Coffee Table That Raises Up for Food, Fun 'n Games

Hostess with the Mostess: A Coffee Table that Lifts Up

Table with Lift Up Top: in Black and Brown Wood Finish

First Things First: Where Will You Use Your Coffee Table?

Simple Coffee Tables that Lift Up for Casual Use

It's obvious you're looking for a new coffee table that lifts up for whatever reason but it's best to consider where you'll be using it and how often you'll be using the table.
If you've kids like me, you'll want a more substantial lift-top table than these basic styles--so keep scrolling!
Budget-Friendly Coffee Table with Lift Up Top: Brown Wood Finish
This coffee table and the two below are more conservative, making them great picks for more formal living and bedrooms that aren't subject to heavy or 'unconventional' use (I'm thinking kids sitting on them). Minimal lines and simplicity, it's coffee tables like these that won't take away from more notable pieces in your room.
Too, where floor space is at a premium, these low-profile tables having the convenience of top that lifts up are fabulous space savers; they're like two-for-one: great table for simple meals, laptop use and board gaming and a nice furniture piece that adds to your decor, albeit simply.
So, for life with kids, these tables are a no-go. For a great simpler piece for more adult and smaller spaces, fabulous.

Uber-Cheap Coffee Table with Faux Marble Lift Up Top

Casual & Uber-Budget Wise Coffee Table with Faux Marble Top

Getting Your Storage Problems Solved

Coffee Tables with Lift Tops and Storage Shelf

Brown Wood Finish Coffee Table with Lift Top & Storage Shelves
Storage seems to be a much-lauded feature--almost a luxury--in today's more modern homes where spaces tend to be smaller. And for families with kids of any age, furniture pieces that feature both durability and storage space for gaming accouterments like controllers and DVDs is a definite must-have.
So, it's tables like these with substantial weight, storage and a top that lifts up at the ready fit the bill for family and game rooms. There's a place for all the stuff that's not attractive underneath the top; just close the mess away and problem solved. Below the table, you've the option to create a nice display shelf or use it for more storage.
These coffee tables are ideal for medium size living areas.

Wood Lift-Up Top Coffee Table with Storage Shelf & Drawers

Traditional Decor & the Coffee Table

Keeping to Your Style

Like any furniture you want it to add to your existing pieces and decor scheme, not be the alien in your living area. Many family rooms are casual and traditional; they've quite the welcoming ambiance--or at least that's what you hope to project in your decorating efforts.
Classic pieces like this coffee table and those below with their lift up top you're after have the telltale hardware and rich wood finishes that promise to add warmth to your space. It's best to keep your furniture finishes the same, or as near the same as possible; too many finishes will result in a piecemeal (or more horrifying, hand-me-down) look you don't want.
Coffee/Cocktail Table with Two Lift Up Tops & Storage Drawers
Along with your furniture's wood finish, you want to keep your hardware the same metal or color to ensure cohesion in your space. If you've a piece that's not cooperating with its hardware, consider changing it out on the offending piece or you can even paint the knobs and other hardware. The metal spray paint available today is not the scary stuff you're used to seeing from your childhood. Today's paint is quite convincing and much easier to apply, though I recommend a practice run on a long-forgotten hinge looming in your junk drawer.

The Perfect Host: On-the-Spot Coffee Tables with Lift-Up Tops & Casters

Traditional Coffee/Cocktail Table with Lift Up Top
Having furniture on wheels (casters) is a great answer to smaller spaces or rooms where multiple uses keep stationary pieces less practical. And these coffee tables with their extra feature--the lift-up top--make great 'hosts' in bringing the food and beverage where they're needed.
Another great thing about these coffee tables that lift up, is the storage just under the 'lid.' You can either hide your clutter in a pinch when company arrives on short notice or if you're among the extra neat-nicks, you'll have a great place for entertaining pieces like napkins--even glassware.
In 1995 B.C. (before children), I would have been among the cocktail ilk but real life happened and three kids later and I'm happy to have a place devoid of clutter. Who knew?

Modern Design & the Ideal Coffee Table

Modern Coffee/Cocktail Table with Lift Up Tops & Extra Storage
Modern design is my weakness. Show me anything of this decor genre and I'm all eyes and ears, this coffee table and the two below it, included.
Whether you've the urban loft apartment to appoint with fabulous pieces or have a nice space needing attention in the most urban fashion, coffee table are a must every bit as the more traditional spaces call for.
Here's several modern tables with the sleek and simple lines (I just love the table here on the right) that betray the modern design you're after. In modern spaces, the more conservative the trim, the better and I'd say these tables fit the bill.

Round Cocktail/Coffee Table with Lift-Up Top and Casters

Taking the Edge Off: Round Coffee Table with Lift-Up Top

Round coffee tables like this one are ideal for balancing all those straight lines in sofas, counters, TVs, etc. that can make rooms look hard and cold.
Round coffee tables also make great centerpieces for more intimate seating arrangements. I like how this table has both a stationary top and lift-up feature where one can entertain from all around.

Modern White Gloss Coffee/Cocktail Table with Top that Lifts Up

Some of my faves for less: (yeah, that means price-tag cheap)

Black Cocktail Table with Lift Up Top & Storage

Keeping Your Table Displays in Check

I created this image to give you a visual on how well three related pieces work on coffee or accent tables. You won't have to keep to the same items like candles or even like shapes.
You might want to group three sea creatures or shells, maybe even empty candle sticks; whatever works for your decor can be presented well in groups of three. It's my experience that more than three items takes on a cluttered look. Not to mention dust collectors.
There's no hard-and-fast rule; experiment to achieve your own impression for a coffee table look you'll love.

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