Southwestern Native American Lamps: Lighting from Earth & Sky

Native American Indian Southwestern Sculpture Table Lamp by Thomas Kinkade

Sending a Ray of Light from the Spirit of the Southwest: Native American Lamps

Southwestern, Native American Indian table lamps and ceiling light fixtures like these (for us budget-wise decorators), promise to add true spirit with a glow befitting a sunrise or sunset--one that you'll appreciate in your bedroom or favorite living space.

Adding Warmth Simply With Southwest Lighting

Feeling the Spirit in Light: Southwestern Native American Indian Table Lamps

Southwestern Native American Indian Table Lamp with Antlers and Horns

Here are several Southwestern-style table lamps that feature the American Indian in its design, so there will be no guessing what message you want to express in your space's Southwestern theme.

The table lamp above and here at left betray actual American Indian design in the spirit of the Southwest in its shade or at the base. I love the antler detailing in the table lamp at left, don't you? 



Adding Warmth Is Easy With Lamp Shades That Glow: Bring Nature's Gifts Into Your Space

Navajo Kokopelli Native American Indian Southwestern Table Lamp

Native American Indian Lamp with Kokopelli Lamp Shade

I love everything about this Navajo-style American Indian featuring a rustic, Kokopelli lampshade. The lamp's base is a great complement to the shade, with its log-style base.

I especially appreciate the variegated (stippling) detailing of brown and tan, both earthy hues that will add warmth and light to any space.

This lamp is detailed from top to bottom in true 

'Southwestern, warmth' spirit. Can you feel it?

Antlers and the Southwestern Themed Table Lamps

Set of 2 Southwest Native American Table Lamps

Set of  Two Faux Deer Antler Table Lamps

You may be wondering what these antler lamps are all about, but sometimes adding 'suggestive' yet unrelated elements to your space can e a good thing. This Southwestern style antler table lamp is actually a set of two. It boasts the same earthy-warm colors and the antlers keep to the rustic vibe you may be trying to achieve.  Be sure to use a mix of themed pieces along with plain ones to keep your Southwestern American Indian decor balanced.  



Ornate Metal Plate/Plaque & Arrows Southwestern American Indian Themed Table Lamp

Southwestern Native American Indian Style Arrows Table Lamp

Native American Themed Lamp

I don't need to tell you how well-appointed 
this Southwestern/Native American table 
lamp (but I'm telling it, anyway). The detailing
in the lamp's base is one you can use for wall art. I'm thinking of hanging vintage arrows on the wall above or even opposite
the table lamp. A nice American Indian print
like, End of the Trail is a great Southwestern themed option.   


Accent Your Bedroom With Bold Statements: Western Style Lamp With Animal Skull & Arrows

Animal Skull Native Indian Western Bedroom Table Lamp

A Native American Indian Themed Accent Lamp For Bedrooms

Lamps for Bedroom or Living Are

Half Sculpture, Half Utility: End of the Trail

Southwestern Style Indian End of the Trail Table Lamp

End of the Trail American Indian Table Lamp: Half Statue/Half Lamp

Here's a lamp base that promises to couple as a strong, artistic element. the lamp's base looks very much like a bronze statue and the stitch detailing betrays a rustic, hand-sewn look (although faux). Indeed, this lamp is a two-for-one.
What a perfect piece for a table. You might want to mirror the lamp with an 'End of Trail' print on an opposing wall for a pulled-together, cohesive look.  

clay pottery lighting

Fabulous Pottery Style Table Lamp: When Less Is More



Southwest Pottery Pueblo Indian Clay Table Lamp

Here's a fabulous pottery-style Southwestern table lamp with American Indian accents. I love the bead work and jute-style detailing; it looks hand embellished, doesn't it? In true pottery style, this rustic table lamp will serve you well on the wall where your wall art hangs, as the lamp won't compete with your artworks' detail and color. this table lamp will count as your 'plain' piece, so add dramatic pieces with it for a perfect balance.  

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