Designer Ceiling Fans with Lights

Designer ceiling fans with lights like these afford luxurious style while keeping our energy use within the realm of reality.

Designer Ceiling Fan with Light Dual Motor by Minka Aire

Nickel/Chrome Finish Designer Ceiling Fan with 5 Lights

Fabulous Style with Purpose: Luxury Ceiling Fans with Lights

With high ceilings being most-oft the norm than the exception, designer ceiling fans offer a decorative edge while earning their keep as energy saver -- drawing rising warm air downward and keeping cool air circulating. Gone are the days of the predictable brassy banal dust magnets.
Today's luxury ceiling fans promise to deliver an aesthetic appeal that trumps yesterday's ho~hum twirlers.
Scroll down to peruse some truly fabulous luxury ceiling fans with stunning lights along with a few decorating considerations to help you decide which fan is best for your space.

Designer Ceiling Fan with Eight Lights in Nickel/Chrome Metal Finish

Chandelier or Ceiling Fan?

There seems to be a whole universe of ceiling fans 'out there'--Fanville, USA, maybe?

Narrowing down your fans' demographics can be daunting; it's a bit like going to the zoo to see your favorite animal, getting there among them all only to be overwhelmed and indecisive. While that metaphor may be over-the-top, it's easy to see from just the options here, how exclusive a fan's style can be--despite the fact they're all among the luxury or designer ceiling fan ilk.

Most likely, you have an idea for size, color and a hinting of the style you're after. My suggestion is to be certain the fan you choose is the fan of fans.
I'm loving this ceiling fan for the mere fact it doesn't look like one.
In spaces where formality is a must, it's fans like this one that will deliver in both form and function--although you may find yourself in an argument as to its most striking form.
I'll accept that argument.

Pure Opulence: Designer Ceiling Fans That Don't Look the Part with Hidden Fan Blades

Designer Ceiling Fan with Four Lights Antique Bronze with Shades

Ceiling Fans with Hidden Blades: Fanciful Form & Function

I'm loving this ceiling fan with its pure luxury glass shades on its four lights. I can envision this baroque-style fan contributing quite nicely to a wine cellar or any space where a touch of old world drama is appreciated.
As I mentioned above, some ceiling fans like this one are more the decorative ilk. While you'll realize some appreciable air flow, you won't get the 'full throttle' high speed affect those wide blade ceiling fans afford.
More a chandelier, this low-profile fan packs a powerful WOW! factor and promises to garner plenty of compliments from admirers.

Modern 3-Blade Designer Ceiling Fan with Light by Minka Aire

Truly Unmistakable: Art All Alit

There's nothing more annoying than a design regret-- in motion,--where its presence alone is enough of a reminder, let alone one that goes round and round, seemingly 'rubbing it in.'
I've included several styles of designer chandeliers with fans. I refer to the 'fan aspect of masterpieces like these in the secondary, as they have quite the WOW! presence in any space needing a crowning jewel.
I'm thinking chandelier first, ceiling fan secondly. I can see fans like these in a more formal arrangement with plenty of floor space below appointed with luxurious, designer furniture and plush rugs. Don't you?

Designer: Minka Aire Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Light & Swarovski Crystals

Large Luxury Ceiling Fan with Crystal Chandelier Light

Often, you'll note a chandelier as having real crystals and you've no way to ascertain their quality but I can vouch for Swarovski crystals in that they've an unmistakable brilliance, capturing light in an insurmountable glisten and glimmer.
With true crystals, you can expect to see hues that change with each minute movement and shift of natural light. It's this feature that you'll find most intriguing and stunning with the ceiling fan's chandelier quality light.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Dome Light

3-Blade Modern Designer Ceiling Fan with Light by Minka Aire

When Less is Really More

Minka-Aire Bronze Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Dome Light

While the luxurious ceiling fan chandeliers above have every bling and bobble conceivable, an oil-rubbed bronze fixture like this one with remote can stand out on its own. Conversely, this fan's dome light is unassuming but still very adequate in function and appeal.
Smooth, rounded pieces are amazingly are like socialites; they can fit in anywhere, look spectacular and stand out among the others in a room. I love its compact, yet stately presence--it's perfect for an executive's home office or a loft space with an industrial decor palette.
If you're going for less fuss in your space, look for ceiling fans like this one, where you've both fan and light in one tidy package.
Indeed, less can be more.

5-Blade Designer Ceiling Fan with Lights by Minka Aire

Blinkworthy: Minka-Aire Luxury for Way Less

While my title here may seem a bit quirky, it's my passion for design at a most reasonable price that excites me most, hence my exuberance.
Where you've a space with a mix of finishes and textures from metal to wood and the sparkle of glass, this large 52" ceiling fan with its contemporary light and nickel finish is the perfect gem for topping your room's otherwise completed, decor.
Indeed, this designer ceiling fan with shaded light is 'blinkworthy' for its very low price, as I've seen far less impressive ceiling fans that cost far more. It's always better to invest in a luxury piece that's the maker's least-expensive model--much like buying the cheapest model of a luxury car; you'll get the quality without the price tag.
For contemporary spaces, this ceiling fan has you covered.

