Paris London New York Bedding ~ A World of Big City Dreams

London, Paris and New York Bedding Set: Black and White

London, Paris and New York City Comforters and Bedding Sets like these make for a stunning bedroom theme, where you'll get a nightly dose of the three of the world's most fabulous cities. I love themed bedrooms, don't you?

Too often, when we don't have a theme--a direction--for our decor, we can get off track and then we lost in a sea of mismash. Themes help us give our most intimate spaces a voice, a vibe and an energy that we find most comfortable. It's this focus on one idea that result in some of the most successful decor genres.

Let's have a look at some of these total fab, London, Paris and New York City comforters, pillows and other bedding along with budget-wise, start to finish themed, bedroom decor you'll love.

Let's get started!  

Black and White New York City, Paris and London Bedding

The Paris, London and New York bedding sets above are black and white and you'll do well to accessories with color. Pieces like themed throw pillows will work well to give your bedroom that extra splash of color you'll need to really reflect that big-city energy.

Paris Themed Throw Pillow: Add New York and London Bedding

Add Colorful, Themed Pillows of Your Favorite City    

New York City Throw Pillow Cover~ Add London & Paris Pillows as Well

Pillows covers are a great way to add a big punch of color with such a small accessory while saving money on your decorating budget. The Paris pillow above has  both the black and white newspaper-like presence while lending a feminine touch to your  bedroom. Conversely, the pillow here, contributes to a modern, big city vibe. 
New York, Paris and London Themed Art Adds Strength to Your Bedding

Don'tcha just love these wall art pieces above? Each print is an expression of London, Paris and New York's big-city, energy. The brilliant, eye-catching hues burst from the black and white city background make fabulous focal pieces. The prints are on stretched canvas and come in a variety of sizes, too. I  have a rule of thumb about choosing the wall and hanging your art below.   

Framed New York, Paris and London Wall Art: Easy~Peasy Decor

Paris, London and New York City Themed Wall Art

Wall art complete with a frame is a genuine, out-of-the-box option for themed decor. These cute prints are about the size of a piece of printer paper, so they can fit nicely on a small or narrow wall. Be sure to keep to my mantra (it really works every time) of, "Large art/large wall; small art/small wall.

Too many times I've seen fabulous art pieces that look woeful because the rule isn't followed and the artwork looks like a postage stamp on a large envelope. Aargh!   

When building your New York, Paris and London themed bedroom, add a mix of wall art, pillows and accessories to balance out your decor and you'll have a total fab result!

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