Modern Black and White Geometric Themed Bedding and Curtains

Black and White Geometric Bedding Set by Trina Turk

Black & White Bedding: an enduring option for bedroom decor

Black and white geometric comforters and bedding sets and window panels like these make the ideal first impression with their 'take charge' facade.
Alone, black and white are quite the ordinary hues among the infinite choices for bedroom decor but pair them together and you've the 'dynamic duo' of color schemes. Add geometrics to the mix and the interest grows, morphing the banal into a complex maze we intellects have come to appreciate in modern design.
What better choice for bedding, curtains and wall art in our most intimate of spaces: our bedroom?
Scroll down to see several modern black and white bedding and window treatment options all boasting impressive geometric design, along with Decor 101 basics for transforming your blatantly-boring bedroom into forte and fabulous!

Modern Geometric Diamond Black on White Bedding

Geometrics & Your Focal Point

Bold is what makes for a great focal point in your bedroom, so it makes sense that the two opposites--black and white--melded with geometric design makes for an amazing start to your new decor palette.
But what's your idea of 'bold?'
Here's a look at several options that meet the 'Look at me!' focal piece criteria.
Your bedding should stand out from its surrounds, while all other pieces act as support for your the bed set. You can trump up the visual effect of the diamond duvet at the left, here with black, white or even red throw pillows or leave the duvet as-is for a minimal, yet impressive, style of OOMPH!
The duvets above have plenty of visual energy and need no help in the way of pillows, coverlets, etc., so you'll be finished with your bed and have an amazing focal piece just dressing the bed.
Go with your idea of bold and add--or not--pieces that complement your bedding and not compete with it. Make your space your own with your ideal first impression.

Geometric White and Black Square Modern Bedding

Lighting & Your Geometric Design

Your lighting is a big factor when using color in your bedroom. Generally, the more natural daylight the darker you can go with your bedding.
Here's a look a several examples of similar geometric black and white modern bedding with different backdrop hues.
The white duvets with black geometric shapes will greatly brighten darker spaces with little to no natural light, while the black bedding with white shapes needs a well-lighted space to succeed as your bedroom's star attraction. Without adequate lighting darker bedding renders a room darker and corners all the more foreboding.
Not at all welcoming or cozy.
If you have your mind set on the primarily black bedding, make sure you use light at every level: floor, bed height and above at ceiling height. And opt for white walls for maximum brightening.
I included some fabulous DIY lighting at the end of this article. You'll love how easy these lighting fixtures are to make and how well they'll look in your new modern bedroom.

                              Geometrics & Your Bedroom Windows

Black and White Trellis Geometric Print Window Curtain Panels

Nearly all bedding sets have the optional matching curtains or valances and the black and white bedding, above center, is another example of a matching bedroom duo. But just as you love geometric, modern design, you might work yourself into a room more akin to a visual frenzy than visual friendly.
Patterns are an important part of all decor palettes and you'll want to incorporate a main element into your space but too many zigzags can fast become lightening-flash daggers you'll want to escape from--oot retreat to.
Consider opting for either the geometric bedding or a modern, solid-color bed set and patterned window panels. I wouldn't advise both, lest your walls look like they're closing in on you, your bed, your sanity.
It's true.
I had a friend who papered her entire room in floral wall paper. In no time he was ready to literally claw the walls come sunrise. Not a good way to wake up.
The great thing about modern geometric bedding in black and white is you'll use less for a striking effect.
Balance your patterns with solids and plain pieces, ideally in a 3:1 ratio, where you'll use one themed geometric piece to every three plain ones. A successful balance means a tranquil space you can relax in.

Geometrics for Less: Creating the Designer Look

Modern Geometric ZigZag Print Bedding in White and Black

Don't the model rooms here and above look amazing? They all feature the same, geometric zigzag idea but with completely different effect and affect. They're a great representation of how a pattern's spacing, weight and density can create a distinct vibe in comparison to one another.
Just as patterns can have the same qualities like zigzags they can have vastly different prices. The good thing about this is you can take ideas from pricey decor and do a fairly good job recreating it in your own space.
The abstract in the model room here, on the left, can be recreated easily and in the colors you choose. And the black and white pendant lighting above can be fashioned from lamp shades and a hanging light kit (for under $15).
I've included several how-to lighting videos below, where for a few dollars you can recreate some otherwise very pricey lighting that's super-easy. Be careful though, they're addictive!

