Paris & Eiffel Tower Themed Bedding for Less

Going from Blah to Boudoir:                                     

A Paris Eiffel Tower Themed Bedroom 

3-Piece Pink Paris Eiffel Tower Theme Bedding Set

Decorating with these Eiffel Tower and/or Paris themed bedding sets add a cozy and colorful flavor to an otherwise blahzay bedroom space. Bedding sets featuring the Eiffel tower, frou frou French poodles and the tell~tale black and pink boutique look is an ideal way to get started with your Paris decor palette.
Add in some accessories with carefully chosen wall art pieces and you'll have created one posh boudoir ~ a.k.a Paris themed room ~ your favorite girl, tween or teen will love. And I'll help you get from point A to point 'B'-eautiful with a few of my helpful, easy~peasy suggestions.
Let's get started!

Paris with the Eiffel Tower in themed bedding with a splash of color

There's few more striking results when decorating than pairing black and whites with color; the hotter the color, the better - especially for girls to teens.
Black and white bedding sets like these allow for plenty of freedom with your color choice for coordinates and accessories. It's easy to envision pink accent pillows pairing up nicely with the comforter sets, here.


This mixing does make for a space that's energized and more reminiscent of a teen's abode. And be on the conservative side with 'louder' pieces, as you don't want to overshadow the comforter's design. One cool pillow will do the trick to rev up the room's overall impression.
I've included a more visual example below with wall art below.
Just think contrast=energy or conversely, subtlety=sameness (with conservative hues)..

Pink Paris and Eiffel Tower Bedding: Duvet Cover & Bed Sheet Set




5pc Comforter Set For Girls Paris Bedding Eiffel Tower Pink Grey  



Your Paris or Eiffel Tower Themed Bedroom: It all starts with your bed set

Paris & Eiffel Tower Theme Bed Set, Sheets & Window Panels


· Set includes reversible comforter and pillow shams

 Starting your Paris themed bedroom endeavor should begin with the room's focal point - a striking element in your space that serves as the room's 'main attraction,' introducing your Eiffel Tower and/or Paris theme as it welcomes admirers.

But you can easily overcome the main scheme of things with a themed bold bedding set, one that contrasts with your wall color and catches the eye quite readily.

Determine what 'personna' you want your theme to project: Fun and colorful Paris? Sophisticated and serene Eiffel Tower? Your answers should be the discerning factor when selecting bedding.
Colorful comforters and duvets will do wonders at setting your Paris and Eiffel Tower-themed stage. Bathe walls in tones slightly lighter or darker hues than your bedding for a warm ambiance and much lighter/darker for a striking contrast and you're off to a great start!

5pc Comforter Set For Girls Paris Bedding Eiffel Tower Pink Grey

Lost in Paris: How Much Color is Too Much?

Unlike this Paris themed bed set, 'Color Palettes Gone Pepto' is what too much hot pink may result in. Be mindful of your Paris and Eiffel Tower themed bedding, wall art and other pieces.  
Oh, boy, where to start, here. It seems this model room in the intro--with all its pink splendor-- is a bit . . . er . . . Paris Afire!
While I love the dynamic duo: Paris pink and Eiffel Tower black--finished in feminine ruffles--this display is the quintessential color-palette-gone-haywire; you may even want to jump ship before you set sail. It's important to keep your color palette and related elements in your space on the lowdown.
Less is more.

Avondale Manor 8-piece Cherie Comforter Set 

Since the bed is most likely your room's largest piece, allow it to take control; too many themed look-alikes will dilute the influence your bedding has on the space. Having as many matching coordinates makes for a cluttered, busy result that's rather blinding and not at all attractive.
Keep your decor balanced by using my 'three-to-one' ratio where there's one Paris piece to every three nondescript or solid color pieces. Balance is key for a cohesive, tranquil setting.

Paris & Eiffel Tower Bedding: contrasting color for added drama

Paris-Themed Eiffel Tower Bedding: 8-Pce Pink and Black Comforter Set

 Paris Comforter Pink Black White Eiffel Tower Bedding and Sheet 8 Piece Bed in a Bag Set

Paris & Eiffel Tower Themed Bedding in Dramatic Form

Casa Photoreal Paris Eiffel Tower Bed-in-a-Bag, Queen

CASA Paris Comforter Set, Full/Queen, 5 Piece

 I love this Paris City Street Duvet Set for its uniqueness and subtle splash of big-city sophistication. If you're decorating for a tween or teen, this bedding set has a long life ahead, as it's quite the ageless element ~ a perfect selection if you're not one to tear down and redo your or your girl's bedroom every other year.
I love decorating often, but having decor earn its keep is more in keeping with my sensibility. I can see this fun ensemble going from family home to dorm room (if you dare think that far!).

5 Piece Paris Springtime Blue/Gray Comforter Set Queen

$29.99 & FREE Shipping

Keeping Your Paris Theme within Limits

Highly Visual Paris-Themed Bedding Sets

Much like loud colors, busy prints can be a real boon in a bedroom; you won't need much else to introduce your intended theme. The two Paris bedding sets below have the high-energy 'WOW!' design element your focal piece requires.

