Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Playsets & Playhouses for Toddlers

Outdoor Playset: Step2 Clubhouse Climber with Slide & Stairs

The Busy Toddler: Learning & Growing with Indoor/Outdoor Playsets

Oh, those busy toddlers! Keeping your little one entertained with these small and large outdoor playsets will keep your active boy or girl engaged and learning while getting the necessary exercise growing toddlers so need.
Plastic play sets for toddlers are a great year-round investment, as you can take the fun outside on warm sunny days. But on those dismal, cold play days you've the option to bring the small playset indoors without much ado. There's few things I can imagine more stressful than my twin boys running amok on a cold, rainy day!
Plastic playsets for toddlers have portability with their lighter weight and smaller size versus those large, imposing swing sets and wooden play houses. You might even meld the playset into your toddler's bedroom decor (that's the decorator in me talking). While there's tons of playsets out there for toddlers to big kids; which one is best? With each playset, there's a subject or two your child can benefit by --be it physical or educational.
Scroll down to peruse the best-rated among plastic playsets with ideas on which is better suited for your toddler's interests and need to discover, learn and grow.

Four Seasons Plastic Playhouse by Step2: Indoor/Outdoor Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Playhouse for Toddlers with Doorbell & Mailbox

Toddlers have a lot to master in just about every facet of life but their zest to explore, discover and learn is somehow mixed with having a bang of a time at play.
Toddlers are just now realizing a penchant for certain subjects and toys. Too, they're becoming aware there's differences between themselves and other kids, and they're often teetering on sharing in the fun - but not necessarily with their toys!


Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage Outdoor Plastic Playhouse for Toddlers
Playhouses like this molded plastic model by Step2 and the ones below are a great way to introduce other children into your toddler's play day. You can suggest a subject matter where the children can imagine and pretend. When my twins were toddlers, I often suggested roles and scenarios they could take on in a game I called, "Let's Pretend." I might suggest that one child 'have a cold' while the other make them chicken soup. I realized this role playing helped with their empathizing, recognizing other people's feelings.
Playhouses like these each have their own features like sinks and/or a stovetop, working doorbells and/or tables and stools. Theres any number of fun things toddlers can dream up with a little nudging from adults. Be prepared to be enlightened yourself and enjoy a lot of laughter, too!

Step2 Naturally Playful Front Porch Toddler Playhouse

By Step2 Front Porch Outdoor Plastic Playhouse for Toddlers
Here's my fave for playhouses!

  • Working Dutch Door
  • Windows with Shutters
  • Working Doorbell
  • Porch
  • Bench
  • Mailbox
  • Sturdy Hard Plastic
  • Stove Top w/ Knob
  • Skylight
  • Sink w/ Swivel Faucet

Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Plastic Outdoor Playhouse for Toddlers

Entertaining Toddlers During Play Dates

Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground

You may have done a double take on my title; who needs to entertain toddlers on play dates? I found its best to have a few things in mind just in case there's an occasional cranky or unruly toddler in tow. It's always a good idea to circumvent the problem with a backup plan.
I found when it was my turn to host a play date with several toddlers it's good to know the kids well enough to pair up the children with other like minded toddlers, lest you end up with a battle over LEGOS. NOT fun!
Larger playsets like this Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Toddler Outdoor Playground feature plenty of potential action with climbing up and down, two slides and even a tunnel. Kids can take turns and you can suggest games and/or play music to add more fun and get the kids in a great mode of play. The heavy molded plastic promises a gentler landing. And I'm all for that.

Step2 Extreme Coaster Outdoor Plastic Play Set for Toddlers

My #1 Pick for Toddlers' Just Plain Fun Play Set!

Step2 Extreme Coaster Play Set for Outdoors

Have you ever happened upon a toy wherein if you were younger you'd just have to have it? Well, as a former toddler (we're going way, way back, here), I would have traded my little brother for this Extreme Coaster by Step2!
While I'm all about toys that teach, I'll have to make an exception here, as this outdoor play set is just plain fun. Yes, there'll be a few simple physics principles that can be garnered from a jaunt on this adrenaline-booster, but the real value I'd guess is the fun we'll be witness to. I'm guessing this high density plastic play set will have every toddler and preschooler clamoring for their turn. Well, there's another lesson learned from this fun toy: taking turns.
How's that for justifying indulging your toddler boy or girl in such fun sans the lessons?
It's okay to take a break from teaching our toddlers and fulfill their need for adventure and excitement. And I'll settle for that ~ if only I could take a spin. Hmmmm . . . Click the image link to learn more about this too-fun outdoor play set.

