Grey and Purple Comforter & Bedding Sets

Decorating with these budget-wise opulent purple and grey comforters and bedding, will instantly transform your lackluster bedroom from just "okay" to the celebratory, "Oh,YAY!"

7-Piece Purple and Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set with Throw Pillows

6-Piece Purple and Gray/Grey Comforter Set: Great for Tween & Teens' Rooms

Your Royal Majesty's Bedroom: Purple & Grey Comforter Sets

Transforming your bedroom space from bland to beautiful can happen in an instant with the right bedding.

Mild-mannered grey hues paired with luxurious, deep and plum purples have the power to soothe after even the most stressful of days. What better way to join these color-forces than on your purple and grey bedroom's most visual of elements: your comforter set?

But deciding on style, tone and balance for a perfectly-purpley space you've been pining for, can be quite a challenge. Not to worry, I'll fill you in on some practical - but crucial - decorating basics for a warm and cozy purple and grey space you're gonna love coming home to.

Let's get started!

The Color Palette and Your Bedroom:

It All Begins with Purple and Grey Bedding

Purple Plum and Grey/Gray 9-Piece Comforter Bed Set

Getting Started With Your Purple and Grey Palette

Ideally, your decor has one personality, each piece having its own little trait. Style should look cohesive and related, so you want to keep to one genre when decorating.

The best way to keep your grey and purple decor in check starts with your bed set; this way, you know what color, finish-- 'voice' --to add thereafter. Your accessories act in a supporting role, like co-stars to the lead actor: your bedding.

7-Piece Plum Purple and Gray/Grey Comforter Bedding Set

Purple and Grey Bedding: Ideal Focal Pieces

What's Your Bedding Style?

Bedding typically serves as the room's focal point, as the bed is the space's largest contributor. Notice how these purple and grey comforter sets appear to 'lunge' from the wall, seemingly with a look at me!insistence. Indeed, your bed set should introduce your space's style, capture the eye and welcome in guests for the evening.

Purple and grey bedding like these comforter sets are easy on the eyes but have the striking detail to get the job done--all while keeping the eye looking in the right direction.

Once you've decided on your style bedding the rest comes easy-peasy!

Grey/Gray and Purple 5-Piece Quilted Floral Bedding Set

Lighting and Your Shade of Purple and Grey

Using Your Bedding to Brighten Your Bedroom's Mood

You'll need to base your bed set's purple hue off of the available natural light by day and the ambient lamp lighting you use come nightfall.

If you've a bedroom that's open and airy with plenty of windows to banish otherwise looming shadows in sharp corners, you're free to choose any shade of purple and gray.

Uber-Cheap 3-Piece Grey/Gray and Purple Quilted Bedding Set

Dark or Light Purple and Grey Tones: Taking Cues from Your Bedroom's Natural Light

It's easy to see how well a darker purple and grey bedding set fares in a space that's well-lighted. If you're pining for darker purple bedding, take note of your bedroom's light at all hours of the day: morning and late afternoon, especially.

Sometimes we don't take note of how dark a space can be until we've added bedding or other major piece, then it's quite unnerving to realize our mistake of having a bed set we love that simply won't do.

A little forethought will yield the best results.

Grey Based Bedding with Purple and White Accents

4-Piece Grey/Gray and Purple Floral Comforter Bedding Set

About the Light-Hue Purple and Grey Bed Sets

So far, I've only broached the darker purple hues and their bearing on your bedroom's ambience.

For bedrooms lacking in light, you can 'add' it by opting for a light purple and grey comforter set that promises to pep things up a bit.

I included several different shades of purple and grey comforters to give you an idea of what's available and how the light/dark purple tones can really influence the room's overall appearance.

11-Pc. Grey and Purple Floral Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter & Sheet Set

Adding to Your Grey and Purple Palette: White Accents Breath Light Into This Bedding Set

You'll need to look twice to see the difference between this mostly-grey bedding set with its purple and white accents.

Like its near-twin bedding set above, opting for a set like this one will bring about a better sense of light in your bedroom. I wouldn't compromise the bedding's value with heavy window panels; it's best to use sheer panels to keep your bedroom a welcoming space.

Deciding Whether to Use Purple and Grey Window Dressings

Uber-Cheap Window Curtain/Panels Pair, 54-Inch by 84-Inch, Gray and Purple

Grey and Purple Window Panels--or Not

I'm pretty stingy when it comes to dressing windows; it's the busy, matchy-matching that coordinates betray.

I prefer to have unique window treatments apart from the purple and grey bedding. When busy-printed panels match, it takes away from the bedding's strength and most often creates a cluttered effect -especially when the panels occupy the same wall as the comforter.

