Desks with File Cabinet Drawer for Small Home Offices & Bedrooms

Computer Desk with Two File Drawers in Black Wood Finish

Budget-friendly desks with file drawers like these transform small home offices and bedrooms from one black hole of lost data into an organized system of operation you can live with.

Computer Desk with Two File Drawers Walnut

Computer Desk with Two File Drawers White


Monarch Specialties White Hollow-Core/Silver Metal Office Desk, 60-Inch

           $247.99 w/ free shipping

Your Home Office Desk with a File Drawer: A Piece of You

Having a home office myself, I can attest to its importance: I couldn't survive without having my own space, free of dirty laundry and neglected dishes. For us neat-nicks, two crusty plates can become quite the meltdown distraction.
So, when planning for your office desk, I recommend making a few considerations beforehand, and I'll broach each as we go along.

Small Wood Home Office Desk with Two File Cabinet Drawers

Your Closet Turned Home Office: small desk with CPU Cabinet & file drawers

With any home office, you'll either need seclusion or a heavy-duty door.
Seriously, closing the door on routine and household noises is your best bet but you don't need a space the size of the Oval Office; a closet will suffice. My first office setup was, indeed, a walk-in closet with a large, clunky metal desk and a file cabinet.
Having found a smaller wood desk (it was much like this desk here on the right) with a file cabinet cabinet drawer built in was the best option and I jumped on it. Indeed, that desk paid for itself.

Small home Office Computer Desk with File Drawer & Pullout Keyboard Tray

Your Attention Span, Location = Home Office Success

With home offices you'll need to rate your ability to focus, despite high visual distractions and noise disturbances (file all distractions under 'no thanks').
I've a low level of distractibility (probably because I'm used to plenty of 'kid noise'), but if you're easily swayed from your normal course of business, you'll need a room with a door; trust me, those white noise headphones can be tricky when the phones rings.

Modern White & Black Computer Desks with File Cabinet Storage

Small Modern Computer Desk with File Drawer in White or Cappuccino

Desk Clutter & Something to Consider

Like any room, your home office should be a well-appointed and organized space you enjoy being in. It's here where your desk with file drawer can work  for you in the smaller home office and bedrooms. 
That's not rocket science, I know but you'd be surprised how much clutter can interfere with your mood . . . which interferes with productivity . . . which spills over to our earnings. 
Yup, that's where we can all put on the brakes: our pocketbook.

Modern Computer Desk with File Drawer in Cappuccino

When Working from Home Your Home Office Suite IS Your Business Suit

I want to stress the importance of a home office's style. True, decor style hardly seems 'important' on the money-making train but as you just probably visualized with my last statement, it's all relevant: a pretty picture can virtually paint quite the 'pretty picture' in the business realm, influencing our productivity.
Keeping your home office's background neat, organized and papers filed away can save you from an embarrassing video conference.
Your business suite becomes your business suit, if you will.

Small Office Desk with File Drawer & Removable Storage Hutch
Bart Simpson for Prez--Not!
Expanding on what I mentioned above: Modern decor is most often the choice for businesses, and if you'll be telecommuting where video conference calls are a frequent event, you may need to reconsider that Grateful Dead teddy bear poster behind you. 
Yes, surrounding yourself with things you love is important in many regards but be smart about your choices.
Cool abstract print? Yes. "Bart Simpson for Prez!" poster? Um, that would be a negative.

Top-Rated Home Office Desk with File Drawer: Small but Storage Aplenty

My #1 Pick for Best Computer Desk for File Storage - and More

CPU Storage, Slide-Out Keyboard Tray, File Drawer, Reference and Printer Shelves 

I'm taking a break for a minute to talk about this fabulous computer desk find that, even delivered, comes in under $200. For a handsome, well-appointed, all-the- bells-and-whistles desk, the 4.5-star reviews and price are fantastic. And, I've learned from reviews, this desk is crafted of wood that's unlike the cheap stuff we've become woefully accustomed to.
I am so loathe on all those wires tangling and chaining our electronics together, I could have thrown an open bar cocktail party when the wireless keyboard was introduced. So, this desk with a cabinet for keeping everything neatly tucked away-- CPU storage, slide-out keyboard tray, a file drawer, reference shelf and desk drawers space for all our office accoutrements-- is quite the creme dela creme of computer desks!

