Best Exercise & Aerobic Shoes for Women ~ 2019

Women's Aerobic & Exercise Shoes

Women's Best Rated Workout Shoe: Ryka Exertion Shoe

The best exercise shoes for women in 2019 promise to be your top bet for getting through your workout routine-- without discomfort. And choosing the wrong footwear for your planned exercise activities could mean giving up on your routine early, not what you want ~ especially if you've made a mistake like I did and spent a considerable amount of money on your shoes.

Finding a Comfortable Exercise Shoe: An Exercise in Itself
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               When I did the research in perusing reviews for comfortable exercise shoes, believe me, it was a real mental workout in itself. I based my findings on customer satisfaction relating to comfort, durability, usefulness and of course, the ever~important: fashion.
Reviews from other like-minded women are the best resource, lending important pointers in helping you decide which workout shoe is right for you. 


Take Those Comfort Ratings on Other Women's Experiences Seriously

Best Ryka Women's Aerobic Trainer Exercise Shoe
 I was impressed to find this new Ryka has perfect marks all the way around.
I've found that the best way to determine the integrity, fit and value of a shoe is to consider others' experiences and see if they match your expectations.

One wearer I reviewed notes that she originally thought these shoes would only work for running, but found they actually worked for every workout routine she did: kickboxing, step aerobics, P90X (a high~impact exercise and weight control program), boot camps, running outdoors, and elliptical machines. (Wow, she's busy!)

These cross~trainers for women are reported to help many of us with flat feet. The mesh uppers add to this model's "breathability" while taking weight off the shoe in general. Too, the soft upper may be the very reason for their forgiving nature: there's less resistance ( which is a common source of pain and discomfort) when you're in the middle of your routine.

Better to focus on your workout than pain.

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said my outfit didn't matter. Along with a great exercise routine, is every girl's (of every age) appearance. My ideal is we worked hard for it, why not show off our efforts? While one pair of cross trainers might serve you well while exercising, an 'off color' can send your outfit running in the opposite direction.

It's perfectly okay to reward yourself with a few colors of a great shoe.
Here's one more of the popular colors in Women's Aerobic Trainers. I won't include all the colors, as you can see them by following the link, here. There are three other combinations, so I'd venture to say you'll find a pair to match your exercise outfits (it's always a good thing when you don't have to buy extras).

Zumba Athletic Air Classic Gym Fitness Sneakers Dance Workout Shoes for Women

Here's more of the popular color combos available in the Athletic Air style. I would define this shoe as being a cross-trainer. Reviews from relate to a host of exercise routines from zumba to aerobics. It's a matter of personal preference with the color but of course, you'll realize the same benefits.

Best-Rated Women's Exercise Shoe/Cross Trainers by Asics

ASICS Women's Dynaflyte 2 Running Shoe

Here's one of the most popular cross-training shoes for women with several fun colors (see below). These ASICS have their own lightweight material (Solyte) we can appreciate for aerobics workouts.
The different thickness in the heel and toe make it easy for pivoting, too. The best part? This mesh~upper, exercise shoe is endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, so there really is something to the gel cushioning "system."Leather and fabric.

  • Leather & Mesh Fabric
  • Thick but Lightweight Rubber sole
  • Reflective low/light visibility for increased safety
  • Customized Heel dual-density memory foam collar
  • ComforDry ( a sockliner w/ antimicrobial properties)
  • Unique Rear GEL cushioning system
  • Solyte foam in midsole for enhanced comfort

Best Rated for Women's Lightweight Exercise Shoe with Great Support: Best for Wide Feet

New Balance Women's WX711V2 

Cross-Training Shoe

From Amazon customer reviews, I've learned these New Balance cross trainers are lightweight and offer great support. Unlike some other brands, NB has generous toe room for us women with wider feet.
A review from a very pleased aerobics buff supports the high marks for excellence, as her doctor recommended this brand for everyday use, not just training. 

Other wearers I noted said these shoes were honestly the comfiest pair they'd ever worn. Another claimed her feet feel very secure with the nice thick cushion cradling her heel. She returned them to the store and repurchased on Amazon because the price difference was so huge--about $40 savings. I have a lot of experience with this manufacturer and can attest that they are indeed the number one for comfort; I'm thinking because they're a bit wider (I have uber-wide feet) than most brands and the mesh upper lets me feet breathe, especially in hot weather. I'm all for saving money and, while these cross trainers cost less, they aren't sacrificing any detail ~ a big thumbs up!