But just as you need that strong element, be careful not to overwhelm your space with a 'system overload' of Eiffel Towers, 'Oh-La-Las' or pink French poodles. All those elements running amok in your girl's bedroom may have you pining for peace and dialing animal control.
One larger-than-life Paris-themed piece is all you need to get the job done. Allow fabulous bedding to take center stage and the other themed pieces to act in supporting roles.
Indeed, this mantra bears repeating: less is more.

Pink Poodle in Paris & Eiffel Tower Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter and Matching Bed Sheets

7-Piece Classic European Baroque Bedding Set

Using Bedding with A Subtle Paris Motif

Comforters for a More Sophisticated Paris Theme and Palette

It may seem I've taken a 'crash landing' with this sophisticated and subtle, Paris-theme boutique-like, luxury bedding set (did I include enough descriptive words?) that's in between a toile (pronounced twall) and damask print. Toile is a print that reminiscent of people working, toiling away in fields or scenes that tell a story. It's very French.
Ahem . . . getting back to your Paris themed space . . . creating a serene retreat is easy with bedding like this that includes a white or cream comforter with muted, scrollwork design. Keep decor quiet with rugs, pillows and lighting in like colors. Bathe walls in a like hue where the bedding is slightly enough contrast to make an impression.
Conversely, the bold paris themed bed set below on the right betrays both the boutique-chic and a energetic splash of color. Depending on your aspirations, you may want to keep your bedroom's voice a hushed tone or go loud for a tween or teen-friendly vibe.
In all, the bedding should be your boldest decor move, with every other addition being just as quiet and you'll have that serene retreat that's a constant reward after a long day.

Uber-Cheap Damask Design Lighting Idea

Unique Lighting for a Luxurious glow

Damask Paris Themed Paper Lanterns

Lighting is another way to add that Paris/French ambiance you're after. Depending on your budget, consider a nice chandelier in wrought iron if your investment is freer but for girls to teens, you'll do well with these damask print paper lanterns.
I recommend paper or silk globe lanterns like these with a light kit that will instantly convert them to unique lighting. Paper lanterns are striking in a corner, hung at different lengths (as shown) or if your bedroom is large enough, the center of the room. You can opt for the conventional, plug-in light kit (for under $15) or the newer lights with a remote, so you can eliminate the cords.
Whether you opt for the chandelier or the lanterns, you'll realize just the right look for your Paris-themed bedroom. Aren't they lovely?

Uber-Cheap Wall Art: Under $5 Eiffel Tower Paris Wall Decal

Budget~Friendly Wall Art

Paris' Eiffel Tower Bedroom Wall Decal

I'm a huge fan of wall decals; they're removable and reusable appliques with plenty of visual impact for very little monetary investment.
There's really no end to the scenes you can create using all, or pieces of, one or more decals. Too wall decals are available in genres from juvenile to sophisticated and sizes from tiny to plenty big and giant. Despite your skills, the forgiving nature of these re-positional decals allow many attempts to get it right. Sounding better?
This Eiffel Tower wall decal is a large, six-foot tall and is just one representation of what's available. Create a small scene as a 'headboard' or hang a mural for a life-like Paris street. Wall decals are one way to realize the same instant gratification that paint lends to a space. I'd venture to say, you'll find a wall decal that suits your style nicely.

Instant Focal Piece: Giant Eiffel Tower Wall Art Decal

Wall Art in an Instant:

Eiffel Tower wall decals are easy to apply and removable

and did I mention: cheap (in a very good way)?

Paris Themed Throw/Accent Pillow with Eiffel Tower Design

Accessorizing Your Paris Themed Bedroom

Eiffel Tower Throw/Accent Pillow

Themed accessories are a fun way to express yourself in a room. But be careful to keep these 'extras' from being another contribution to clutter. Believe me, too many additions to your decor can make for a stressful look that always needs picking up.
Try to opt for one big Paris themed element instead of several small pieces. Keep this ideal as your guideline when choosing accessories and art work. Too 

many small pictures arranged on a large wall can give walls a messy look - especially if one or more of the pictures are tilted. You'll spend more time fussing over picture frames than enjoying what's in them. Not fun.
Paris Eiffel Tower Theme Vintage Postage Pillow Cover
Wall art should fit the wall: large wall, large picture and vice versa. I've seen many spaces where small pictures are swallowed up in a large expanse of wall; there should be minimal wall space on either side of the art work.
Small Paris and Eiffel  Tower themed accent pillows are ideal for a small chair or bed but too many pillows of this ilk will need constant attention; that's too much work for an accessory! When adding chotskies (knick knacks), think 'dust' and you'll make more reasonable choices..
With small accessories, less is more.
Keep to this mantra and you'll have a serene space you can be proud of. 

Wire Eiffel Tower Light Sculpture Art Piece

Adding to Your Paris Theme with Contrasts

Eiffel Tower Art Forms for a Convincing Parisian Bedroom

You can easily make your decorating efforts count all the more with contrasting elements in textures, sizes and color. The black and white pieces here will work when flanked by color splash posters very well, allowing the striking hues to create a WOW! effect. The Eiffel Tower art piece (above) isn't a poster, true but I wanted to demonstrate the mixing of color with black and white I referred to above.

Eiffel Tower/Paris Theme Wall Art Poster

Eiffel Tower Poster
Notice how the black and white with neon poster is all the more striking amid the black and white pieces?
Be sure to keep strong hues in check and minimal for that balanced result I talked about earlier and you'll be thrilled with your result.

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