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Under $50 New York Theme City Skyline Bedding Full, Queen &King
Finding ideas and decorating for your city skyline or New York City themed bedroom or living space need not be the tortuous maze akin to NYC's streets ~ I'll show you how to 'get there.'
New York City evokes images of city lights, and night life. Capture the essence in your bedroom or living space with unique mixes of City Skyline comforter sets and other bedding, along with fun, New York wall art. The only thing I'm missing here is the sound of an NYC taxi cab. Can you feel the energy?
Scroll down for a glimpse of New York city skyline bedding to get you started on the right avenue to a posh retreat that breathes 24/7--just like the Big Apple.

New York City Black Single/US Twin Duvet and Pillowcase Set

 NYC Skyscrapers Theme Bed

Getting Started in Your New York City Skyline Theme:

Brooklyn Bridge Monochrome 3-PC. Bedding Set


Creating a Focal Point 

New York City Duvet and Pillow Sham Bedding Set

When beginning your New York City theme, I'd suggest you determine your bedroom's focal point.. Often times it's the bed, as it's situated in a prominent space in your room and it's usually the largest decor element.
For bedrooms where you want the bed to take center stage, the bedding sets and duvet covers I've included here have that strong, initial impression you'll want. The bedding's obvious, big-city theme really defines your space from the start. Choose a color from your comforter set or duvet cover and bathe walls in a shade or two lighter for darker bedding, or vice versa for light colored bedding.

Photoreal New York City Skyline Bed-in-a-Bag

Finding Decor Inspiration for Less

Budget-Friendly: Your New York City Themed Bedding

Bring up the 'b word' and we often feel claustrophobic if not downright defeated from the get-go. But working within a budget (Yes, budget is the word I'm referencing) can add to the thrill o' the hunt, especially when you happen upon a bed set like this low-priced duvet set.

Many times you can find inspiration in the bedding set's model room, especially with ideas for wall color, accent furniture and lighting. While the accessories shown in model bedrooms are usually over-the-top expensive, you can always find a twin that's lots more affordable and appreciate the same, designer-look space.
Just keep to the same color, size, style of the pieces in the model bedroom and you'll be successful.

Adding Dimension to Your Space: Ideas for New York Themed Bedding

Okay, I'm over the trauma of uttering the 'c-h' word; so I'll proceed: I'd opt for a pair of black sheers and flank the outside of each window followed by a dark blue (a bit lighter than navy, if possible) just inside the window, very close to the black panels.

This technique adds depth to your NYC bedding while supporting your theme. It's best to be conservative with New York themed pieces.

Perfect Pillow Covers for Black and White Comforters and Duvets:


These colorful New York City Skyline pillow covers are a fabulous fit for pairing with your new black and white NYC themed comforter or duvet. These throw (or accent) pillow covers are uber-cheap. Won't these look fabulous with the bedding set above?

You don't want everything NYC and suffer big-city burnout before the last trinket, doodad, chatzky or whenever the New York City widget-of-the-week is delivered.

Balance your space and be stingy and selective with each themed piece; lest your, "I love NY" mantra looses its voice. Get ahold of yourself and stay focused.
Keep your New York City bedding on V.I.P (very important pillow) status. Please--your room is counting on you counting on it!



Lovin' the wall behind this NYC duvet set? I don't recommend painting the wall, as black can be just as pesky as red to paint with new color choices. Instead, invest in cheap poster board/paper and paint with chalkboard craft paint. Then, hang your "blocks" on the wall. Viola! One Total FAB wall!

NOTE: To avoid having white lines between your posters, use solid black posters, then paint with the black chalkboard paint and make sure you paint the edges, too. To get the streaks, use craft sponge brushes (very cheap to buy) and paint in one straight, fluid motion. Don't re-dip the sponge on the next swipe of the brush; you want a varying degree of paint.

Fear NOT the Duvet & Throw Pillow Cover; Here's Why They're a Good Idea:

You'll usually save big on opting for duvet or pillow covers (aka comforter 'coverlets') versus the whole pillow with stuffing and a conventional comforter. With duvet fillers you can go for a thin filler if you tend to run hot at night, or in winter, thick fillers work better if you run cold while sleeping. Simply slip theses covers over your existing pillows or old comforters, or get the pillow fillers here. 

