Spiritual Wall Art: Artwork with Purpose & Feeling

Spiritual Wall Art: Handpainted Tree of Life 20"x40" on Amazon
Spiritual wall art like these budget-wise prints, posters, and canvas pieces are a fabulous way  to express your inner sentiments--what you truly believe in, your spiritual self. And what better place to remind yourself of what's important to you among all of life's virtues than a piece of art on your focal wall? Here's a great selection of different genres of spiritual wall art to help you find your inner voice and express it with art. 

Your kind of 'spiritual' define your style

Spiritual Wall Art: Modern Tree of Life--Handpainted

There's hardly anything so personal as a spiritual symbol; what's spiritual and endearing to me, may be your deity's nemesis.  Well, maybe it's not that extreme but you can understand the difference between sacred and downright who's who of scary. 

When deciding what's best for you among these spiritual wall art pieces, decide first who or what you want to display and what you want to garner from looking at the picture or other wall decor.   

Here's a look at two genres of the Tree of Life paintings. Both are hand painted but  have very different looks and elicit different emotions.  

Inspirational Quotes: wall art decals for your spiritual side

Here's a look at wall decals where you'll be inspired or motivated daily. Often, spiritual wall decals have an inspirational quote like this one below here. On the left, are two henna hands of the more Eastern, spiritual ilk.

 I like that these wall art decals come in a host of sizes and colors, so you'll have just the right wall art piece for that crazy-large wall. Both wall art pieces are available in different fun colors, while the hands are smaller to super-big sizes.

Spiritual Wall Art in Decals: Inspirational Quote on Amazon

Inspirational quotes are a great impression of your first glimpse each morning, so I suggest placing your spiritual wall art on a bedroom wall that's facing you upon arising or perhaps where you sit and reflect, sipping the morning's brew. 

spiritual wall  art: 
it's not all pictures

Spiritual Dimensional Wall Art: Celtic Trinity Knot
   Wall art doesn't have to be about flat pictures; they're quite nice but be sure to
add a bit of dimension with reliefs (art that projects from the wall, like a 
wall sculpture or plaque). This Celtic Trinity wall plaque can be part of a collection among crosses and other spiritual pieces.  You don't have to stick to a religion per se to incorporate
a spiritual element into your favorite space.

Spiritual scrolls:
Dalai Lama Quotes: Spiritual Wall Art Scroll on Amazon

Here's my fave: the quotes of the Dalai Lama. 
I found several scrolls of this same style wall art but
each have their own inspirational-spiritual message.
While not a particular religion, we can all relate to its message.

what's your favorite spiritual wall art piece?    

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