Toddler Low Loft Beds with Stairs

Uber-Cheap Toddler Loft Bed with Storage Stairs for Boys or Girls on Amazon
Toddler low (or junior) loft beds with stairs like these go from super-cheap to oh-so-posh, so no matter your budget, you can find the bed for your toddler boy or girl and have extra storage space inside each step--a definite win-win! 

Low Loft Beds for Toddlers with Storage Stairs: a win-win

As I mentioned, low loft beds are available in lots of styles and prices, so I'll start simpler 
(and cheaper) and go up with price as I move along, giving some ideas I hope will be helpful
in decorating your toddler boy or girl's bedroom. I love, love, love these beds. you won't need a boxspring which will save you, right there. The metal frame low loft bed above is super-cheap and the two stair steps have plenty of storage for those pesky little Legos or bedtime storybooks. 

White Low Loft Bed for Toddlers with Stairs for Storage & Play Room Underneath

Low Loft Beds      with stairs & play room underneath

Isn't this low loft toddler bed too cute? You'll have the stairs for extra storage and the play room tent underneath is optional. But the white metal framed bed is the same model as the blue loft bed at the top of the page. I love the idea of having a play 'room' of sorts underneath the loft bed and as your toddler gets older, you can opt for a more mature play tent or simply peel it away. 
With these fun beds you really have three pieces:
  • loft bed
  • play room underneath
  • extra storage (stairs)

White Wood Low Loft Bed with Stairs for Toddlers

beds that last: low loft bed with stairs

If you want a more classic style bedroom  for your toddler, opt for white finished wood loft bed. I love the Cape Cod look and feel of this loft bed and it built-in stair shelves; aren't they nice?   Too, the bottom rails underneath the bed make for a nice little play room, of sorts.

Here's an idea for decorating underneath these loft beds: Tape off a the shape of a picket fence on the wall underneath/behind the bed. Paint flowers or other fun images and maybe a sun and clouds above the top loft area to create a complete picture. VIOLA! You'll have a little play room underneath the bed. Use the cheap acrylic craft paint. The paints come in a host of colors--anything, really for under $1 per small bottle or you can get a large bottle of the paint for under  $3.99. Easy-peasy.

My Fave:

Loft Bed with Stairs (without) Extra Storage Cube

Toddler Budget-Friendly Low Loft Bed with Stairs & TONS of Storage on Amazon

I love all the options with this low loft bed from South Shore.
You'll have  the stairs with doors for storage and you can add as you
go along or just keep to the bed. I'm familiar with South Shore and have to tell you
these pieces are heavy. Good thing you'll have it shipped if you order it
from Amazon, like I did (I have two platform beds for my teens). Usually, the
shipping is free (they were when I added them, here) but be sure and check. If your space is limited, I'd keep to the storage pieces that fit under the loft. For the lower price, you can have quite the loft bed unit for your toddler on into school-aged years.

going all out:

 loft bed with stairs, dresser, cubbies 

Loft bed with Stairs for Toddlers on Up in Dark Brown Wood Finish

Wow! here's the 'creme dela creme' of loft beds with stairs. Toddler boys and girls on up     can easily access the drawers and cubbies on this unit., so even little ones can keep up with the clutter and corral those little messes (I know, imagine that).  Really, this is one tidy room of furniture with an 'upstairs,' too. About he stairs: you'll access the storage by pulling the drawers on the side, there. That bottom drawer/step is quite large and most-accessible to toddlers. This low loft bed has great ratings and is easy to assemble-seriously. With this loft unit, you'll have two dressers, shelves, stairs and a bed that'll really last you a good while. A  plus-plus.   

So, what's your fave?

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