Purple Polka Dot Bedding

Great bedding shouldn't cost you:
Purple Polka Dot Comforter Set for Under $40

Purple Polka Dot Bedding: 3-Piece Comforter Set Under $40

The purple polka dot comforter set above is a perfect example of how, when looking for bedding, there are a few decor gems for less than the designer bedding series' comforters. The bold polka dots are sure eye-catching, so there's your focal piece! Don't you think the giant polka dots are stunners for a girls' tweens' or teens' bedroom?

Purple Polka Dot Comforter:

Playful & Colorful Dots

Girls' & Teens' Purple Polka Dot Comforter Set for Under $50

This purple based comforter is a spin on the polka dot design, where the dots are a mix of purple and colorful. I'm lovin' the large polka dot pattern and the model bedroom here, is fabulously done.

I love how the walls are a reflection of the teal polka dots. Mix your window panels with white and purple, yellow or teal sheers; they're uber-cheap and you can hang two or more color panels on one window.  

Light Purple Polka Dot Comforter/Bedding Set

Light Purple with White Polka Dots for a Softer Look 

This simple light purple (lilac) comforter set is less bold than it's louder polka dot comforter 'cousins' above it. 

The great part about this 3-piece purple polka dot bedding set is, its potential to last for many years in a girls to teens' bedroom. 

Don't you think so?
I love the abundance of ruffles and purple polka dots in this comforter set--talk about layering! Take a few cues from the model bedroom here and consider wrapping an old lampshade with a ribbon of purple polka dots and maybe a lavender ruffle or two. Bathe old furniture in white paint and you've a 'brand new' bedroom.

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