Rustic Turquoise & Teal Blue Furniture: SoHo Sophisticated with So Low Price Tags

Turquoise/Teal Blue Furniture: Media Cabinet Under $250

Going for the Artistic, the Fab & the Unique with Turquoise Furniture

If you've been following along with my blog here, I'm one of 'those' decorators that want fab but not the price tag. 

And when I saw my first pieces of rustic turquoise and teal furniture among a collection of other distressed cabinets and tables, I had a quest and several subjects on my hands.The subjects are these artistic tables and cabinets; that's easy enough.

But the quest was finding teal and turquoise furniture that didn't require we surrender our next
rent or mortgage payment-you know I'm prone (but we . . . ahem . . . won't talk about that). If you're familiar with fabulous teal and turquoise pieces like the console cabinet above, you
well know how much this stuff costs--a big ol' OUCH! on that one. 
I love pieces that are more art than furniture; they make the biggest impact on a space and you only need ONE!    


Under $500 (free shipping) Turquoise/Teal Blue Buffet Cabinet

Getting More By Opting for Versatility 

Uber-Budget Wise Furniture: Rustic Turquoise Handcrafted Cabinet

Turquoise Accent End Tables: the versatile piece

I can get be mighty cranky with some prices but you  won't have to get all riled up with this turquoise 'anywhere' rustic cabinet. I'm pleasantly surprised here with this cutie. You can literally put this furniture piece anyplace--I'm thinking bedroom, wine tasting room, any living space needing life, light, interest and art. Don't you agree?


Turquoise & Teal Chests & Dressers: Furniture with Form & Function

Turquoise/Teal Blue Bedroom Living Room Furniture: Chest with Drawers

Budget-Wise and Shipped Free (as of this writing)

I love ordering furniture and big accent pieces for the simple facts as these:

  • I opt for free delivery furniture pieces
  • Usually delivered to my door
  • I don't have to borrow a friend's truck
  • I don't have to pay for a rental truck
  • I save my back from strain
  • I preserve my friendship (with said truck owner)


Under $300 Turquoise Blue Furniture with Storage: Cabinet with Doors & Drawers

now this is Art . . .

Two-Door Teal Cabinet: Fabulous for Storage & Display
The artist in me is lovin' this rustic teal  cabinet with its distressed gold detailing and unique sunflower knobs that mirror the painted design. Now, this is FAB!
It has the rustic finish and a 
perfect blend of teal blue.
Like I mentioned, with teal furniture you only need one piece; really, you should only have one turquoise or teal piece per room or you'll take away from its regal-ness. After all, a space only needs one queen (or king, if you want to be correct).  

Keep your teal and/or turquoise furniture a Lone Ranger and place any others you might have in another room and outside of view from each other.  

Turquoise/Teal Furniture Piece: Blue Rustic Three-Drawer Chest
I love to see chests like this one, above out of bedrooms and in living spaces.
Doesn't this teal chest look great in this dining room? I have a bureau in my dining room but I'd trade it in a minute for a teal or turquoise furniture piece. Such chests are fabulous for holding your holiday linens, silver and/or better flatware (I'm too cheap to splurge for formal silver). 

Turquoise or Teal: which is it?                                                                        

Both teal and turquoise blues are very similar but if you see the two side by side
it's easy to note that turquoise is the brighter of the hues, while teal has a bit of green mixed in.

Keeping to Your Decorating Budget with Cheaper Pieces

Turquoise Blue Nightstand with Rustic Finish

Rustic Teal Blue Nightstand with Secret Drawer

 Teal & Turquoise Nightstands and End Tables      

 Here's a look at both teal and turquoise furniture pieces. I won't be a spoiler and tell you which nightstand is the 'uber-cheap.'                                                                                                                                                                      

What's your gotta-have rustic turquoise or teal furniture piece?


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