Heavy Duty Rolling Garden Cart with Seat: Ease the Knees Gardening

Heavy-Duty Rolling Garden Cart with Stool Seat and Storage

Tooling About In The Garden

Heavy duty rolling garden carts like these molded plastic and metal seats take the stress from your knees, so you can tend to your weeds.

The Step2 Company Garden Hopper: the little gardening stool with wheels & storage

Here's a small wonder that yields big results. The smooth wheels are wide enough to keep you seated, stable and focused on gardening and not your knee and/or back pain. This garden seat has great storage space under the seat for most of your hand gardening tools.

I like the heavy-duty plastic design, as we gardeners can just hose the cart down after messy work. I call this Garden Hopper by Step2 'the little cart that could,' as it has the features that I've mentioned:
  • Heavy-duty rolling wheels --great for rolling over garden soil without sinking
  • Plenty of storage for garden tools--just reach under the stool; no need to get up 
  • Stable stool seat so you can do most of your gardening while seated  
  • Other uses whether indoor or outdoor (clean or paint floorboards)
  • Budget-wise and well-rated among gardeners while keeping knees, back and hips comfy
  • Did I mention the cup holder? You can keep a drink at the ready or a spray bottle for plants! The stool cup holder will accommodate a soda can.

metal rolling garden seat with turnbar:                                                 

 heavy duty tractor wheels with storage

Heavy-Duty Metal Rolling Garden Seat/Stool with Turnbar & Tool Storage

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

I'm lovin' the farm look of this garden stool with fabulous, metal tractor seat; I could sing the above, 'Rolling' song. The large knobby wheels will work even in wet  soil and large yards. Plus the heavy-duty, metal frame has a turnbar for steering. If you have bad knees, hips, back or arthritis pain in general, (I have RA), this cool garden stool/cart/seat is a godsend. Here's several features I love about this big guy (or girl!):
  • Swivel tractor seat is adjustable
  • Weight capacity is 400 lbs. (that's pretty heavy-duty)
  • Rear basket for tool storage (put a large, leftover plastic plant pot like shown and fill it with garden tools and sprays)
  • Garden tool storage tray under seat
  • Sturdy steering turnbar in front (for maneuvering between tight garden rows)
  • Knobby (pneumatic) tractor-style wheels make rolling easier
  • Highly-rated, Heavy Duty and uber-budget-wise    (under $100)
Heavy-Duty Rolling Garden Cart with Turnbar in Blue

Green Rolling Garden Stool with Tool Tray & Turnbar

Which heavy duty rolling garden cart do you love best? Don't forget you can use these fabulous seats outside of the garden, too. I'm lovin' the tractor seats with the handy turnbar to steer. Plus, I'm short, so the adjustable seat is a big deal for me. The (metal seat) garden cart can be adjusted for an ideal height when digging and transplanting but the small garden cart is great  for weeding, where you'll need to be down, with the soil. Hmm . . .   

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