Hollywood Glam on the Cheap: Mirrored Bedroom & Living Space Furniture

Dare I Say 'Cheap?' Budget-Wise Bedroom or Living Space Mirrored Chest

Mirrored Furniture:                                                   a reflection of style

Mirrored glass furniture like these have resurfaced in recent years. Its reflective properties literally enhance your room's decor, adding a Hollywood style oomph to your favorite room.  
Mirrored furniture's reflective properties evoke light, adding the illusion of space and light, where your bedroom or living space may not have floor space or lacking natural light.
Mirrored furniture pieces do have one caveat: that extra glimmer of light and reflection doubles your space's existing pieces, so be sure your waste basket isn't the focus of your mirrored nightstand, table or chest, lest you have double the mess!
On the other hand, you can use mirrors to reflect artwork and color; go ahead and use that feature to your advantage!  

Small Bedrooms &  Mirrored Nightstands and Chests

Mirrored Nightstand: Bring the Illusion of Space
This smaller piece is ideal for bedrooms that lack area space. We all know how mirrors can make a room look infinite--you don't have to feel cramped in a small, dark bedroom or common living area. Use mirrored furniture strategically: have it face a window to get double the light. Or, where there's a quirky nook that needs addressing, put a small cabinet like the mirrored nightstand above. VIOLA! Problem solved.  

Cheaper Mirrored Accent/Sofa Table with Drawers

Open Crowded Spaces:                                                  console sofa/accent tables to the rescue

I love this mirrored sofa/console table! It's a great choice for incorporating in foyers and focal walls needing that 'something special' adding both form and function to any size space. This table has two great drawers and will serve as a fabulous place to keep keys and other important items secure and at the ready. 

If your bedroom or other favorite living space need spicing up, added light and space with a 'spritz' of Hollywood Glam, just one mirrored furniture table, chest or nightstand will set the stage for an amazing result.   

What's your favorite mirrored furniture piece?

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