Cool & Funky: High Heel Shoe Chairs for Teens to the Young at Heart

With fun and funky high heel shoe chairs like these, you can easily transform your bedroom or favorite space from bland to boudoir and I'll show you how!

Red, Leopard and Zebra Animal Print High Heel Shoe Chairs

These high heel shoe chairs promise to make
 a dramatic statement in your new bedroom theme begins with an eye-catching statement: one that garners attention, while introducing your theme.
High heel chairs in bold hues or funky, animal prints are a perfect start to an inspiring focal point--especially in spaces needing that extra 'something.'
One large piece that can stand out and hold its own, is a better option than using several small decor elements, particularly in the smallest bedrooms and common living spaces. It's here where high heel chairs promise to make the largest impression.
Below, I'll talk about these most basic of decorating tips and how you can incorporate these chairs to create a funky, fashion or boutique-themed bedroom or living space you can enjoy--even if you're decorating-challenged.

Devoid of Patterns but Not Blazey:solid high heel shoe chairs=more options

Zebra Print High Heel Shoe Chairs Add a Bit of Wild to your Space
As I always say, solid colors (even with high heel shoe chairs like the hot red stiletto below) have versatility on their side making them easier for you to incorporate into your decorating palette.
While it may seem that plain, nondescript decor elements aren't fun, it's hard to negate the image this chair betrays--it's total sassy diva princess (I coined that term but it sure is fitting; don't you think so?).
Seriously, solids allow for the most freedom when decorating, as you're not boxed into a particular design. Because they've a 'blank-slate' material, you can easily pair patterned and printed elements in your decorating efforts.

Devoid of Patterns but Not Blazey:solid high heel shoe chairs=more options

Fun & Funky: Red High Heel Shoe Chairs Pair Well with Prints
Like any decorating venture, you'll need to define your space's style, its size and your needs. Will you be using your new high heel chair regularly? Will it be decorative only with occasional use? What about color?
While it may seem solid-color high heel chairs are a 'plain 'ol' option, as they don't have the distinction per se than their highly-visual animal print cousins, using solid pieces in your space will give you more options for your wall art, bedding and accessories
Chances are, you have existing decor that will work nicely with your solid-hued chair. Notice how striking this red chair is--like flaming red lipstick or cherry fingernail polish--it's a splash in color to be sure.
Because this stiletto chair is sans animal print, you can easily use any lacking patterned and printed elements in your space. Notice how the busy background in the image here, on the right, doesn't compete with the chair.
Ideally, a mix of patterns and solids work best when decorating. If you're decorating for a teen and want that funky vibe, opt for an animal-print accent pillow or pair the chair with a zebra-print area rug.

Melding Form & Function with Your Need for Space: animal prints and storage

One of the questions you've most likely considered is how you'll be using your shoe chair and your space allowance. Dual-purpose pieces like this leopard print chair with storage, may be your answer to decorating smaller spaces--or any room where you might be weighing the chair's size versus your need for extra storage.
Teens have a lot of 'stuff' they'll swear is essential to their life and well-being (I'm speaking from the perspective of a mother, here) and can't live without. Lidded storage is a blessing, as you can literally cover up the clutter, be it out-of-season bedding, clothing and most-appropriately: shoes.
It's furniture where decor, seating and storage rolled into one makes great sense in spaces like kids' and teens' bedrooms that are often smaller, narrowing your decorating choices. the seat area is sizable and the storage space deep and generous.

Hot Pink High Heel Shoe Chair with Storage

Less is More: equal measures of hot pink and other prints

The two strengths--hot pink and zebra stripes--work well (it sure is evident with this shoe chair) and it's important to keep them balanced. Ideally, you want the other pieces in your space to be less bold, lest the room get over blown with stripes and heated hues of pink galore that's not at all cute, welcoming--nor fun.
One bold-hued chair can carry the weight of several small pieces, resulting is a less-cluttered bedroom. The eye takes in the whole space, so lots of pictures added to a bit of floor clutter makes for a messy result that's not at all the soothing result you want for a bedroom--or any space.
Softer pink, black or white solid bedding will help balance your decor quite nicely. I wouldn't try to include hot pink and/or zebra prints in too many areas of your room, as the pieces will go into conflict mode and each pillow, art form, window panel, etc. will find themselves in their own version of 'civil unrest.'
Not good. Less is more when using such strong hues and prints. Let your high heel shoe chair be the gem in the room it's supposed to be.

Purple High Heel Shoe Chair with Storage Plus-Plus!
Hot Pink and Zebra Print Storage High Heel Shoe Chair

Create a Fun Little Nook for Less: use your existing pieces and a high heel chair

Bold zebra stripes paired up with striking pink hues make an amazing duo in high heel shoe design. The boutique genre is extremely popular among tween and teen girls and it's really not hard at all to make a convincing look that's strictly girly-girl.
Use a simple floor lamp that can be bought on the cheap and add lace or ruffles yourself with a glue gun. The result is a frilly boutique lamp that would otherwise ave cost you plenty. You can also opt for a shabby chic theme where imperfections are perfect and desired for a more convincing look. If you're not a perfectionist, you'll love shabby chic for its forgiving design.
Consider placing your chair in a corner where you'll notice it as you enter the room (your focal point). A small table with a frilly lamp will do nicely for a complete look. Or, instead of the accent table, hang some fun paper lanterns at different lengths for some really cool lighting on a budget. You can easily glue ruffles around the paper lanterns, as I mentioned earlier. Inexpensive round rugs can make an easy separation among large, awkward layouts, where you'll have a conversation area along with a living space on the other end of a long room.

Wall Art and Your Space

Red & Zebra High Heel Chair: a Bit of Both
When we think of wall art we often don't realize that hanging pictures and other decorative pieces is an art in itself.
All too often, I've seen teeny stamp-sized picture frames on huge walls. Not good in the decorating--or art--world. It's important to keep your room's wall space, genre, and wall color in mind when choosing your artwork.
Available wall space refers not to the full wall; rather it's the available wall space. Consider the area taken up by sofas and chairs, windows and doors and make, "small wall/small art; large wall/large art" your mantra.
As I touched on with the chairs, large pieces make the best impression and it makes decorating easier. I'm not a fan of 'wall clutter' where lots of little frames litter the wall. Large pieces look much neater.
Don't overlook posters; they're a fabulous way to get the bigger artwork for way less, Too, opt for the standard-size 36' x 24' poster frames. This way, you'll have a frame for just about any poster when it's time to change out your decor.
Wall decals are another great way to decorate your walls for far less than any framed print, poster or picture. They're available in a host of subjects, colors and sizes. Remember to keep your wall art commensurate with your available wall space and you'll have a room for you or your tween showcasing your high heel chair you'll love.

Notice how the room with the rows of small picture frames seems to 'echo' the floor clutter two-fold. Be wise bout your art and available space.

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