Little Tikes Home and Garden Outdoor Playhouse for Boys & Girls  

Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse for Boy & Girl Toddlers

  • Heavy Plastic Playset
  • Kitchen Sink w/ Faucet
  • Sand & Water Station
  • Tool Bench
  •  Mailbox
  • Accessories
  • Cover

Little tikes Secret Garden Inoor/Outdoor Heavy Plastic Playhouse

Little Tikes Secret Garden Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse

  • Built-In Table with Stool
  • Cute Dutch Door
  • Doorbell
  • Awning
  • Working Door
  • Gate for Crawling

Step2 Indoor/Outdoor Skyward Summit Climbing Wall

My #1 Pick for Best Climbing Toy for Toddlers: Gross Motor Skill Development

Step2 Skyward Summit Made from Heavy Plastic

Toddlers are into everything for a reason (other than to see what's inside, on the other side and just plain being nosey): they need to develop their gross motor skills. Early development and interest in activity contributes to a healthier, active lifestyle later.
What are those gross motor skills? Unlike writing, pushing buttons and tying shoes (the fine motor skills) the gross skill set involve toddlers' larger muscles when engaged in such skills like: walking, running, jumping, catching throwing and climbing
I can honestly say I've never been acquainted with a healthy toddler that wasn't a climber. Ask any toddler why they climbed the backyard trellis and the shelving in the bedroom closet and they'll tell you,"because."
It's no wonder why this Skyward Summit climbing 'rock'' has a perfect 5-star rating from happy parents - and toddlers. I like the idea it's made of heavy-duty plastic versus the real-deal rock that threatens to exploit our health plan -and budget- with trips to the ER. I'll pass; thanks very much.

Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Outdoor Climber for Toddlers

Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber

  • Rock Walls
  • Steering Wheels
  • Slide
  • Ladder
  • Sandbox

Role Play: Having Fun with My Toddlers

Playhouse for Toddlers: Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center

I loved role playing with my toddlers and became quite adept at making animal noises from all the playing we did. Perhaps that was the catalyst behind the phone call from the vice-principal reporting my son making 'chicken noises' while in the lunch line.
Er . . . back to the playsets, here: Any of these cute, theme-based indoor/outdoor playsets are ideal for developing your toddler's imagination and teaching kids about others and their community.
With playsets like the rock wall, Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center, pirate ship and Grill I've included here, toddlers and preschoolers can assume the role as explorer, racecar driver, king or queen and fry cook or master chef. You can teach kids about what each character's activities would be or better yet, ask your little one what they think the character would do or say. I enjoyed making costumes on a rainy day out of dish towels or cheap bandanas and leftover 'stuff' from our junk drawer. The boys were thrilled to help and the costumes added so much fun to their play.
Role playing is crucial in teaching toddlers how to identify and empathize with others. These social skills are vital to healthy interactions and relationships later in life. Starting early with education is key to your toddler's success in the classroom, too.
Here's a look at several highly rated plastic playsets that hold so much value in getting that learning 'ball' rolling.

Little Tikes Race 'n Re-Fuel Pit Stop Playhouse

Outdoor Little Tikes Race and Refuel Play Set: Heavy Weather-Tough Plastic

  • Gas Pump
  • Tire Station
  • Traffic Light Changes
  • Cozy Coupe Work Station
  • Race Track for Small Cars

Step2 Grand Walk-in Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen and Grill

Step2 Grand Walk-in Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen & Grill for Toddler Boys & Girls

Indoor Outdoor Toddler Plastic Playhouse for Boys & Girls

My #1 Pick for Best Teaching Playset for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town: School House/Fire Station Playset

I love this firehouse/school house playset for its value in role playing with two important community careers (firefighter and teacher) alone but I'd venture to say that it would be a favorite addition to your toddler's playscape.
As a community in one tidy bundle, this playset is among my favorites, here. There's plenty of characters your toddler can assume and parents will have a grand time thinking up people to imitate through role play; there's no limit with this 'town in a box'. One side features a grocery and bank facade and the other side is the popular fire station/school house in a clever, dual role design. There's plenty of other features in a convincing setting to keep your toddler busy. My fave is the fuel pump!
Chances are, your little one will have a ride-on car to 'fill up' and/or other household or school-type toys to incorporate into their play session with this do-it-all playset. Put those old stray toys to work!
For its value in teaching imagination, empathy and fine motor skills along with its endless play subjects, I'd have to give this indoor/outdoor playset a mom's two thumbs up! Click on the image to see everything.
The best playset toys are all about having fun and learning--even if it is just 'learning to have fun.

What's your favorite playset and will you be using it indoors or outdoors--or both?

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