These panel sets,are less-distracting, subtle. If you're like me, you may want to think about sheer panels in white or gray with a purple valance--or none at all.

Accent Colors Lend to More Freedom with Decor Choices

Budget-Wise Purple and Gray/Grey Comforter 5-Piece Bedding Set

Versatility: A Great Strategy for Your Grey and Purple Palette

Opting for bedding that can support different color themes, accessories, wall art and paint is always a good idea when decorating for a young person. Kids tend to change their mind as often as we do light bulbs--seriously.

This purple and grey comforter set with its mod floral can make itself at home with purple, grey, white or pink walls; now, that's a real boon --not to mention, a money saver!

Here's a look at the plain white window panels I mentioned earlier; they're nondescript and don't take an inch (okay, ounce of attention from the bed set. Doesn't the grey and purple comforter stand out from the window and walls? And the fluffy, white flokati rug looks fabulous and bands with the window panels for a great, warm, yet light look and feel.

For girls who aren't sure on anything from one month to the next (I'm thinking tweens, here), opting for a more versatile grey and purple comforter set you can work with and paint around is something to get excited about!

Influencing a Color's Tone: Light & Deep Purple and Grey Comforter Sets

Light Purple and Grey 12-Pc. Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter and Sheet Set

Getting Just the Right Purple and Grey Hues: Manipulation of Color

Did you know that you can 'transform' one color to another within your space? It's true! Well, not really but you'll swear this bit of eye trickery is very handy, especially when you find that certain 'gotta-have' piece and the color if off just a bit.

I included some purple and grey comforter sets here that are quite lovely but will bend with 'suggestions.'

I'll talk about that, below.

Use Your Bedding to Balance Your Purple and Gray Space

8-Piece Grey/Gray and Purple Comforter Set w/ Decorative Pillows

Not the Right Purple or Grey? A Play on Color How-To

Here's how to get your ideal purple and grey color scheme: Determine what it is with the bedding's color that needs changing.

Is the purple too lavender? The grey not light enough? All you need do is accessorize with a pillow, throw, rug or other such decorative piece in the ideal grey or purple shade; even wall art and an accent chair can work , so long as it's in very close proximity to the 'offending' purple or grey hue.

This pairing up of tones will influence the color of the weaker one. If your bedding features a grey color that's too light, use a dark grey pillow with it. This way, the eye remembers the darker hued object. Or vice-versa, with a purple tone that needs a lift to brighten it, use a throw or pillow thats the color you love to suggest both pieces are on track.

Use this play on color to your advantage and you'll have the perfect bedding set and focal piece.

Finding Budget-Friendly Purple and Grey Bedding

Purple and Grey/Gray 7-Piece Comforter Set w/ Throw Pillows

Finding Budget-Friendly Decor: Purple and Grey the Budget-Wise Way

I couldn't resist with my rhyme, above but seriously speaking: One thing you can take solace in when working within a budget (and we all have one, if we're smart!) is you can always find a suitable match to a very pricey piece. Yes, you may need to give in to something minor, but rest assured, you'll find that outrageously-priced comfy chair for a fraction of the cost.

I found this modern purple and grey block comforter set (like I'd seen elsewhere for a hefty price tag) for really cheap. It's testament to how easy it is to simply hunt down you bedding. All you need is time. Speaking of time, once you do find the ideal purple and gray comforter, you can take your time on everything else in the space, insuring you'll keep to your budget and have only things you love.

Getting the Designer Look for Less

Budget-Wise 7-piece Purple and Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding

Getting Grey and Purple Ideas for a Designer Look

If you're not decor savvy you can still get that fabulous designer-look space in the grey and purple palette you've long been pining for by perusing model rooms in blogs and those here.

The image in this model room above has cute-as-ever butterflies easily made with poster board, bent slightly and arranged in flight pattern. Total cost: $2.

There's no limit to how you can replicate these great model rooms. Take ideas from several spaces and make or buy it for most likely far less investment.

Budget-Friendly Grey/Gray and Purple Branches Comforter Set

Model Rooms for Wall Color Ideas

As I just mentioned above, I love looking at model rooms like these. I've also appreciated finding different paint colors as well.

Paint can dramatically change your room in an instant; it's the easiest and cheapest way to do so. Those walls can also 'morph' your bedroom's ambiance from light and airy to warm and cabin-cozy-- unlike any other decorative element.

Purple/Plum and Grey 7-Piece Comforter Bedding set

Your Purple and Grey Bedding's Wall Color is Defined by Your Decor Style

You may have noticed, purple and grey bed sets of different genres are supported by a room's wall color in many of these model room images. It's here you can get a sense of how easily the room shifts focus from genre to genre.

Find ideas for paint, accessories and bedding in model spaces, then make them your own.

What's your favorite purple shade?

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