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Lift Top Faux Leather Tufted Storage Bench for Bedrooms
Keeping it Neat: Bedroom Benches with Storage

Corralling clutter in the bedroom is made easier with these dual-purpose storage benches -some with convenient cubbies- for shoes and whatever else threatens order in your abode.
It makes great sense to have your furniture pieces do double duty, especially in smaller places like bedrooms, where the tranquility of an intimate space can be threatened quite easily with a few wayward shoes and mismanaged, extra bedding taking up residence on your floor.
While it's easy to resolve the clutter-gone-wild in your space with an attractive bedroom bench with storage, sometimes it's not so easy making a place in your bedroom for it. Not to worry, though; I'm happy to oblige with some helpful decorating suggestions for keeping order with a strategically-placed storage bench while adding to your bedroom's overall decor scheme.
Scroll down to peruse several bedroom storage bench options and tips for organization you'll love.

Tan Faux Suede Storage Bench for Bedrooms

Narrow bedroom storage bench seats like these lift top pieces, are an economical (yes, cheap) way to get your off-season bedding up and out of the way--freeing up space--while affording a great place to get dressed or wrestle with those stubborn boots and other unruly clothing. 

You'll need to be sure you've enough floor space to walk around your new bench or it'll become one of those nuisance pieces before too long.  Everyone has their own comfort level, so I don't recommend any measurement formula other than going with the size of your largest family member and how they'll relate to the storage bench: is it too wide and will anyone trip on the bench's legs?  I have three young men  in my home (yes, they're related to me!)--all with big feet, so what's great for me when rounding a corner is a disaster for them.

White Storage Benches: let the light in

White Storage Benches for Bedrooms Add 'Light'

Style for Less: Bedroom Benches that Rival  Expensive Designer Styles

Whenever I'm looking for decor ideas I like to find comparable pieces that cost much less than their more expensive counterparts. Keeping a check on budget is a wise one; it's hard to enjoy a piece you've paid too much for.
Often, you can satisfy the look you want in size, shape and color, though you might want to invest a bit more if you plan to use your bench every morning and night for sitting and dressing. Having a studier piece for heavier use will be the better investment.
For casual use, though, these cheaper storage benches for the bedroom will work when you need the look for less.

Off-White Lift Top Bedroom Storage Bench

Here's a handy tip for measuring what's right for you: place a sofa table or even two chairs at the end of your bed or wherever you plan to place your storage bench. Note how much room you'll have to navigate around the bench; if it's too much, consider another area. 'Rinse and repeat' until you're comfortable with the arrangement.       

Sitting & Dressing: bedroom bench with cushion and storage baskets 

If you're like me and sit while dressing, having storage bench in the bedroom is a great convenience, especially when putting on hose, sock and/or shoes. Balancing while dressing is not on of my fortes.
It's a good idea to have room enough on the bench for you and your clothing and laying out tomorrow's duds saves time in the morning. I like the ample storage afforded by this bench's baskets and handy drawers. A real plus~plus in the bedroom!
Bedroom Storage Bench with Cushion and Basket Drawers

what's your style storage bench?

Obviously, there's a host of lift-top storage bench styles and colors and you may have your eye out for a neutral or maybe even  a fun color, like this red bench. You'll have the bedroom storage you need in the energetic hue you're after.  I'll talk about other considerations you might want to broach below.

Red Upholstered Bedroom Lift Top Storage Bench

form & function: getting the most from your bench  

If you'll be using your storage bench to get dressed, you might want to forgo a leather or faux leather bedroom bench, as you might be slipping and sliding after you get the first article of clothing on (seriously). This red upholstered storage bench is 19" narrow--great at the end of the bed or as a wall-hugger. Be attentive to how you'll be using the bench, other than for just storage and you'll get optimal use from it in both form and function. 

your bedroom's storage bench:                                         what's your color? 

It's fun to decide on your bedroom's color palette and find the color you want in your other furniture pieces, like this neutral, tan lift-top storage bench or the red bench I talked about, above. But be sure to consider that your new bench will be part of your focal point, should you put it at the foot of your bed. I suggest you opt for a bench that's very similar to your bedding, like this tan bench, below. It doesn't take from the bedding's beauty at all. Conversely, a strong hue like red needs a similar color to blend and not compete with.  

Neutral Bedroom Lift Top Storage Bench Seat

Beige Tufted Lift Top Bedroom Storage Bench

tufted lift-top bedroom storage benches

      & looking for storage space  

I love tufted upholstery; it's both posh and defined. Add the functionality of having extra storage and seating in your bedroom and it's like having two great pieces of furniture.  If you've a smaller bedroom, it would be smart to add storage to as many pieces as you can. Look to store things in decorative hat boxes on simple, floating shelves. Store things in plastic bags and stick them inside your knee-high boots. Note the shelf below and see how many items on it can be used for storage while looking every bit the decorative element. Go up with your storage needs; you'll be surprised with what you come up with!

Faux Leather Tufted Lift Top Bedroom Storage Bench

Bedroom Benches with Storage & Backrests: ideal against those long walls

Storage Bench with Backrest and Lift Top
Storage benches with backrests are a good idea for bedrooms with the wall space. The bench above has a high backrest and a lift-top storage area, so a long wall is almost a must. You can opt to add a cushion for comfort or leave a smooth, wood finish, as shown above.  

which bedroom storage bench do you love?

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