Adding a Splash of Color for Drama

Geometric Swirl in Modern Black and White Bedding Set

Black and white are a fabulous duo for the monochromatic and minimal space if that's where you're headed but adding an accent color into the arrangement can be a welcome diversion. Bedding like these modern are a great consideration for incorporating one or more colors into your space. Keep your color palette to a select few colors; I recommend using one or two in addition to the black and white. This way, you're keeping to a relaxing color scheme that's ideal for a bedroom.
Adding a solid red accent chair or drum shade along with a simple white, black and red abstract are great choices for realizing that punch of color. Be selective or you may find you've gone overboard with too much color.
Keep these fabulous duvets the star of the show by using black and white pieces everywhere else or go with a few colorful pieces as I mentioned; the choice is yours--and I love options!

Black and White Smaller Geometric Print Bedding

Geometric Design and the Small Bedroom

White and Black Modern Duvet Cover

While there's a plethora of decorating advice cautioning against using busy prints in small bedrooms, you can use them in your favor if done wisely.
This modern white and black bedding with its scattered vertical geometric design can actually make your space appear longer. Conversely, a horizontal pattern can render an illusion of a wider space.
Be wise about your patterns, though. Small spaces are greatly 'enlarged' by a fabulous floor or wall mirror and if busy bedding or other pieces are in its path, you'll realize double the print. And that could weigh heavily against your efforts to keep your bedroom decor in control and balanced.
I love the white slate-like appearance of this duvet; it keeps the space around it bright and uncluttered.

Ultra Modern Geometric Blocking Bedding

About That Layering Thing

Chances are if you've spent any time perusing decorating sites and magazines, you've happened upon the term, 'layering.'
What is it and why is layering important?
Layering is the addition of complementary pieces, pieces that work together to create a complete picture. Rooms without layering look flat, cold and unfinished. Your decor needs depth to feel warm and inviting. With modern decor you don't necessarily need to 'pile it on' like you would traditional decor but your space is a bedroom and you'll need a few things to make the space cozy.
Rugs do a great job warming up stark rooms made colder by hard flooring. I'd opt for a nice white area or accent rug with plenty of pile. Shag and flokati rugs do the trick, nicely. Too, you can add a coverlet at the foot of the bed; use white or black for a more monochrome look or add a punch of color with a solid red or yellow. I'm loving this duvet! It's the modern black and white geometric design I appreciate and its imagery looks 3D by itself without the addition of extras.
I created visual below to give you an idea of a popular trio arrangement.
The great aspect of modern design, 'less is more ' makes simpler work of creating that modern, sophisticated look you're after.

Modern Geometric Trellis Design Black and White

Ideas that Work with Your Geometric Prints

As I mentioned, it's important to have a highly-visual focal point but geometric prints can get uber-tricky the closer--or 'tighter'--the design is. Here's two such examples of tight-knit patterns; they're great for capturing and holding the eye but be careful to use larger and nondescript, complementary pieces in close proximity of this bedding.
Opt for a large statue and a solid-color lamp (metal finish lighting is ideal) or vase and larger-frame wall art instead of a collection of several, small pictures. The model room above (left) is a great example of proper balance.
These geometric designs can hold their own and fare much better when paired with plainer accent pillows and upholstery. Allow your busy bedding to take the spotlight with the less is more principle.

Adding Dimension to Your Space

Here's an example of how modern decor, with its simple requirements, can be satisfied with minimal additions.
I paired the accessories in threes and mirrored the ideal in the wall art. The eye instantly recognizes the cohesive factor without realizing it. You can recreate this look with all sorts of fun accessories from statues to candles to books and wall art.
Surround yourself with things you love and you'll succeed!

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