Music to learn By: Baby Grand Pianos for Toddlers

The Gift of Music: Toddler-Sized Pianos & Baby Grands

30-Key Black Baby Grand Piano for Toddlers & Little Kids

Musical toys like these baby grand pianos for children teach kids important learning skills while providing hours of entertainment.
It's widely known that music and playing an instrument helps kids develop coordination, confidence and valuable cognitive skills. Several studies have been reported to substantiate these claims and you'll be surprised to find how profoundly these benefits will help your child.
Who knew having that extra edge in education was just a few awkward keystrokes away?
Scroll down to see a great selection of well-constructed baby grand toy pianos for kids and find out how these fun instruments can develop a strong learning foundation kids need throughout their school days.
You'll find those plinks and plonks may turn to A and Bs ~ now, that's music to our ears!

30-Key Schoenhut Baby Grand White Toddler Piano
30-Key Schoenhut Baby Grand Red Toddler Piano

30-Key Grand Pianos for Toddlers & Little Kids: A Proven Strategy to Enhance Learning

30-Key Schoenhut Pink Toddler Piano

   Psychologists Dr. Frances Rauscher and Gordon Shaw studied the effects of piano playing and its influence on toddlers' learning. They found that kids who studied piano scored whopping 34% higher than their non-playing pals on spatial-temporal reasoning: skills needed for learning math!
That's quite a leap and one that's worth appreciating and taking heed of. With today's testing and the rigid standards in schools ~ especially math ~ it's worth investing time and energy in your toddler, now.
These baby grand pianos for kids are great. They have the size, sound and good looks to lure your little one to the bench for a session of fun with benefits. I've included 30-key pianos from Schoenhut, here. They're available in popular colors and if you're a decorator like me, you'll love how they fit right into your decor.

Music & Math: Toddlers, Little Kids & Patterns 
Black Baby Grand Piano for Toddlers & Little Kids

Music helps kids in keeping time and recognizing and recalling patterns. Children who play piano do much better with ratios and fractions, too.
Trust me, those standardized tests are a force to be reckoned with ~ early.
I'm all for giving kids the best opportunities when it comes to education and pianos are an easy way to get a head start on the madness.
While this black baby grand piano has the 30-key function, the decorator in me loves the sculpted legs on both the piano and the bench. It's quite a handsome piece and would look lovely in your child's bedroom with its shiny black finish. Doesn't it look classy?

Adding Color & Fun to Your Space: Baby Blue 30 Keys Grand Baby Toy Piano

30-Key Baby Blue Grand Piano for Toddlers and Little Kids

Ever the decorator, I can appreciate the finish on this cute baby blue grand piano. With the benefits of music, fun and added flair to your kid's bedroom, the baby grand has to contribute.
Playing piano has the added perk of helping kids develop that part of their brain or taking on the tasks of engineering and science which relies heavily on reasoning and math.
I like the idea that this piano has color-coded and labeled keys for beginners.
I suppose one can say this cute baby grand has 'brains and beauty!

The Grand Scheme of Playing Piano: Can it Improve Toddlers' & Kids' Athletic Ability?

30-Key Toddler Grand Piano by Melissa & Doug

Piano is one of the few instruments that require both hands on deck in equal arrangement. Even just tinkering on this baby grand, kids will improve hand/eye coordination and increase fine motor skills.
These baby grand pianos have 37 keys, adding to the sounds your child can realize. If you aim to make piano a lasting impression, I suggest going a bit bigger and better with the larger grands here.
Pianos are a much better choice over video game controllers when you consider all their educational perks, don't you agree?

Gaining Confidence Through Music - 25-Key Toddler & Small Child's Classic Upright Spinet Piano

Classic Spinet Piano for Toddlers in Several Colors
This upright Spinet, classic piano helps toddlers and kids develop a keen sense of concentration as they study their songbook, touch the appropriate keys and move along on the music bar ~ lots to keep them focused.
These same skills can be mirrored in the classroom as they listen and follow directions ~ much like playing piano. Teaching toddlers and preschoolers these basics will give them a profound edge over their peers, as they won't have this initial task of learning how to listen-and-follow-directions hurdle to tackle.

Early Exposure to Classical Music

White 30 Color-Coded Keys Grand Baby Toy Piano for Toddlers & Kids

Exposing your child to classical music at an early age will help them appreciate the genre.
With my twin boys, I bought a radio specifically for their nursery where I played classical music for most of the day and helped them wind down with dulcet classical tunes at night. Just like magic, my boys played right into it and went to sleep on cue.
Who knew structured sound could affect babies so profoundly?
This white baby grand piano for kids has labeled, color-code keys for beginners to learn by.

A Final Note: 

According to a McGill University study (Costa-Giomi, 1999), Children who had three years of piano instruction had significantly higher self-esteem than children than did their peers who were not enrolled in piano lessons.
Because socio-economic and other contributing social factors were carefully considered, I find a lot of credence to the results of this study. I'm amazed a little piano holds so much positive influence. Truly remarkable.
Many of my references to piano and its benefits to education were taken from
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