Under $5 Throw/Accent Pillow Filler

Under $25 Duvet Bedding Filler

B & W New York City Skyline Bedding by DENY

Adding Accent Color to Your New York City Black and White Bedding

Black and white is such a great choice when decorating in big-city theme. It's this blank slate if you will that make decorating with it a true venture in you-what you love, without boundaries.
Nearly everyone familiar with NYC's streets, its aromas, its voice--its soul, can relate and appreciate the vision of a yellow cab splashed across a canvas devoid of color.
Really, any number of hues in natural and neon is fodder for your perfectly-appointed-NYC-skyscraper-slash-taxi-cab [enter your own taxi hailing routine, here--preferably one that actually works].
Back to decor: further down I'll broach the subject of color splash and its effect on your bedroom space.
In all, a black and white base holds real promise for whatever look you want to achieve in your New York City inspired space.
Can you smell the rain?

DENY Irena Orlov New York Skyline Bedding

Getting Closer to Your Zest for Color in the Bedroom--or NOT

The Science of Color: Hot Hues in a Vibrant City

Color has so much influence on our mood, the way we feel and the way we look when we're wearing a given color and the way we move when wearing a particular, haughty hue like a little black dress.
Sure sounds complex, huh?
You're spot-on with that one. Billion-dollar fast food corporations, grocery stores and other retail giants spend big bucks to dissect how green influences our shopping experience or how red and yellow hurries diners along in eat and run fashion.
So, bear in mind your bedding choice should reflect tones you feel good 'wearing.' Steer clear of loud colors if you're the hopeless insomniac I am.
But more about that, later.
There's something retro about this NYC duvet although it will do well to introduce an ultra-urban, cosmopolitan vibe. What are your thoughts?

Add City Skyline Throw Pillows for Dimension

Using Pillows to Add Dimension and Warmth - New York City Accent/Throw Pillows

Throw--or accent--pillows like the New York-themed pieces I included here, are ideal for adding texture, dimension and style to your city skyline decor. You might want to consider using two identical pillows to tie in your bed and a nearby side chair.
Layering is oh-so-important, as you'll be adding layers where, particularly in bedrooms, they'll warm an otherwise cold, stiff space.


Uber-Budget Friendly Duvet Set: NYC Theme On One Side; Graffiti On the Other

New York City Theme Bedding: 2-Pce Uber-Cheap Reversible NYC Graffiti Duvet Cover Set

Orange NYC Skyline Theme: the Life of the Party!

DENY Designs Bird Ave New York Orange Bedding

New York's moniker as the City That Never Sleeps is betrayed here, in the high-energy orange, balanced by newsprint black and white. There''s no ignoring a focal piece like this duvet cover.
For spaces lacking in natural and ambient light, replete with creepy corners and looming shadows, there's no better color choice than orange as a bedroom's pick-me-up.

NYC Accessories Bring Life to your Space

DENY Designs Bird Ave New York Orange Throw Pillow, 16-Inch

For us modern design fans, orange can support a host of other light and bright hues like yellow and the 'nothingness' blank-slate white contrast.
Have you narrowed your prospects for cityscape bedding, yet?
Not to worry, like this high-energy, orange, black and white pillow, there's a host of bedding here, all with magical powers to fulfill a common goal: to create your favorite space.
Pillows like this one tie in your main attraction--your bedding--with nearby furniture.
Keep moving; or, as they say in NYC, "Next!"

New York City Yellow Taxi Cab Bedding Set

Black & White New York City Bedding with Accent Colors for DramaColor with Black and White Bedding Adds Decor Options

While black and white makes for an amazing urban vibe in your New York themed bedroom, it's pieces like this bed set with its splash of yellow that opens the door for more creativity.
Successful decor has that unexpected element, one that adds interest and helps in grounding your space. We can stick to the 'expected' and keep to purely black and white but the result is everything just blends into a hum-hum background.
Keep interest alive as the eye moves about your space with added hints of color. Supplement this NYC taxi cab black and white comforter set with yellow throw pillows on a nearby chair or a few on the bed to create a relationship between pieces.
Keep it simple, though and remember that less can be more.