Modern Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light by Designer Minka Aire

One More Designer Fan for Not So Designer Price

Here's a close-second, Minka-Aire ceiling fan to its cousin, above. Its modern style and handsome wood ceiling fan blades promise to meld quite nicely with your decor.
Its smooth nickel base unit adds to your space's modern palette in a rather low-profile way. Minka-Aire is a leader in the ceiling fan industry and it's unusual to see such a reasonable price tag; I'm thinking it's last year's edition, leading me to this noteworthy tip:
If you're super-stoked on a given piece, look into the previous year's models, where, odds are, you'll find a fabulously-priced piece for far less.

Combining Form with Function - Rustic Finish Designer Ceiling Fans with Light Kits

Designer Minka Aire Distressed Koa Ceiling Fan with Light

But Is It Art? Ceiling Fan that's a Bit of Both: Kinetic & Cool

Art can be anything you deem it to be, so there's always a yes answer to, "But is it art?" question. This ceiling fan is certainly unique and can take on a number of personas: from rustic, log cabin to urban loft.
This fan's sheer size is certainly quite noticeable and its unique fan blades set it apart from the plain ol' utility ceiling fans of the 1980s [enter your own scary visual, here].
If you've an ultra modern space in your home, needing a simple updo in the way of kinetic art with a 'twist' of air (that's a new spin on art for me), a ceiling fan like this Minka monster will serve your space well.

Designer: Minka Aire Tuscan Patina Luxury Ceiling Fan with Two Lights

Designer Ceiling Fan Styles for Many Genres

All too often, we'll see a definite theme, style, genre, whatever you recognize as the strongest relationship between a decor piece, lighting, accessory, wall art, etc.
And etcetera.
But it's those rarer exceptions when we happen upon a piece that can wear a number of hats and support an even bigger number of decor genres--much like this ceiling fan, here; it takes on the rustic cabin, country charm, European design, any warm and cozy environ--you've just the right lighting with the perk of much-appreciated airflow.

Designer Ceiling Fan for Wine Cellars with 3-Globe Lights

It's All About Lighting--or Airflow . . . or . . .
I'm not a fan of country charm although this luxury ceiling fan has plenty to appreciate: it's a beautiful addition and replacement to conventional flush-mount lighting and will surely be a coveted piece in any home office, study, man cave and gaming space.
That's quite a menu, there with more options to spare for its use. The most favorable aspects when incorporating versatile pieces like this designer-style ceiling fan, is you're never short a space to put the fan and should you redecorate, odd are your fan will make itself quite at home.
The fan's glass lamp globes are an exquisite, memorable feature of this fan and finish your space with a BANG!
How neat is that?

Decorating with Wonderful White - Designer Style White Ceiling Fans with Lights

8-Blade Modern Ceiling Fan with Light Designer: Monte Carlo

Luxury Made Even More Fabulous--with White

White is such a great choice when decorating, especially if you'll be adding to an existing room's decor.

White ceiling fans like these can be hung in darker spaces for an amazing contrast or conversely, use as part of your monochromatic palette to add a truly-designer, aesthetic element to your space. As I mentioned, I love the idea of having a standout piece --or not.

As for decor, create an amazing, spa-like ambiance in your bedroom retreat with the smaller fans, while the larger classic style ceiling fan can make 'friends' with many existing arrangements for a fresh, crisp element you'll appreciate for several decor genres to come.

If you're going for FAB! I suggest the free-spirited look of the fan on the far left for a breezy look that's quite classy. I see plenty of uses for this free-wheeling designer piece.

I liken white to a canvas that's ready to be dressed with color--any color. Talk about total freedom when making a space your own. Take white and go for it!

Designer Rustic Lodge Style Ceiling Fan with Antlers & Light Shades

Adding to Your Rustic Lodge Ambience: Deer Antler Chandelier

In my introduction, I mentioned today's ceiling fans being far removed from their former cousins, circa 1980. These rustic ceiling fans sporting deer antlers, woodsy accents and fabulous lights are testament today's luxury and designer pieces of art. Don't you think?
It's as though you can smell cozy fireplaces and envision that cabin in the woods from your own home.
Bringing the outdoors in and adding dark, earthy hues to your space is an ideal way to bring instant warmth to your favorite room while lighting up your efforts with striking light fixtures.

Luxury, Power & Steel: Getting it All in Style-- Industrial Loft Designer Double Ceiling Fans with Lights

Designer Double Ceiling Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Light & Remote

The Designer Look Ceiling Fan in Luxurious Black Rubbed Metal

A Piece of the Past in Today's Spaces

One of my favorite decor genres and spaces--the modern industrial loft--is becoming increasingly popular.
High, unfinished ceilings, brick walls and expansive gathering areas are hallmark features of this genre.
So, you'll need to harken back to the industrial era, where steel and steam from factories betray their strength from full-on production. And these gyro fans look every bit the part.

Designer: Minka Aire Gyro Ceiling Fan with Light Oil Rubbed Bronze

Two Gyro Ceiling Fans with Light Kit

There's two ways we can broach the topic of ceiling fans and it being we're nearing the end of this great adventure, it's obvious I've chosen the route of form--of decor--to look into the subject.
Most likely, you're aware of their convenience and value for being . . . well . . . a fan. I've included a few charts below to help you ascertain which ceiling fan is best in utility for your space.
With a few considerations coupled with your preference for style and function, you're well on your way to a fabulous--of what is sure to be--the crowning jewel of your space.

Determine Your Room's Ceiling Fan Size - Ceiling Fan (including blades) & Room Size Requirements

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