Black and White Teen Bedding

Black and White ZigZag Chevron Bedding Set for Teens

It's All There (in): Black and White Teen Bedding

Black and white comforters and bedding sets are the ideal start to any style bedroom, as they'll often survive several change outs on a teenage whim.
Too, black and white pairs well with funky colors like hot pink and lime greens; even electric blues work well with this chameleon duo. Even more conservative hues and patterns can be fair game with a black and white bedding set.
Scroll down to see some great options for your teen's black and white bedding set along with my easy decor ideas to get you off and running toward a result you'll both love!

Black and White Bedding: Comforter Set for Teens
The Strength of Modern Decor
When going for the cool, 'teen effect,' linear designs work well for girls and guys. You'll only need to add the appropriate accessories to make the space uniquely their own.

Clean lines allow you the decorating freedom, as you're not subjected to a certain pattern or theme. I like to think of these simpler elements as empowering.

Girl teens might want comforters like these black and white bedding sets above paired up with hot pink, lime or turquoise pillows and rugs. Black and white posters with a splash of their favorite hot hues can be found very reasonably priced.

Teen boys might like metallics melded with these hard-edged bedding sets.
There's no limit when working with minimalist design, so have fun.

ZigZag Bedding Set for Teen Boys & Girls

About That Focal Point
When decorating, it's best to start with your bedding and have your added art pieces and accessories support it. Focal pieces work best with strong patterns or designs that seemingly jump out of the grand scheme of the room's remaining decor.
Black and white bedding sets that feature a strong presence like this chevron/zig zag pattern do the trick quite readily upon first glance.
Teens may need the benefit of longer beds and comforters and you might have to consider a queen size bed but if floor space is at a premium, going with the extra long twin bed might be the better pick.
A chevron pattern will serve your teen on into college, so you'll certainly get your investment's worth from bedding set like this one, here.

Reversible Black and White Bedding for Teen Girls
Stretching Your Decor's Budget

Getting Creative With Your Themed Choices

Here I go talking money, again but don't let prices overwhelm you. Determine your budget and stick to it.

I once impulsively bid too much on a painting. It didn't take long for me to be remorseful and I never enjoyed the artwork. If you do happen upon a pricey 'must-have-gotta-have-it-today' piece, give yourself a day to dwell on it. Always know you can find a look-alike in your price range; you may have to do a little digging online but you'll get there.

Here's a sampling of a few reversible black and white bedding sets for super-cheap. You'll get a two-for-one with these sets - just flip 'em! I was excited to see the price tags and the many pieces included for an under $50 and $100 investment.

The proof is all here in black and white - literally. You can find comparable pieces for way less.

Abstract Black and White Bedding Comforter Set

Let Your Black and White Bedding Take the Lead

Try to imagine the bedding set without all those matchy-matches. Doesn't the comforter look better in your vision, now?
Let your bed take charge, acting as the room's starring role on your stage. Let your added pieces support - not compete - with the bed. Just think, Bed first everything else, secondary and low key.

Zebra Animal Print Comforter Set for Teen Girls
Taming Those Wild Prints: Animal Print Black and White Bedding for Teens
While I love black and white animal prints, they're one strong pattern that's easy to go wild, taking over the space if you don't corral those potentially dizzying stripes and spots.
Too much of a good thing can turn way bad like the animal print set above left. I love the comforter but the coordinates are too much, diluting the comforter's strength as a focal point with all that here a stripe, there a spot, everywhere a stripe and spot! Geesh!

Wild Zebra Animal Print Comforter Bed-in-a-Bag Set

Let Your Black and White Bedding Take the Lead

Try to imagine the bedding set without all those matchy-matches. Doesn't the comforter look better in your vision, now?
Let your bed take charge, acting as the room's starring role on your stage. Let your added pieces support - not compete - with the bed. Just think, Bed first everything else, secondary and low key.

7-Piece Black and White Bedding/Comforter Set for Teen Girls
Seeing Spots & Swirls: Modern Black & White Bedding Sets for Teenagers
As I've mentioned, keep bold themes in check when decorating your teen's bedroom. Too much of a good thing is . . . well . . . too much of a good thing. I'm loving these bold, noteworthy bedding sets for their brazenness, alone.
You'll need to leave these bedding sets to their own and accessorize with other, more conservative designs.

Giant Black and White Polka Dot Comforter Set for Teens
Adding a Splash of Color to Your Black and White Bedding Set
Hot colors work well to support--and not smother-- the room's theme as I've shown here with the poster image below. It's black and white skyline splashed with those hot colors I've talked about help to demonstrate how well this idea will work in your teen's bedroom.
Add large art, like the paper lanterns I mentioned, earlier above the bed in a cluster or in different lengths for an "Oh WOW!" look that's truly stunning. You can add those new lights with remotes to illuminate them for very little investment. the lighting will warm the space and be just the right cool factor your teen will love.


City Skyline Bedding Set for Teens

A Teen Fave: New York/City Skyline Bedding Set for Under $50
I'm a big fan of New York City and Paris-themed bedding sets and decor. A reversible, NYC duvet set like this one is the start of a fun, big-city vibe decor palette
I venture to say your teen - girl or boy - will go for this "city that never sleeps" bedding, that's sure to set the stage for a bedroom's successful foundation.

Black and White City Skyline Poster with Neon Splash

Wall art like this black and white New York City poster, with its splash of color in neon is a great way to introduce color in an unexpected fashion. Opt for piece in your chosen accent hues and add them sparingly around your teen's bedroom

Black and White City Skyline Bedding with Color Splash

Going for Budget-Friendly Black and White Bedding

Most often, it's the bed that occupies the room's most valuable floor space, so obviously you'll want to make a striking first impression from the start. Focal points introduce your spaces theme - its vibe - upon first glance, ushering in admirers with its high contrast.
A duvet set for well under $50 like this one is my best pick for black and white New york designed bedding, with it you'll have plenty of company with paring up your other decorative pieces. I've included an few decorating ideas below to get you off to a good start.

Black and White Paris City Map Bedding for Teens
Whether you're thinking NYC or Paris there's plenty of other options for wall art, posters and decals, as I've included, here along with a few great teen-friendly, black and white bedding sets.
I like these bedding options and the big-city themes, as they've a long 'shelf life' your teen won't soon outgrow. If you're like me, you don't want to do a total room makeover.
As with the other black and white bedding, these pieces will pair well with hot hues teenagers love. Bedding sets like these are a great investment for your teen's bedroom, indeed.

New York City Skyline Wall Decal: Budget-Wise Wall Art

Wall Decals a Designer-Look Dream Room Made Easy

I'll forever be lauding the praises of wall decals for their highly-visual, unique contribution to any space. And there's no shortage of fun colors, subjects and sizes.
Long gone are the days of climbing ladders, bucket and brush in hand--and paint in your hair [enter your own scary visual, here]. Too, if you're not of the artistic ilk, you can have the amazing look for less fuss, time and money.
A win-win, for sure.

Paris City Skyline Wall Decal: Ideal for B&W Teen Bedrooms

The Easy-Peasy, No Excuses Wall Art

Yes, I'm still babbling about wall decals; I can't help myself. There's a great many city skyline decals to opt for and this Paris-themed cityscape can be applied and peeled away, than reapplied should you get it wrong or want to move the dcal elsewhere.
Wall Decals make great 'headboards' and add tremendously to your teen's focal wall.
So, there's no excuses--go ahead and make your teen's bedroom fabulous!

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