New Balance: Truly the Best Exercise Shoe for Women with Wide Feet

New Balance Exercise Shoes are Best for Women with Wide Feet

New Balance Women's W890v2 Neutral Running Shoe

Best Women's Shoe for Exercise & Running

These New Balance cross-trainers are tops on all around~comfort and proper fit, boosting your desire to keep going even longer. Here's a snippet of one such wearer I read about from reviews: ". . . feel quicker on my feet . . . which feels good! Will run my marathon in these."
I noted over eighty satisfied wearers all reporting that the vital support you'll need for that long run, plus room enough for your toes and the light weight you need to keep going with your exercise routine. Remember, the NB brand sneakers are great for people with wider feet or bunions, as the toe-box has sufficient space, especially during late afternoon/evening runs when feet are at their largest .
Available colors: Blue, Turquoise, Black/White, Silver/teal, Silver/Purple, Yellow/Purple

Best Exercise Shoe for Women: Overall Comfort, Lightweight, Support & Low-Impact 

New Balance: Best Exercise Shoe for Women with Wide Feet

My #1 Fave: New Balance Women's W750 Athletic Running Shoe

I own these shoes and I LOVE them. I happened upon it while looking for a "cute, yet comfortable" cross trainer in fun colors I love. My son bought the black/hot pink pair shown here for me and I couldn't be more thrilled.
The upper has a soft mesh material that gives freely with every step and the cushiony, inner padding is unbeatable for being all~around comfy. These shoes are so lightweight, they're like a cloud.
I've had extensive surgery on my feet and every toe has a pin in it (I know, it sounds awful). But this shoe has ZERO pressure points that other brands have. So, if it's comfort and support you're after, these lovlies deliver! Oh, there's plenty of toe room~as NB is famous for its generous toebox~ which promises a comfortable fit, allowing you to concentrate on your workout routine instead of pain. But I'm partial.
Rest assured though, as another wearer reports: ". . . I needed a shoe to help me perform my best. " Kinda says it all, doesn't it?

Women's New Balance Exercise Shoe in Purple
Best Exercise Shoe for Women: New Balance Shoe in Purple

Our Feet Swell

A Tip for Comfortable Footwear

Did You Know? Our feet are "bigger" the longer we stand on them; it's a matter of gravity we can't avoid. Find your most comfortable pair of shoes and try them on in the late afternoon. If they're still comfortable, choose that size for your next pair. Our feet swell during the day, so trying on or buying shoes in the morning is a bad idea for all~day comfort.

ASICS Women's GEL-Scram 2

 Trail Running Shoe: 

best-rated option for budget-friendly

exercise shoe

ASICS Scram BestExercise Shoe for Women

I wanted to find out more about this running shoe; what was with the 'Gel' in its name? Really intrigued, I was on mission. Yes, they live up to their ASICS name. Here's what I found out about these fabulous shoes:

From what I've read, the ASICS Gel Cushioning System is designed to lessen the jarring impact which, if you're running, can be 3 to 5 times your body weight on the down step! I'm thinking ankles, knees and hips, here.

To cushion the blow to the body's stressed areas at the rear and fore foot, ASICS has outfitted their (high~impact) aerobic trainers and other exercise shoes appropriately. A specially formulated gel is embedded at specific points (depending on the activity the shoe was designed for) within the shoe.

I'm seeing a lot of positive comments from those tried~and~true wearers. I've included several colors these ASICS Gel Scram running shoes have. Technology finally caught up.

The mesh~top running and cross~trainers I've recommended are apparently the best, as they tend to "give" at the right spot helping to avoid abrasive resistance and other stress related injuries. I chose my shoe based more on a comfort level, as apparently the mesh plays a more important role than I thought!
Best wishes on your journey to fitness and improved health!

My Exercise Shoe Story

Having worn the same footwear for several years, I was reluctant to change ~ especially since a self-induced torture session in an attempt to break in my latest purchase. I can't to this day comprehend why I put myself through such daily painful episodes. Had it not been for that quality~time outing with my eldest son, I'd still be wearing the permanently soiled number that cradled my foot most lovingly.
I feel silly now that I hark back at why I was so reluctant, as the New Balance style my son suggested was oh~so~cushiony on my foot; it looked great and between the salesperson and one stubborn son with a checkbook, I finally conceded.
Who knew?
It's been nearly a year and a lot of miles later and my cute, comfortable miracles are still quite the prize it was on day one. I just love my hot pink and black New Balance running shoes so much; they're simply the best ever. I know I sound a bit over~the~top but anyone with chronic foot pain and ill~fitting woes can surely relate.
I truly hope you found the aerobic, running or walking shoe that is best for your foot, fit and exercise needs. It's so important to invest in yourself; after all, no one will do it for you! Exercise has so many benefits to your health. Give yourself a gift to better health--start with the right exercise equipment ~shoes~ to avoid regret.
I once heard my husband say that, "Proper tools are half the job." I took his words as yet another attempt at justifying his latest, expensive, man ~toy tool purchases he barely uses. I gotta hand it to him this time around and admit he was only too right.
It's easy for us women to get caught up in everyone else's needs ~ especially if we have children ~ but we really must take time out for ourselves, our sanity and health. Begin with a few minutes (steal the moment if you have to) and you'll be surprised how you look and feel. The weight loss is just one more perk.
Get started. Get dedicated. Get healthy.
Take care!

What's your preferred exercise workout routine? 

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