Toddler Art Desk and Chair Set: Get Your Lil' Picasso Started Early ~ But Keep Your Sanity!

Toddler Art Desk with Chair Set: Molded Plastic with Supply Storage

Toddler Art Desk and Chair Sets Molded from Plastic: cleans up well with plenty of storage

Having had twin boys, I can still see the frightening flashes of mania when my toddler boys were presented with art projects of any ilk [enter your own scary visual, here]. Seriously, if you don't keep your toddler's art supplies organized and at-the-ready, you're headed down the path of insanity (you, not your toddler).   
It's here where a toddlers' art desk and chair set like the Step2 Deluxe Master Art Desk above is a great option. You'll have plenty of storage for supplies, a nice chair that matches the desk quite nicely. I'm loving the cubby for toddler's art paper (I like the pads of multi-media paper). And aren't all the storage nooks, fabulous? 

Art/Craft Desk and Attached Chair Set for Toddlers

Super Space-Saver Art Desk and Chair Set: Step2 Write Desk
                     Here's the answer to the small bedroom, where you want
your toddler to have an art desk with full-size features without taking up too much room. Especially for younger toddlers, this desk and chair set (well, not a chair, per se but it's all in one tidy bundle) won't cramp your style if you plan to use it in common living areas. Too, you can haul this lil' guy outdoors on those fan-tab-u-lous, spring days. Doesn't that sound great?  With toddlers, ya just never know how the latest craft or art project is gonna turn out (I'm thinking paint on carpet, the doors, the dog. . . ). Seriously, you can opt to take this toddler-sized a desk set into a toddler-friendly zone and save your home from a new paint treatment. 

 Which toddler-friendly art desk set is your fave? Will you be using it in your toddler's bedroom or another room--or even outside?

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