Southwest Style Comforters and Native American Indian Themed Bedding

Southwest Style Comforter: American Indian Bedding Set

Decorating in the Spirit: Native American Indian Comforter Sets & Bedroom Decor Ideas

These Southwest style comforters and Native American Indian Decor has such a soothing, ethereal look and feel of harmony between Earth, sky and Nature ~ much like Native American Indian custom.
With a few, key pieces you can have the balanced retreat you've been pining for in your bedroom setting: beautiful, Native American themed rugs help to ground your bedroom decor and act to cushion bare feet from the cold, hard floor, while turquoise and brown Indian print comforter sets and accent pillows help to soften harsh edges. Bring peace, balance and beauty to your room with Native American Decor. And I'll show you how, from start to finish. Scroll down for a peek at Native American Indian themed decor, art and other fabulous decorating tips, decor and pottery.
Prepare to be inspired by Native American custom!

Getting Started With Your Southwest Native American Theme

The Focal Point: Introduce Your Theme - Native American Indian Print Comforter Set

Southwest Style Comforter Set: Turquoise Native American Bedding

Focal points are crucial to a room's decor success; it introduces your theme or decorating genre (modern, traditional, Southwestern, etc.). Most often, the bed becomes the room's focal point and the wall color defines the space and supports your focal piece.

Queen bedding set includes bedspread, 2 pillow shams and 1 decorative pillow

All this means is that you'll need to begin with bedding that shares key elements from your planned decor's palette, in this case, it's the Southwestern style print design. Pull a color from the comforter set and bathe the space's walls in it.
Wall color is the easiest and most striking change one can make to a room. Note how the white walls in this model room do nothing to evoke 'spirit' and warmth to the space. I recommend using earthy hues for wall color like ocher, tan or browns for a warm ambiance and a ideal start to your new bedroom.

The Primitive Star Block Quilts for Less

Southwest Theme Quilt: Americana Star Quilts

After looking at handmade, authentic Americana star quilts, the quilt said 'yes' while the price said 'yikes!'

Here's a fabulous compromise. This well-made quilt features the Southwest American star in navy, and a warm, earthy blend of brown and tan.

I can see this quilt  paired with clay pots and the deer antler lamp I included further down.

Isn't this star quilt warm and welcoming?

Budget 3 Piece Mountain Cabin Stars Rustic 3 Piece Quilt and Sham Sets (Queen/Full/King)

Southwest Style Primitive Patchwork Style Comforter

A quilt bedding set like this one can work with your Southwestern, primitive, country  or Americana them.

Too, if you want to meld a quilt into your Indian theme, this bedding set has the rich, earthy hues you'll love (well, I love it and I bet you will, too).

Pull color from your bedding and use it sparingly around your bedroom to brighten or warm your space. Notice how the yellow flowers mirror the yellow in the patchwork quilt. the yellow in the quilt just got 'bigger.'

Decorating for a fabulous result gets easier when you pay attention to small details. Easy-Peasy.

Southwest Style Bedding Sets on a Budget Can Produce Surprising Results: Turquoise Accents

Southwest Style Bedding: Native American Indian Quilt Set

  • 7 Piece Southwestern print Queen comforter set includes:
  • 90" W x 90" L comforter
  • Two 20" W x 26" L standard pillow shams 60”x80”+14" L bed skirt
  • Two 16" W x 16" L square throw pillow + 12" W x 18" L oblong throw pillow
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash using cold water, delicate cycle with no bleach. Tumble Dry on low or air dry

Keeping Your Budget in Check

Stretching your decorating budget can be next to impossible when you fall in love with pricey bedding and wall art.
I've included several Native American bedding sets that are budget~friendly, yet attractive ~ some for well under $100.
It being that your bed will make the largest themed element in your space, it only makes sense that it be showy and well appointed to build your room around. This bedding set will suit the purpose as focal point, leaving room in your budget for accessories.

Balancing Your Space in Color - Southwest Design Comforters with Turquoise Accents

Native Indian Southwest Design: Themed Comforter Set in Brown, Tan & Blue

A Mix of Native American Theme Design in Earth & Sky

Brown and turquoise go well together in creating your American Indian inspired space. Pair any of these comforter and bedding sets with turquoise pottery pieces--or instead, opt for earthen clay vases and accessories for a convincing statement in Native American Indian or Southwest theme bedrooms.
Paint your walls in rich tones (see how well the wall color supports the Southwest' design in this bed set? The stone color betrays the terrain and distant mountains. Color is all about creating a 'spirit' in your space. Another option if you feel so inspired: paint one wall a muted shade of turquoise for a fresh, cohesive approach while balancing side walls in browns.

