Kids' Fold Out Sleeper Sofas

Kids' Flip Out/Fold Down Spiderman Sofa

Flip Out Decor: Fold Down Sleeper Sofas for Kids

Kids' fold-out foam sleeper sofas  like these. From Spiderman, to Disney princess and chevron flip down sofas, I've included budget~friendly decorating tips, and even the busiest of us moms and dads can create a cozy nook in no time.

My kids loved their own made~for~them fun character furniture. But the lightweight foam sofas were just the furniture piece I needed as a temporary sleeping solution for my toddler twins when moving them into "big kid" beds. (Well, that was some sentence!) Later, as my boys got older, the flip outs were great for sleep overs. Not to mention, they

 were lightweight and were a real plus for visiting guests who spent the night.
 The portability of these sofas~turned~beds has to be the most convenient boon of all but they do make great additions to your child's bedroom decor and I'll show you how!

Balancing Your Decor with Girls' Flip Sofas

Pink Minnie Mouse Pull Out Flip Sofa/Couch for Toddlers

Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Fold-Out Pink Sofa

Little girls do love pink, which makes decorating easy, as it's among the most color~friendly to work with. Bathe your girls' walls any pink shade and add "pink~o~plenty" in bedding, wall decor and accessories.
The key is to use a balance of solids with prints to avoid a busy look ~ not what you want when bedtime rolls around. 

These fun fold out sleeper sofas have popular Dora, Disney Princess and Lalaloopsy themes that will fit right in to your toddler's penchant for pink decor. Go ahead, add the pink and enjoy the added seating with these too~cute fold out sofas.

Super Hero Fold Out Sleeper Sofas

If you're looking for a superhero flip out (or down) foam sofa like the Batman or Spiderman sofas I've shown, but these are just not 'the ones,' you can click on any of the links (under the pictures) and see lots of others that might be 'just the right one.'

Painting a Superhero Bedroom for Your Batman Fold Out Sleeper Sofas

Batman Flip/Fold Out Marshmallow Sofa for Toddlers and Kids

The superhero themed flip out sofas are a favorite with even the littlest boys. One of my twins was a bit frightened by some of the facial expressions and poses of characters, so I made sure to have his feedback before I introduced anything into the boys’ bedroom.
These fold out sofas passed the “test” and I proceeded (though cautiously) by painting the room in a mix of yellow and blue, with the focal wall being blue and the side walls yellow. Don’t be afraid to alternate wall colors; it’s a fun way to add interest.

Fun Flower Fold Down Sleeper Sofa for Toddler & Little Girls

Keeping Your Sofa's Busy Patterns in Check: fabulously-fun flowers

Kids' Fold Out Flower Print Foam Sofa for Toddlers and Girls

Aren't these flowers adorable? This sweet flip out sofa is ideal for a focal wall where it will capture the eye quite readily. 

But like any busy print, you'll need to keep a close check on how many like patterns you use in one space.

I suggest keeping a 3:1 ratio on patterns, where you'll use three plain pieces to every busy piece. With this balance you won't overwhelm your space, making for a room that's hardly a quiet retreat come bedtime. Not good when you're trying to quiet wide-awake children.

Kids' Disney Cars Fold Out Foam Sleep Sofa

Choosing Just the Right Themed Sofa: Disney Cars 

Little kids will be super excited about these just~for~them Cars sleeper sofas by Disney. I'm not one to assign a gender to decor; it's all about what a child wants.
If your girl loves the boyish decor, go ahead and let her pick. There's really no "rule" on design and the most colorful of kids' products tend to be geared toward boys. 

Decorating is about designing for our "self" so go with what makes your child happy. With the bright colors and popular theme designs on these sofas, both girls and boys'll flip.

Kids' Lightweight Foam Sofas Offer Portability

Marshmallow Kids' Disney Frozen Flip Open Foam Sofa

Disney Princess Fold Out Foam Sofa

Fold out sofas are really lightweight, so you'll be happy to plop it wherever and whenever the mood strikes your toddler to put his or her little head. 

