Best Wagons with Canopy Tops for Baby & Toddlers

Kids' Plastic Radio Flyer Covered Wagon for Toddlers with Seats

Fun in the Sun: Wagons for Toddlers & Babies

These plastic, wood and classic Radio Flyer wagons for toddlers have removable canopies, drink holders and even storage are best for getting kids outdoors safely. 

Fun in the sun is safer and  extra-exciting when wheeling around in shade. I've reviewed the features among the best-rated plastic and wood wagons for baby, toddlers and slightly older kids.

Some wagons have two comfy seats and seat belts, some covered, with canopy tops for travelling over beach sand.  

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Covered Wagon for Toddlers

  • Two padded seats
  • Removable canopy top
  • Storage pouch and pockets
  • Both kids' and adult drink holders
  • For toddlers 18 mos. & up
  • Large smooth wheels for most terrains


Plastic Radio Flyer Wagon with Storage & Cooler for Toddlers

The Ultimate Comfort Wagon for One Toddler:

Well, I didn't save the best for last this time! Here's a look at the wagon above exposed (without the attachable canopy. I'm lovin' the expandable rear storage; it's great for mom and dad gear but I would put an insulated lunch bag in it for lunch on the go. You'll have cup holders, too! There''s a host of possibilities with this molded plastic Radio Flyer wagon.

My On-the-Go Tip: Use small juice boxes as ice packs. Freeze the juice and place in the wagon's storage compartment. As you roll along, the juice (boxes) melts, and is ready to drink after some time. Do a test to see how long it takes your chosen brand to melt. You can also use zip sandwich bags and/or freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as cooling agents. 


Plastic Kids' Radio Flyer 5-in-1 Plastic Wagon for Toddlers

Kids' Radio Flyer 5-in-1 Covered Canopy Family Wagon

  • Two padded 5-position seats
  • UV protection canopy/cover
  • Removable canopy & seat covers
  • drink holders
  • Smooth ride on large wheels
  • Folding handle

I'm not as keen on this Radio Flyer wagon as I am the one above, but it's solid, enjoys the best ratings, and offers the canopy shade that's removable. You store a few things behind the seats and the cup holders are one (child size) and one for adults.

The best feature with this wagon is its seats: the 5-position I  mentioned allows you to flatten them for a cozy rest come nap time. Fabulous for visiting friends: just put your toddler down and you've a minute--or two-- for adult time.

Plastic Wagon 

A Wagon for Two Kids: Infant Seat and Toddler Wagon with Sun Shades

Radio Flyer Plastic Wagon with Shade Canopy for Baby and Kid

Best Rated Radio Flyer Comfort Embrace Wagon with Covered for Toddler and Baby

  • Multi-position baby carrier seat
  • Two adjustable canopy tops
  • Large storage compartment
  • Drink holders
  • Large wheels for smooth ride
  • Safety brakes
  • Safety harness

This Comfort Embrace Wagon by Radio Flyer is much like the Ultimate Comfort wagon I included at the top of this page. BUT, with this wagon, you'll have features for baby and toddler with two sun shades that act as a canopy. I love the canopy tops where you can tend to baby while keeping your toddler protected by the sun. The wheels have safety looks which is  must-have for an emergency diaper-changing episode. Large wheels for a comfortable ride. If your baby is super-young, I recommend this Ultimate Embrace Wagon. But for older babies, I might revisit the Ultimate Comfort for its cheaper price and many features.

Little Tikes Cozy Cruisin Wagon with Umbrella

Kids' Plastic Little Tikes Cozy Cruisin Wagon with Umbrella for Toddlers

Best-Rated Plastic Covered Wagon with Canopy for Kids & Toddlers

  • Two seats for toddlers
  • Safety seatbelts
  • Large all-terrain wheels
  • Adjustable canopy top
  • Durable molded plastic
  • Wet/dry storage
  • Cup  holders

This kids' and toddler Cozy Cruisin' Wagon by Little Tikes is the best budget-friendly basic wagon with a shade canopy top. You'll have the safe, comfy molded plastic design that won't get steaming-hot like metal wagons will, and there's no sharp edges for scrapes and pinches to bay and toddler fingers, either. Under-seat storage is great for snacks on the go, and high back rests, seat belts are a plus-plus for safety and comfort. The canopy top is more a fun umbrella style, and you can shift it with the sun. Here's the great part about this wagon: its balloon-like, wide wheels. Wagons with wide wheels can barrel over beach and park sand. If you vacation at the beach or live in wet, rainy areas, you may want to keep this molded plastic wagon at the you of your list.

