Mirrored Furniture: A Reflection in Design

Brighten Up Your Bedroom or Living Space with Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture: Console Table with Drawers

Mirrored furniture like these budget-friendly chests, dressers, nightstands and tables have fabulous, reflective properties add an extra glimmer of light and echo the beauty of the other decorative pieces in its reflection. 

Mirrored chests, dressers, tables and armoires promise to bring a sophisticated element in any room they grace but there's a few decorating basics you'll need to consider when incorporating these pieces into your bedroom or common living space.

I'll show you how to best use your new mirrored glass furniture for less using my simple decorating tips.

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Playing on Shapes and Color When Accessorizing with Mirrors

Accessorizing is a fun part of decorating. Naturally, you'll begin with your space's main focus--the mirrored furniture piece and go from there, choosing things you love and incorporating them into your new scheme.

Mirrored Side Table for Bedrooms & Living Spaces
You may want to opt for a gold, black or white table lamp or statue as an accessory. Also, a nice print in gold, tan and cream with black accents is an ideal option for wall art.

Consider the shapes incorporated in these mirrored side and accent tables. Adorn them with accessories of the same pattern: rugs with circle, diamond or squares in loud colors work wonders in the mirrors' reflections! Think heavy, ornate swirls, and Asian patterns according to your pieces' accents.
It's getting a bit easier, isn't it?!

Carry Over Your Mirrored Furniture Shapes in Other Supporting Pieces

Black Mirrored Console Nightstand with Doors

The distinctive shapes incorporated in each piece can be duplicated in your other decor, like rugs as I mentioned and wall art for a true, cohesive look. But be sure not to go overboard; two similar pieces will do nicely.
For example, the piece I've included in my introduction (far left, here) will work great a rug when paired with circle or square patterns--really any similar linear or wave detailing works.

Fitting Your Mirrored Furniture Into Your Home

Mirrored Bedroom Nightstand/End Table

There will always be that piece, the one you're bound and determined to wedge into crevice or nook 1/8" too narrow. Don't let anything dissuade you from your dreams for a space you love; if it makes sense to you, go for it.
But do take measurements for larger mirrored furniture pieces beforehand; you'll be glad you did.
The mirrored pieces above and here on the right holds promise to work in bedrooms or living spaces. Go on. Wedge it, cut around it, remodel the room for its arrival. See, I knew it would make sense.

Mirrored Sofa Table: All Mirror Sofa/Console Lamp Table

Breathing Life Into Dark Foyer Spaces: Mirrored Console Table

Dark spaces can literally dull the senses. Consider adding clear glass accessories in your foyer, as their transparency alludes to the impression of more space.
Brighten a dark foyer by placing a bold rug in yellow, orange--any energetic hues, really.
Think "loud" when decorating with mirrored furniture pieces in dark areas. You'll want to spice up your walls' color to bring instant light into your space's gloomiest recesses. Bright, outdoor rugs are a smart option for foyers; they can take the beating of the in and out activity.
Mirrored furniture like buffets and sofa tables with drawers work well for storing those last-minute items like keys that often go missing while opening up your space.

Mirrored Dresser Chest for Bedroom or Any Space

The Every Room Piece: Think Outside the Perimeters of Defined Spaces

Dressers are a mainstay in bedrooms but the image above belies this ideal, where any furniture can be an important part of whatever room you need it to be.
I've two dressers that have yet to see a bedroom; one chest is in my dining room, the other graces my home office (and it's full of my 'important' papers).
Any room in your home that could use storage, beauty, light and 'space' is criteria for a mirrored furniture piece like these dressers. Don't hesitate to think outside the box when making your home your own.

Mirrored Furniture: All-Mirror Chest/Bedroom Dresser

A Word About Your Mirrored Furniture & Wall Color

Mirrored console and chest pieces scream "Hollywood Regency." To emulate the style, these basic pieces can be made sensational with accessories and a strong, contrasting wall color.
Note how the white walls do little to show off the mirrored piece below, as the chests seem to blend into the wall rather than stand out.
Hang an abstract print above the piece or, even a gold Victorian mirror will top off the look nicely; the key is in the contrast.
Create an impressive focal point in your bedroom or favorite space. Add light and and the illusion for space in your foyer, bedroom or gathering space.
Truly striking.

The Buffet in the Living Room?

Mirrored Furniture: 3-Pce. White Wood & Mirror Buffet Cabinet
Like the dresser, buffets shouldn't be strictly delegated for dining rooms. All you need do is accessorize appropriately. Metallic-frame mirrors in silver or gold with heavy framed ornate gilded mirrors are perfect for Hollywood Regency decor.
Other decor options include: topping your buffet with two matching lamps or super~large candelabras of crystal, glass, or gold and silver. And large metal vases do nicely as do a group of three vases of varying sizes.
Remember, much lie dressers, buffets are versatile pieces and can meld nicely into the Hollywood spirit of your choice.

Distressed Mirrored Buffet: Mirror/Wood Chest Furniture Piece

Mirrored Buffets with Ornate Detailing

Like the buffet above, these mirrored cabinets with ornate detailing, can also be used in a home office--or eve bedroom--setting.
In the office, there's plenty of storage for unsightly papers and reference materials, so there's little effort in the way of keeping your office tidy.
In bedrooms, you'll have no shortage of storage space to keep off-season bedding and heavy clothing corralled but at-the-ready come sudden changes in the weather. Too, there never seems to be enough room for all those towels.
With either arrangement, dining room, bedroom or home office, these fabulous cabinets will serve you well in both form and function.

Mirrored Furniture: Mirrored Buffet Cabinet for Bedroom to Dining

A Final Note About Your Mirrored Furniture Piece

Don't limit yourself to just the bedroom with mirrored furniture, as bedroom chests are often used in dining rooms (I have in my dining room now for linens and holiday ware).
Interior design is all about creatively melding pieces and accessories, so the sky is the limit with repurposing.
These mirrored sets promise to enliven any space with added light--three fold--promising your bedroom (or wherever) will be devoid of looming shadows and dark corners.
Be mindful of the mirrors' reflection and use it to your advantage.
And don't forget color!

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