Ideal for that 'wherever, whenever' nap that suddenly happens when we moms and dads least expect it.
Don't be surprised if your toddler literally 'pulls up a chair,' bringing the sofa to you; mine sure did!

The Shape of Things to Come: Straight or Rounded Back Sleeper Sofa?

Toddlers' & Little Girls' Pink Bubble Guppies Sofa Bed

 You may want to keep to a linear arrangement if you plan to place your sofa at the foot of your toddler's bed.
Conversely, a rounded back will do nicely if you want to break up harsh lines from boxy furniture pieces. 

Take a quick peek in your proposed room--what impression do you get? If you notice a rigid appearance with your furniture, opt for a curved back to soften the lines.

Extra Seating to the Rescue: 101 Uses

Flip Open Sleep Foam Sofa/Couch: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Kids' Ninja Turtle Fold Out Sleeper Sofa

Whether it's a fold down sofa or the sofa set you're after, they're sure to add valuable extra seating and sleeping accommodations when company comes or for planned sleepovers--or impromptu affairs.

You'll add an element of whimsy to your child's bedroom while you create a space your child can truly call her own. 
Lightweight and portable, these fun sleeper sofas can be moved quite easily by adults and kids whenever the need arises. 
I've used my kids' sofas as extra seating at parties, large family dinners (just prop the couch against a wall and fashion a table with covered cardboard boxes) and even outside at cookouts.
Who knew?!

Uber-Budget-Friendly Ninja Turtle Toy Chest

The Powerful Solid Color Fold Out Sofa

Solid Color Kids Fold Out Sleeper Sofa/Couch

Solid Color Kids' Pink Fold-Out Sleeper Sofa

While we're apt to choose a colorful, whimsical flip sofa--especially where kids are involved--solids offer the best in decorating options, giving you the most freedom and power over your decor.
With solid sofas, you can incorporate it just about anywhere by adding cute, themed pillows and throws. Too, solid sofas hand down nicely to a sibling when your first tiddler outgrows it. If you've a boy and girl, a gender-neutral solid sofa will give you the best return on your investment.

These Solid Color Sofas Can Work in Any Kid's Bedroom  

Kids' Microsuede Flip Down Sleeper Couch/Sofa in Blue

Wow Sofa Beds: the eye-catcher instant napper lil' couch

Pink and Orange Flip Out Kid's Foam Sleeper Sofa/Couch

Chevron Foam Fold Out Sofas

While plain sofas are real budget-stretcher, highly visual sofas like this chevron (zig zag) pattern kids' sofa have the WOW! look you may be needing in an otherwise, wan space. Far such a small furniture piece, this highly-charged flip sofa is an ideal pick for kids' spaces.
Lots of colors are available, making these cute kids' sofas a good decor fit no matter what the color palette.

Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Kids' Fold Out Sleeper Sofas

Kids' Fold Out Mickey Mouse Foam Sofa by Marshmallow

Mickey and Minnie Mouse fold out sofas fit nicely in most toddler rooms. Their distinctive colors blend into kids' decor and add to the room's energy. Most likely your toddler boy or girl's room is bathed in color and these fun flip out will fit right in. You'll have the best of both "toddler" worlds: an excited tot at nap time and a nice decor piece. Get your little one excited about nap time. Who knew?
Mickey Mouse Sofa Bed Open for Sleep

Back to the Solid Colored Sofas:

Children's Studio Fold Out Sofa Sleeper Twin Indigo Denim

Remember to Balance Prints with Solids

Plain and simple pieces such as these fold out sleepers for kids open the door to any theme your child could dream up, as they offer the least opposition to your chosen accessories.
When decorating, it's a good idea to balance prints with solids so as not to create a chaotic look . Decide on your focal piece and decorate around them for the best results.

What's your favorite kids' sofa? 


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