Modern and Contemporary Floor Lamps With Shelves

With home-downsizing being the norm rather than the exception, it's dual-purpose furniture pieces like these floor lamps with shelves that serve as great decor contributions along with valuable storage space and much-needed lighting.

I'll show you several styles of great contemporary to modern floor lamps with shelves along with those 'tricks' I mentioned above to corral the clutter and make peace within your favorite space.

Scroll down to get and we'll get started!

Contemporary Pyramid Floor Lamp with Shelves

While we may instinctively think 'books' where shelves are involved, there's any number of uses for shelving from collectibles display in living spaces to valuable reference manuals in home offices.
But let's not move so fast with loading up those shelves, as there are a few tips and tricks you might want to consider before you're guilty of
massive shelf overload ~ converting your once serene space into clutter central.


Modern/Contemporary Floor Lamp with Drawers and Shelves

It's not so easy to fit storage space into less space but I can really appreciate this floor lamp with shelves and drawers.
The slim build of this particular style is quite the conservative piece and can be tucked into any corner if need be.
I'd say this floor lamp is the answer to those of us (seriously, that would include me) who have a penchant for pens and other office accouterments we (again, that would include 'moi') just can't seem to part with.

Though there's tons of uses for the drawers, the lamp's shelves share the same generosity with room for accessories or books.
I like the arrangement where one or two books are stacked on their sides, spine-side out with a nice piece of decorative glassware atop the books.
Plants are also another great option for the shelves, being sure to use a saucer to prevent water leaks.
Again, experiment with your arrangements. I recommend taking a picture of each attempt at perfection, lest you forget the previous, better setup.
You'll soon have your ideal look with storage to boot.

Saving on Your Budget without Sacrifice

It seems whenever I'm writing about decor these days, I bring up budget. I know it's important but it seems more a challenge to find comparable pieces with varying price tags.

And I enjoy it.
This floor lamp ~ all with shelves ~ epitomizes how, if we look hard enough, there's a look-alike to be found. 




Modern Floor Lamp with Reading Lamp & Shelves

Modern Design: Mixing Smooth & Textured Pieces

I'm in love with modern design; it's the freedom to mix textures, I appreciate most. Surface textures can be mixed to create a sophisticated result. You can easily appreciate the idea by looking at these floor lamps with their white fabric shades, gloss black, contrasting shelves and steely lamp and anchor parts.
The nickel finish on these metal floor lamps can be paired with stone, distressed wood and glass without confusion. The shelves can hold a collection of old books with weathered bindings just as well as Italian glass chotskies. I suggest experimenting with these floor lamps before you settle on any one.
Try some vases and keep to all gloss or earthen varieties, leaning on what pieces you value most. Go for something new; you'll be surprised what you can come up with.

Your Floor Lamp's Shade: What it Can Do for Your Space

Contemporary Asian-Style Floor Lamp with Shelves

White lamp shades can do wonders to perk up your otherwise poorly lit bedroom or living area and they make great statements in modern spaces.
White lampshades also lend more light than their earthy-hued cousins, like the floor lamp here (at right). The warmer lampshade--albeit paper--creates a warm and cozy ambiance that's perfect for bedrooms and really any space that needs a more spirited retreat-like result.

With this floor lamp you'll have the sophisticated, linear element known to modern palettes but on a softer note. The three shelves are a great way to display your favorite accessories and their smaller size will ensure the shelves stay clutter-free.
Remember, where there's a place to lay anything, we can find it occupied.

Clean-Lined Floor Lamp with Shelves

Less Descript, Plainer Floor Lamps Mean More Options

As a few of these floor lamps look strikingly similar with their modern design, their prices certainly aren't. But notice they have a boxy, nondescript look, meaning you can 'create' their style.
I can see an Eastern Asian flair with a few related accessories and wall art surrounding it and gracing the shelves.

 Chrome Floor Lamp with Round Shelves & White Shade

Using Floor Lamps to Create Division

We often think of shelving as linear but sometimes it makes good sense to introduce a round element to your boxy room.
Round furniture pieces work well to break up the linear appearance of sofas and many modern and contemporary chairs. The vertical lines of these floor lamps work to divide two spaces, much like columns do--but mush cheaper, at that.

Glass Shelves & Floor Lamps: Finding Space within a Space
The clear glass round shelves above gives the appearance of floating shelves and work to give the illusion of more space.
The black glass shelves on the floor lamp (here, at left) allow light to bounce for a fresh, clean appearance.

Here's where placing a 'round peg' among squares can be a good thing.


Metal Frame Floor Lamp with Round Shelves

Taking the Edge Off Modern Design: Round Base Floor Lamps

Too, if you have young children, 'taking the edge off' tables' corners where bumps are bound to happen (I can attest to that with my boys) is a smart idea.
Kids or not, just softening edges in a boxy space brings a more relaxed, casual setting to your furniture arrangement.

The 'Shady' Side of Style

Modern/Contemporary Floor Lamp with Unique Shade

I'm loving this white linen lampshade on this floor lamp with generous shelves for books, periodicals or references.
Lampshades certainly betray the lamp's true style.

This modern floor lamp is quite the prize, as it combines several elements: linen, wood and metal. The generous shelving is for serious use if you're not into chotskies (small figurines and such).

I love the arrangement, here and would love a flokati rug underfoot in the same hue as the shade in a bedroom; the abstract rug shown here in a social setting is stunning. .
Lamp shades work well to introduce a lamp's style or in complementing its base. The linear design of the shade, here confirms its modern edge and portrays a look that's all art.

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