Sitting Pretty: Affordable Vanity Table Sets with Mirror and Bench Stools

From Under $100 White or Espresso Vanity Table Set with Mirror

Form & Function: Vanity Sets for Bedrooms

white wood vanity with mirror & stool

Affordable (dare I say 'cheap?') vanity table sets for bedrooms like these, have mirrors and bench stools, and promise to be a great way to add a necessary element to your space. 

While looking for black and white makeup vanities, I took on my usual challenge in finding the most affordable sets that are both attractive, fit nicely in bedrooms and are priced lower than many of the vanity sets we see in stores. Well, that's three things, but you get my point.

I started here, with this budget-wise, white vanity table with bench/stool, adjustable mirror and makeup drawer. Its clean lines will fit in nicely with your bedroom's existing pieces and the wood finish is fantastic for bedroom decor. Too, the vanity affords plenty of use when applying makeup--or even doing busy, homework. This vanity set can act as a desk without any fuss--a plus-plus! Did I mention it come in a nice espresso finish, too?

Vintage White or Black Makeup Vanity with Mirror and Stool

Vintage Design for Less

white or black makeup vanity set  

I'm lovin' this vintage-style makeup vanity 
set. It has plenty of drawers for corralling all those teeny brushes, jewelry--anything you tend to lose track of.  The drawers on atop the table are ideal platforms for your colognes and other decor, while the swivel mirror catches the best light in your bedroom adding the look of light and space.  The cute stool is padded, so you won't be slipping in your satins. the white or black wood finishes will lend a nice touch to your bedroom's existing, vintage decor.

White Dresser Vanity Table Set with Mirror and Stool

White or Black Vanity Table

 with Mirror

and Stool Set for Bedrooms

This traditional style vanity set looks much 
like a dresser with its plentiful drawers
and large table top. I love the wood finishes:
white, black, walnut and rich cherry. The
mirror adjusts at the sides and the padded
stool  looks uber-comfy. This vanity is a bit
more pricey but still comes in as a well-
priced version of vintage and antique vanity
table sets.

Budget-Friendly Vanities for Girls, Teens & Women


Black Vanity Set with Mirror and Bench/Stool

Black Bedroom Vanity Table Set

Here's the black vanity table set like the
white version I first talked about. For its
low price (starting under $100), adjustable
swivel mirror and generous, padded bench 
stool, it's looking even better. I love 
the clean lines where you can fit this
 vanity into just about any black finished 
bedroom pieces.   

Black Bedroom Vanity Table Set with Mirror and Zebra Print Bench

Black Vanity Set with 

Zebra Bench 

Zebra print makes a great accent 
piece in tween and teens' bedrooms.
This vanity has everything the set 
above features but the decorative
bench stool can make a plain wall
pop. As I mentioned, you can move
from applying makeup to doing 
homework in a snap.

Metal Vanity Table Sets with Mirror and Upholstered Stools

Black Metal & Glass Bedroom Vanity Table with Bench/Stool

Modern Metal & Glass Vanity Top: Ideal for Small Bedrooms

Metal Vanity Table Set with Chair for Teens & Women

Budget-Friendly Glass Top Vanity Table with Chair

Small spaces--particularly bedrooms which tend to have minimal floor area can be made to look unencumbered by furniture when you incorporate pieces like this glass and metal vanity table set. The mirror opens up small recesses and dark areas, while the transparent table/vanity top appears to render the space free and open. The padded bench is both attractive and affords more seating while applying makeup or accommodating friends.   

This Budget-Friendly Glass Top Vanity has a chair with backrest, storage shelf for makeup and metal detailing on mirror, chair and vanity table

Vanity sets are a great asset to bedrooms, enlivening dull spaces with their 
mirrors and adding not only added storage but serving as desks in small bedrooms.
Add baskets to store makeup brushes and simply whisk them away for a homework surface.
How neat is that?

Leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite vanity table set? Do you prefer a glass top or wood vanity set?

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