New York City Skyline at Night Bed Set w/ Yellow Accent

Getting Your Walls Into Big City Vibe - New York City Skyline Bedding

If you'll notice, the white walls in the model rooms below do little for warmth (especially for a bedroom) but your New York theme is the perfect complement to an otherwise lackluster space.
If you do have or opt for white walls, add color and wall art for interest and to interrupt the 'blank canvas' look and feel--unless you want a minimalist bedroom palette.
Other hues you might like are steely grey walls for a skyscraper/steel beam essence. Complement the grey walls with oranges, reds or blacks for a blast of high interest and contrast.
Paint will give you the highest return on your investment as far as creating an instant but dramatic change for your bedroom's ambiance.

Black & White City Cab Skyline Bedding Set with Yellow

Accent Hues that Grab: Using New York Themed Bedding with Color Accents

Here's more of the Big Apple's city streets and skyline bedding done up in a fabulous display of black and white with red accents on duvet covers. I love the SoHo~look colors, as they certainly lend to the big city vibe you're after. With their attention to detail coupled with strong hues, this New York duvet set will make a great focal point in your room. 

Bright and Airy: New York Themed

City Skyline Bed Set

New York City Themed Bedding: 4-Pc Bed Set from Under $30

I'm seeing this black and white New York City bed set in a loft setting. With it, I can envision large skyscraper windows, and a warehouse-turned-penthouse suite with a platform bed low to the cement floor. Can you?
It's bedding like this comforter set where its image tells a story, painting a picture--it' all the arts rolled into one canvas.
Oh, yeah. I can feel it!
Can you?
This bed set whispers with generations of secrets in hushed tones, uttered by the tenets--all denizens of the high rises creatively inked, penned by the artist. .
I gather you can tell I'm really feeling this comforter set--bigtime, indeed. I love art of any discipline; meld it with interior design and well,you've got this masterpiece.

How To Get That Designer Look for Less

Not everyone is decorator savvy but we all want that 'Oh, WOW!' bedroom, especially when we invest in fabulous, themed bedding like this big-as-life New York city skyline with the Statue of Liberty emboldened in bright detail.
You can get plenty of amazing ideas from model rooms. I suggest perusing the web and making a note of what you love most about a room you find fabulous. Create a virtual scrapbook and keep notes on what to look for.
While model rooms may boast top-of-the-line decor pieces, you can find their more modestly-priced contenders--often for much cheaper--just by emulating its color, size, shape or style. I've been pleasantly surprised with what I've come up with. I love the challenge!
With just a little extra hunting you can realize that designer touch, too.

Pink New York City themed City Skyline Bed Set

Matching Your NYC Bedding with Your Window Panels: Yes or No?

The unique qualities of this fabulous NYC bedding is mirrored in the window panels below. While it may only seem natural to pair the duo in your New York themed bedroom you may want to take a step back and rethink the idea.
Here's why:
Ideally, your bedding, as I mentioned earlier should steal the show as your room's most influential contributor and when there's competition--i.e. window panels--you won't have that influence, as the bedding's strength is diluted by its 'co-star.'
If your window is on an opposing wall and not viewed simultaneously, matching panels are a good idea.
I would use white sheer panels; they're uber-cheap, so you'll save big time and they look crisp and bright.

Matching New York City Skyline Window Panels/Curtains

Dressing Your Windows NYC Style

These New York City drapes are spot~on for your new room. With eye~catching detail, these window panels have the style, color and the sophistication you're after without having to create a city theme in unrelated pieces .
Accessorize with reds, metallic finishes, white or black. You might even consider flanking white sheer panels outside of these printed drapes for blocking light and drafts while adding layers.

Create Your Own New York City Skyline High Rise Window 

New York City Skyline Window Poster 36" x 24"

I'd love to hear your decorating story! I find my inspiration for decorating everywhere. If I'm stumped, I'll often go to Amazon and look at the images on the model rooms. I'll look for shapes, colors and textures for ideas. I love metallics and I often study pages where metals are mixed, then I'll check for rugs and wall color that I favor most.
What gives you your inspiration?

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