Jungle Theme Baby Bedding

It's a Jungle In There! Jungle Safari Theme Crib Bedding Sets for Baby Boys' & Girls' Nursery

Uber-Cheap Jungle Theme Safari Mini Crib Bedding/Crib Set
Jungle animal themed crib bedding like these fun sets will transform your baby boy or girl's room into a magical, playful space they'll appreciate in their first few years of discovery.
Ideally, Jungle safari themed bedding is your first course of business when decorating your baby's nursery, as their colorful graphics promise to deliver one 'roar' of a focal point. And there's no shortage of colors, animals and patterns to choose from. What's best for your baby's room might leave you overwhelmed after perusing the first dozen or so choices in jungle themed crib sets.
That's where I hope to help you in your hunt for that Goldilocks "just right" jungle animal bedding both you and baby will love. Together with my decorating tips and several of the most colorful--or not--jungle theme crib sets, we can get those wan walls and baby's bare crib from point A to B-eautiful in no time.
Scroll down to get the safari started!

          Baby's Crib & Bedding: Jungle Theme Focal Point

4-Piece Monkey Jungle/Safari Themed Crib Set

Your baby's jungle theme bedding will be among the major contributors in your baby boy or girl's nursery. While not as high energy as a full size comforter set, your crib will most likely be on the room's focal wall, so you'll need a contrasting color with your walls.
To best show off your bedding, bathe the nursery's walls in a shade-or three-lighter/darker than the crib set. Ideally, you want the bedding to seemingly 'leap' from the walls, lest it be absorbed in a sea of wall board. Not good.
Pick a hue from your baby's bed set--no matter how small--and go with it. You'll result in a WOW! rather than an, "Oh, well" focal point.
This 3-piece mini crib set has the jungle theme you're after, a low price tag and promises to be a great addition to your overall palette. A definite Win-Win!

Jungle Safari Theme Crib 3-Piece Mini Nursery Bedding Set

Setting the Jungle Scene: Your Nursery's Wall Paint
You may have noticed several model rooms with a two-tone wall; most often it' s green and brown or other, ethereal hues that best betray baby's jungle theme nursery.
Don't feel you have to make a straight dividing line; that only results in cutting your room in half.
I suggest chalking off a wavy line that best represents a natural landscape. I took painters' tape and simply taped off my 'landscape' freehand without drawing it out, first.
There's no limit to creativity; use your's to the fullest in your jungle theme nursery. Forgo the straight lines and relax; nature isn't perfect!
Adorable jungle safari theme crib bedding, like the sets shown here, work well with greens and browns, a perfect pairing for a convincing jungle ambiance.

Keeping Your Jungle Themed Nursery from Becoming 'Wild'

Baby Girl Pink Jungle Theme Crib Bedding 15-piece Nursery Set
Sometimes with themes, we tend to get carried away and before we know it, we've zebra stripes and cheetah spots everywhere. And suddenly, those cute dots and cool stripes turn into annoying spots and dizzying lines before our eyes--patterns we couldn't blink away if we tried.
So, it's important to keep bold patterns minimal. Allow a prominent color or design to stand out in its own glory and you'll have a better result.
Mega jungle theme crib bedding sets like these 15 and more piece crib sets are great. That's if your baby's room can support that many similar pieces. It's best to separate themed pieces on opposing walls; a little bit here, a little bit there goes a long way.
See how cluttered the model spaces look with all that busy, hoopla going on in a small area?
For best results, use these fabulous jungle theme crib bedding sets in bigger nursery rooms, where each piece can be appreciated--one at a time.

Full-On Jungle Theme & Safari Crib Bedding Sets are Ideal for Baby's Large Nursery

Jungle/Monkey Theme Brown & Green Safari 14-Piece Nursery Set

I can really appreciate all the pieces this 13-piece jungle themed crib bedding includes.
While each piece is jungle/safari themed, they don't share the exact sameness; they're similar enough but different, making the pieces a great fit for smaller baby rooms. Don't you just love the cute monkeys? 
Here's what's included in this set:
  • Crib/Toddler bed size jungle theme baby quilt and matching fitted sheet.
  • Crib Bumper & Theme Baby Pillow
  • Decorative Crib Skirt/Dust Ruffle
  • Matching Diaper Stacker and Changing Pad
  • Two Window Valances (I suggest pairing with sheer panels)
  • Toy Bag
  • Jungle Safari Baby Hat or Baby Bib
  • Matching Bottle Case

Gender Neutral Jungle & Monkey Themed Nursery--or Not

13-Piece Monkey Business Jungle Theme Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set

As a mom of three boys, I'm not a fan of assigning a color to either gender child; color is for everyone and the artist in me won't allow it.
Too, as a little girl I loathed pink anything, so a pink world (meaning my room) would have been very distressing, indeed.
Blues and greens are such serene hues and would calm both fussy boys and girls, so don't dismiss blue walls or bedding if you've a baby girl. And the adorable monkey jungle theme wall decal above will work in any baby's room and the message is too sweet!
Don't restrict your color choices based on gender and always use one stimulating hue to keep baby's attention and broaden their little worlds.
It's a colorful world out there; how neat is that?!

Using Unexpected Color in Baby's Jungle Themed Nursery

3-Piece Mini Jungle Theme Safari Crib Set for Baby Boys & Girls
If you've the dreaded 'wan wall' that's seemingly devoid of life, it makes sense to use high-energy nursery, jungle theme bedding like the crib set shown, here.
You can really take advantage of the orange in the quilt and transfer its liveliness onto your nursery' jungle theme walls. Paint a blazing orange sun, vibrant green grasses and take all opportunities to add that extra splash of unexpected color. Color works with little minds, stimulating babies visually and paving the way for their own creativity later in life.
Keep your baby's nursery colors alive for the biggest 'return' on your investment.

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