to stand on its own and keep your other bedroom accessories and window panels plain with solid hues--much like the balance achieved in this fabulous model room.     
Large 42" Round Area Rug in Black, Red, White or Grey

About that Budget: Keeping Decor 'Cents-able'

The internet can be a huge boon in comparing prices and finding decor that's similar if not the same for deeply discounted prices. Determine a pricey piece's most notable features and opt for its best look-alike and you'll save big bucks when decorating.
Large Round Area Rug by DIADI in a Host of Colors

1-Drawer White Night Stand with Shelf by Winsome

Getting the Designer Look ~even if you're not decorating savvy

We're not all the decorator type and sometimes it's crazy-evident that one may not have the hanging-the-picture-on-the-wall-just-so technique and the necessary spatial skills down pat just yet (I'm thinking bachelor pads and that wacky cousin or two we all have). No, decorating is not something we all enjoy but that doesn't mean we have to close the dusty blinds and make excuses for that lawn chair and leg lamp (seriously) in our bedroom corner.

One great way to achieve the dream room we're long overdue for is with studying and collecting image of model rooms. Keep a file on your laptop or go old-school and clip images from your favorite decorating magazines. While most of these designer rooms have hefty price tags to match but as I mentioned earlier, there's a budget-friendly twin for the taking. 
Define what textures, lighting, color palettes, shapes, sizes--everything that moves you about a space and keep those elements familiar to you so you can easily identify the 'just the right one.'
The table I've included here is uber-cheap, has classic lines and its style looks mightily like the nightstand in the third from the top model room above and I'm willing to bet this price is a lot cheaper. 

Red and black panels 84" x 42"
Set of 2 Red and Black Window Panels on Amazon

Matching Curtains/Window Panels: should you?

Sometimes matching panels look fabulous when paired with their coordinating bedding but all this matchy-match might be to the detriment of your bedroom's delicate balance--particularly if you've a small bedroom or the widow is in very close proximity to your bed.

Matching panels like this red and black set work best on windows opposite your bed or where the eye won't rest upon both bed and window simultaneously. For small spaces, sheer panels will save you big time in unburdening your decor palette of color overload and your budget.  

Ever Know Fab when You See It?

FAB 8-Piece White Black and Red Bedding with Grey Accents

Red Black and White Bedding in Abstract

Two words: I want it. OK, that three, or I could take out the 'I' and do that 'you is understood' thing I learned in third grade.

But seriously, you can't discount this white bedding with its spray of red, black and grey design comforter set, including accent pillows--all eight pieces of it, really. The comforter set has its own design, that's true but you'll have a wealth of decor options should you settle on this gold mine in modern design. Of course, it's budget-friendly, too.  

It's bed sets like this one with versatility, tween-to-teen-to-adult design and color and 'you can do  just about anything' personality, your space can truly reflect the  bedroom with your spirit and prowess for style.  

Wall Art:

wall decals, the best-kept secret 

Uber-Cheap Under $10 Red and Black Wall Decal Clock

Wall art is a must in every space and the bigger the better
with prints and paintings. It's important to fit your art to the wall,
lest you wind up with a lone picture among a vast expanse of wall
results in what I've coined, 'postage stamp' art; it's not at all attractive
and downright annoying to say the least. If you find a piece you've
just gotta have and it's too small for your space, consider hanging two
side-by-side. While that may seem odd, it's really not once you get them on
your wall. Consider using wall decals like this uber-attractive black and red 
clock that you can arrange however you want and customize it to your space and liking. 
Wall decals come in a world of colors, styles, sizes and shapes, you've not shortage for greatness in your space.  

Go ahead and put yourself into your space!   

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