Southwest Style Native American Indian Theme Comforter Set

Wall Color is a Major Influence in Your Bedroom: Painting = Instant Gratification 

Turquoise and Brown Comforter Set in Native American Themed/Southwest Style Bedding

Southwestern Hues of Turquoise and Brown

Here's a great example in this model room of a bedding set with properly applied wall color.
The brown walls highlight the brown in the bedding while complimenting the turquoise as a contrasting hue. The brown floors 'sandwich' the bed skirt with the comforter, balancing and creating a natural, warm ambiance--perfect for a bedroom.

Native American Indian Bed Set: Southwest Style Turquoise Bedding Set

Creating Your Bedroom Space's 'Voice'

Luxury & Texture in Faux Leather Accent Comforter Bed Set

Native American Bedding, like this 7~piece Cheyenne turquoise comforter set betrays a warm, fiery spirit like earthen clay and the warmth of a bonfire.
The turquoise accent color is a reminder of carefully crafted pieces by Native American artisans as only they can produce.
It's very few bedding like this luxurious set,                                                                                              that's capable of evoking the spirit of a nation, wrapt in the whisper of a thousand winds. Can you feel it? Great interior design can do this and your bedroom will find the voice you're after; just scout and ponder and peruse other spaces to find your voice.

Native American Bed Set: 8-Piece Southwest Style Comforter Bedding Set

Getting Southwest Style Decor Ideas for a Professional Result

Decorating can be daunting and getting the room you've been longing for can seem all the more elusive when you consider Southwest and/or Native American themed accessories, lighting and wall art. There is a simple solution, though: I suggest collecting pictures of model rooms that appeal to you. Note the bedroom's colors, texture, shape and sizes, etc. as you study each room. Finally, narrow your collection down to those rooms you feel most inspired by.

You can easily find similar themed pieces that mirror the staged rooms and create your own retreat that looks totally 'designer.' Begin with Southwest or Native American themed bedding and wall colors and build outward for the most balanced, cohesive ambiance.

Kokopelli Native American Indian Theme Pillows Help Pull the Room Together

Kokopelli Native American Themed Decorative Throw Pillow 17" x 17"

Using Southwest style themed accessories can be as simple as adding accent pillows like this one with woven design work in the Native American theme. Use several tossed on your bed or a cozy corner chair.

I suggest using like designs at a distance from one another: one on the bed, another on the chair. This way, you won't have a busy look that competes with your most important themed pieces like your bedding.
A pillow this intricate is best paired with a solid accent or arm chair. Mix prints with solids wherever possible and you'll achieve the balance you need for a serene ambiance.

Native American/Southwest Themed Bedroom: Set of 2 Antler Table Lamps

Native American & Southwest Themed Decor

Natural pieces like this antler table lamp can work well in supporting Native American or Southwest themed   bedroom (or any room) decor. Indian art reflects the force of nature and the strength of the animal spirit wherever possible.
Fire, earthen clay, rivers and streams all play into the Native American Southwest themed pieces--fabulous elements for your bedroom decor. The color of this deer antler lamp base has the earthen spirit. I can 'feel' it, can you?

Native American Indian Themed Bedroom: 'End of the Trail' Wall Art

Keeping Striking Themed Art Striking
The hues in this print~fiery and brilliant~are perfect to brighten your wall in that earthen clay richness, creating an awe-inspiring focal point. What a perfect addition to your Native American themed bedroom. Hang alone on small wall or arrange several in a line for a gallery effect.
Be sure to consider you wall's size and keep your print relative: small frame/narrow wall; large frame/larger wall. Nothing is more defeating to a piece of art than a huge expanse of wall, swallowing it up.
What a striking piece of art End of the Trail is!

Native American Indian Pottery
Both pieces of wall art above feature the striking red clay hues common to southwest Native American vessels and other, popular paintings.
This red vase nicely matches those art prints and comforters shown above. Its solid color makes it a prime candidate for most Native Indian decor themed rooms. Skillfully crafted, this amazing pottery piece was crafted using a trademark, modern Native American method, creating the compelling, intricate striation (fine, definitive lines) you see here.
The residual carbon is from actual horse hairs that create an eclectic, random, effect. Approximate dimensions: 9" High X 9.5" wide

What Native American and Southwest style decor are you looking for?

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