Best Gifts Ideas for One-Year-Old Boys First Birthday

 Top Rated Push Wagon: Fire Engine & Ladder Handle
Wooden Fire Engine Wagon
with Ladder Handle

A Gift Guide for Your One-Year-Old 'Mr. Busy'

These affordable gift ideas for one-year-old baby boys' first birthday, will provide those oh-so-important learning experiences while keeping them sufficiently and safely  entertained.

Chomp & Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy


Baby Toys That Light Up and Play Music


Best-Rated Birthday Gifts for Meeting those First Year Milestones

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

One-year-old boys are at different skill levels; some can be 'master of the living room crawl' while others are up and running full steam ahead and jumping in every direction.

These differences may make choosing the best gifts for one-year-old boys a bit tricky. But this updated gift guide is full of ideas to satisfy your one-year-old boy's curiosity, zest for life and need to explore while learning.


Toy Gifts to Learn By: Sit-to-Stand Toys

 Sit-to-stand toys are an ideal gift for your one-year-old boy is the best way to develop the new skill of walking and promote interest in taking that first step and final mastery with walking.

Activity Cube Toys Baby Educational Wooden Bead Maze 



Janod Crazy Doggy Cart

"Growing" Your One-Year-Old's Physical Strengths

A popular(and top-rated) toy, this die-cut wooden push wagon is a great toy for steering your one-year-old in the 'right direction.' 

Toddlers can fill the adorable puppy dog wagon full of fun 'treasures' and when playtime is over, the wagon makes for great decor.  

Adorable Wooden Pull Toys

Walk Along Puppy Dog by Hape

               Cute Wooden Pull Along Puppy Toy


Pound and Tap Toys

Wooden Musical Xylophone

    • Highly-rated & durable
    • Pound and Tap while playing musical favorites
    • Easily sliding xylophone provides many ways to play
    • Encourages audio recognition and musical development
    • Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials
    • For ages 12 months - 3 years


    Push & Pull Toys Enhance Coordination


    VTech Sit, Stand and Ride Baby Walker

    V-Tech Sit to Stand 3-In-One Ride On Toy

    Stand and Push

    Sit and Play
    Your one-year-old boy can play at both levels: 
    sitting on the floor while playing with the bottom portion of the toy
    and later, walking, pushing and steering
    --oh, my.

    Top Toys to Keep Play Neat   


     ALEX Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

    Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Center Play Cube for Toddlers
    If you like a tidy home and content One-year-old toddlers like I did with my twin boys, Learning/Activity Centers like this Wooden Activity Cube by ALEX Jr. Toys or Hape's Country Critters Activity Play Cube are total fan-tab-u-lo-so!

    The units are stationary, can't be knocked over (ideal if you have stairs), and heavy enough to support babies and toddlers on up to preschool. 

    And all while the play pieces stay stuck to the cube! Nothing's worse than stepping on a plastic "brick" while barefoot--a real pain in the arch! I love the 5-sided play surfaces to keep non-walkers and 'standers'' hands busy while their brains are busy learning.

    For Boys Who Just Have To Run & Jump  

    The One-Year-Old Boy & Those Milestones: 


     Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

    Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

    While the milestones are important, they're only guideline, another reference to give us parents a general idea of what we might expect. 

    Every child is different and development of a one-year-old boy or girl can be quite varied from the 'norm.' 

    Gifts that are adjustable and encouraging, but don't insist on a given skill and/or set size, are best for your one-year-old boy.


    Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set + 3 balls + 2 clubs

    Little Tikes Toddler Golf Set

    In my experience with three boys, I witnessed one boy matching those guidelines very predictably while my other two sons had varying degrees of adeptness. 

    If you're really concerned about your 1-year-old, do consult a good pediatrician, but most times it's a matter of individuality that makes your growing toddler truly the unique individual he or she is--and always will be. 


    Baby Ride-On Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

    Balance Bike Trike for Baby Boys

    The One-Year-Old Picker-Upper

    Vtech3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter
     Not only can your one-year-old boy strengthen his lower extremities with this ride-on push toy, he can pick up smaller toys and load 'em up in the little basket . . . unload 'em . . . load 'em up . . . and then rinse and repeat.

    While all that activity may seem monotonous, baby boys learn to fill objects and learn when it's to capacity. Sometimes the simplest of 
    actions can be great teachers.

    Later on, this ride-on can be reconfigured into a 'big kid' scooter. I've included another view on the scooter below but the link here, at right will show you its many forms. Sturdy, budget-friendly, long-lasting with many option for play make this Vtech 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter a great gift idea for your one-year-old boy.


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