Ideal for Home Offices & Bedrooms: Desk with File Drawer & Hutch

Desk with File Drawer and Storage Hutch

Going 'Up' for Your Home Office Storage Needs

These wooden desks with hutch and file cabinet drawers also have CPU storage. When working in small spaces, it's best to go 'up' for more organization. I've included a visual further down to illustrate how even small, well appointed, areas can serve in keeping everything in its place.
If budget and space allows, you might opt for a computer desk with a hutch and file drawer, like one of these classic design writing-turned-computer desks where storage can start just above the desk, going higher if need be.
You'll only need to decide between a pretty picture or more storage. A few straws might help if you can't decide: the longest one means more storage.

Wood Home Office Computer Desk with File Drawer & Extra Storage Hutch

Your Desk as Furniture Piece: desk with file drawer, hutch & CPU storage

Much like what I just mentioned, sometimes you'll just have to squeeze that desk in somewhere: kitchen, bedroom, closet--even a hallway is game where space is at issue.
Ideally, your home office desk should be near the same finish as the room's other furnishings, lest the desk sticks out like the proverbial elephant in the room and all your effort to keep decor at peace are ruined. Do all you can to meld your desk into its environs.

Small Home Office Desk with File Drawer in Creamy White Wood Finish

When Size Matters - in a Big Way Small Desks with File Drawers

Small Desks with File Drawers

I'm always looking to save money when decorating for a purpose other than beauty. It's a great thing when we can incorporate pieces that have form and function like this antique white desk with file drawer: it's small, makes good impression as decorative furniture piece and serves one's need for daily business use.
And the desk has a file drawer.
I'm very impressed with the low price, too. For a desk that can be handed down when you upgrade, this one's quite the impressive piece.

Home Office Desk with Locking Mechanism File Drawer & Extra Storage

Lock Up Your Home Office Files: Drawers with Locks

Desks with file drawers usually don't come with lock and key, so you'll have to ponder whether you really need that locked cabinet.
But there are a few instances where I would strongly suggest a desk with a locked file drawer; here's a few: files that contain clients' personal information--especially if you're a tax accountant, insurance agent--well, you get it. Even your own info might be better secured behind lock and key drawers.
You can opt for a small wall safe or a separate file cabinet away from your desk, or even go for another desk like these shown here. Lastly, adding your own lock to sensitive-info file drawers is a good option; it's really not that difficult--just drill a hole after a few measurements, secure the screws and you're good to go.

Home Office Computer desk with File Drawer in White, Black Brown Finishes

Corner Desks: When Sitting in the Corner is a Good Thing

There's nothing delicate and orderly about a big desk in a bedroom or other small living space, standing out like the proverbial elephant in the room.
Sometimes, a little creativity and opting for a unique placement for your office setting is in order--often with good results. There's no harm in experimenting with your desk's placement, in fact, I draw out a plan, using blank paper as floor space and go from there. You don't have to be to scale with measuring furniture; just be relative with your sizes drawing larger shapes for larger pieces, etc.
Corner desks with file drawers, like these promise the best results for bedrooms and other living areas where space is at a premium. These computer desks consume little floor space in often ignored or insignificant corners, creating quite the efficient home office in the process. In small rooms, go directly to its corner and go upward with your storage arrangement. Of course, draw it out, first.
Either of these corner computer desks with convenient file drawers, CPU storage and reference cubby will work nicely in your bedroom or living space. Add a few related decorative pieces to help meld your desk and space for a cohesive finish you'll love working in.

Secretary Desk with Lots of File & Storage Drawers in White Wood Finish

Secretary Desk with Large File Drawers & CPU Storage

Available in White or Black

This larger (5' H) secretary desk has size on its side with plenty of cubbies for ingoing/outgoing mail or some other function needing constant tending and organization.
Small home offices will do well with secretary desks like this unit (available in black or white).
Modifications to the otherwise, classic style secretary include CPU cabinet storage, two file drawer/cabinets and a pull-down keyboard platform.
Who knew all these novel features lay in wait and neatly tucked inside?

Making Space for Your Home Office Needs

I created this visual to illustrate just how much you can fit into a small space by going 'up' with your storage needs.
Cheap floating shelves work really well, especially if you use those cheap photo boxes from craft stores; they're available in super-nice designs and patterns and most have a slot so you can insert a label card. How neat is that? I've seen them on sale for 5/$10.
This small home office arrangement is an easy and efficient use of space; you may have to be really creative but an office can come to fruition in a small corner!

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