Cheap Black Chandeliers for Bedrooms: Fanciful or Dramatic

Black Chandelier for Nursery or Bedrooms on Amazon

Black chandeliers for bedrooms are a great finish to any space's decor, like the 'cherry on top' or 'the icing on the cake' kinda thing. Their black hue can be many things to a bedroom depending on your decor palette.  If you'll be going for a boutique look, this black chandelier will really stand out against pastel pink walls. Or you could look at this same black chandelier and see its allure in a more dramatic bedroom space. No matter your style, a black chandelier will fit in quite nicely as your bedroom's favorite lighting.


19" 5-Light Black Bedroom Chandelier

This 5-light black chandelier looks like its more expensive crystal cousin but its cheaper price is definitely more palatable. I suggest using this size chandelier in your girl's or teens bedroom, as the beadwork is a popular design element they'll love having in their bedroom.

                          just the right size:                             measuring for your chandelier

Black Smoke-Crystal Style Chandelier for Bedrooms

If you're like me and loathe to get out a ruler or measuring tape and measure your bedroom, there's an easy rule of thumb for having the right size chandelier for your space: simply (emphasis on 'simply') add your bedroom's length and width and opt for a chandelier in that size width. 

This cheaper chandelier on Amazon, is 22 inches wide, so a room that's 10 feet by 12 feet will be served well by this piece. The measurement can be off by a bit, so don't worry if you're off by a few feet. You'll need other lighting as well for 

bedside lamps and reading, etc.  

Mini Black Chandelier for Bedrooms on Amazon

saving on your lighting needs:  cheaper mini bedroom chandelier

I love this highly-rated, cute 3-bulb ultra-black bedroom chandelier; it's perfect  for an accent corner, where you can create a reading nook with the simple addition of an armchair, a small nightstand and a white, comfy rug--like my fave, flokati. Uber-cheap,  this black mini chandelier will leave you with plenty left over to invest in that rug I mentioned.

I wanted to finish out my post here, with this budget-friendly 100% sheepskin accent rug. It's a perfect match to finish your decor out both above and below. Imagine one of the black bedroom chandeliers I've talked about above, overhead of this arrangement. I want to crack my novel right now and slump down into the chair. You may never get me out of it! 

What's your favorite among these black bedroom chandeliers?  

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