Funky Comforters, Bedding & Bedroom Ideas for Tween & Teen Girls

You'll love this selection of affordable, fun and funky tween and teen bedroom decor ideas for girls, where you'll create a boudoir your teenage girl will love retreating to.

Uber-Cheap Funky Purple Zebra Print Comforter & Sheet Set for Tween and Teen Girls

Beginning Your Teen's Space: the Focal Point - Funky Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding Sets for Girls

Under $50 Leopard Print Rainbow Color Comforter and Sheet Set

Decorating for the Teen Girl: Starts with Cool and Funky Bedding & Sheet Sets for Under $50

Decorating a cool and funky teen girl's bedroom can be done on the cheap. My inexpensive decor ideas along with a few choice pieces can transform a plain teen or tween girl's bedroom into a cool and funky teen girls' abode that will leave all her girlfriends saying, "I want one!"
Scroll down for a glimpse of affordable, funky teen girls' bedding sets and comforters to rev up your girl's space. And my cool decorating tips just for teen girl bedrooms I've included will show you how to 'get there'.
Enjoy these cool and funky bedroom ideas for teen and tween girls.

Under $50 Zebra Print Comforter & Sheet Set for Tween/Teen Girls
Zebra & Animal Print Bedding Sets
This zebra print bedding set is under $50 for the twin size bed-in-a-bag comforter and sheet set.
The idea of not having to buy matching sheet sets is a plus-plus for us moms and decorators.
Plus (okay, a third plus), looking for zebra print sheets can be draining on time--and our pocketbook.

Rainbow Leopard Cheetah Comforter Bedding Set for Tween & Teen girls

Fun & Funky Bedding: Your Tween or Teen Girl's Leopard/Cheetah Comforter Set for Under $40
This cheaper comforter set has the brilliant rainbow of hues you need for a striking focal point. While the bed set doesn't include sheets, you can model the bed's dressing here and use black sheets--really any color in this set's 'rainbow.' 

Hot Pink ZigZag Chevron Comforter Bedding Set for Teen Girls
Strong Patterns: ZigZag Chevron Print Make Fabulous Focal Pieces

Planning your teen girl's bedroom decor is made easy when you start with a strong visual statement. Using bedding as a focal point makes sense, as the bed is typically the largest piece in your room and commands the most attention when appropriately dressed.
Using strong patterns and striking colors against lighter walls is an ideal way to make your bedding stand out as the space's show-stopper.
The funky bed-in-a-bag and comforter ensembles help set the stage for a cool room your teen will love.

Purple & Hot Pink Peace Sign Comforter Set

Black Purple Pink Peace Sign Tween/Teen Girls Comforter Bed in a Bag Set
When decorating, it's smart to establish what your focal point will be. Most often it's the bed, as bedding can make a defining statement in introducing your space's theme.
I recommend you opt for a bold comforter set like those I've featured here. They all have that 'a teen girl lives here' vibe making them a successful first pick in decorating and establishing your color palette. Purple, hot pink and peace signs are the perfect teen or tween girl's room color combination.
Bathe your teen's walls in a color you've pulled from the bedding. I suggest using a color a few shades lighter or darker than your focal piece for best results. You've several wall color options for this comforter set, as purple and pink are very decorator~friendly.

Tween & Teen Girl 60 x 84" Purple Sheer Panels Under $10 Pair
Fun Color Sheer Window Panels for Under $10 a Pair--Who Knew?
Here's another example of making that important defining statement for decorating success. I've included several colors that, upon first impression, shouts 'teen girl'. You can opt for one color or go for a layered look with two or more different shades of the same hue. Create a rainbow effect using three or more colors for higher visual interest. These solid colored curtains work great with busy patterns, keeping them in check and not an overwhelming nuisance.
Trendy, colorful and versatile, these fun panels can survive changing out your room's decor, as you can reuse them with other bedding sets. I'd say they're a great investment for so little cost.
Lime Green Sheer Panels 60" x 84" for Under $10 Pair

These fun to funky sheer window panels are available in a host of tween and teen girl-friendly colors. And for under $10 per pair, you can create an amazing window!

Decorating for the Long Haul - Teen Bedding the Lasts

2-Piece Purple Reversible Comforter Bedding Set for Girls

Solid Purple Comforter Set

If you're decorating for a tween or plan on keeping the same bedding and decor for several years, solid reversible comforters can convert quite readily to an older decor genre. 

You'll only have to remove any printed pillows or bedding and proceed to the next phase of your teen girl's passion.

Now, About That Budget: Super Cheap Tween to Teen Bedding Sets for Girls

Tween & Teen 2-Piece Orange and White Bedding Under $20

Cheaply-priced bedding sets don't necessarily mean cheap in craft. I'm always excited to find great bedding like these modestly priced sets. They've all the elements required for a great focal point with their vibrant hues and patterns.
Plus, I'm seeing a long life as part of your tween or teen girl's decor; they're quite the ageless pieces and for well under $50, these sets are an ideal investment.
I don't usually suggest going cheap on bedding, as it's such a big part of the room's overall impression but I have to make an exception, here.
I love all the potential these fun and funky, teen-friendly patterns promise. It's a hard pick in finding my fave; I love them all. Don't you?

Funky Red, White & Black Mod Graphics Bed Set for Tween and Teens

Creating a space that's cozy can be as easy as placing a chair in any corner of your tween or teen girl's bedroom and adding a small table and accent lamp.
 Or, I'd suggest an overhead light or chandelier if floor space is an issue. Find old used chairs that are smaller, tween size or teen size and paint 'em fun colors in your girl's bedroom palette and they'll really warm up an empty corner.
What are your favorite ideas?

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