Kids' Step2 Canopy Covered Plastic Wagon for Toddlers

Best-Rated Kids' Step2 Plastic Covered Canopy Wagon with Two Seats for Toddlers

  • Large covered storage compartment
  • Durable plastic canopy cover
  • Drink Holders
  • Parents' storage
  • Large wheels for all terrains
  • Budget-friendly

This Step2 Canopy Wagon for kids and toddlers, has storage a'plenty, and I love the smart design on the molded plastic sun shade. Notice how there's cup holders and molded cubbies for moms (and dad's, and grandma's and . . .) keys and other must-haves. A plus is the molded all-around molded plastic except for a few hardware pieces helps keep the wagon cooler--no burns, and no sun burns (still, be sure to use sunscreen just in case).

Best Rated Plastic Wagon for Toddlers with Canopy

Best-Rated Kids' Step2 All Around Canopy Plastic Covered Wagon with Door

  • 6 Cup and snack holders
  • Fold down seats for table
  • Canopy cover
  • Swivel wheels
  • Durable molded plastic
  • Door  swings open/latches
  • Budget friendly

If you're looking for a budget-friendly kid's wagon with canopy top and door, this Step2 All Around Wagon has everything you need for toddlers and little kids. The swivel wheels on this wagon make easier going in tight and/or crowded spaces and kids will love the locking door. Between the wagon's rear wheels, there's a really neat storage compartment that pulls out for lunches. For a super-low price, this wagon with shade canopy by Step2 is ideal.

Classic Wood Wagon with Blue and White Canopy: Best-Rated Beach Wagon for Its Large Wheels for Sand

Going to the beach with toddlers or baby?

Beach sand gets uber-hot really quickly with the sun beating down on seemingly every grain. With babies and toddlers it can quite painful on their little feet and starting your day off with a painful episode can be daunting to say the least. Having a beach wagon with protection from the sun and sand requires a wagon made especially for the beach.

Best Kids' Covered Wood Wagon for the Beach & Sand

This is one BIG wagon with equally big, balloon-like, rubber wheels for tackling that hot sand. This beach wagon has a steel frame but plenty of inner padding to protect baby and toddler from blazing sun rays. There’s a handy ice chest rack in back for extra storage and convenient cup holders, too.

I love this wagon’s ample flip top canopy for extra sun protection; it makes tending to baby’s needs so much easier. And the big balloon rubber wheels promise to ‘tank’ over hard-packed, wet sand as well as dry, hard-to-manage dunes with their diamond etched tires.

Red Collapsible Folding covered Canopy Wagon for Kids

Kids' Foldable Wagon with Two Seats, Canopy & Extra Storage

Folding kids' wagons are a must-have if you've younger kids and toddlers and a smaller car, like I did. This 'chariot' and those folding wagons, below are collapsible to a mere 1/8th their unfolded size.
I love this cute-as-ever collapsible folding wagon with room for two kids, rubber wheels and a big canopy. I'd venture to say the wagon alone would prompt me outside for a long walk on a beautiful day.
For toddler and younger kids, I suggest the folding wagons for their high sides like this one that may give you more peace of mind.
I do love this foldable wagon with canopy, though!

Best Folding Beach Wagon with Canopy & Big Wheels for Sand 

Best Fabric Collapsible/Folding Wagon with Large Wheels & Shade Canopy for Beach Sand in Blue
  • Collapsible for easy fold and go
  • Storage Basket
  • Tough Fabric shade canopy for babies & toddlers
  • Large wheels for sand travel
  • Won't heat up like metal or plastic wagons

Best Foldable/Folding Beach Wagon with Big Wheels for Sand

My #1 pick for Best Collapsible/Folding Beach Wagon for Sand Travel

  • Large wide wheels/tires for beach sand travel
  • Collapsible; folds to pack and go
  • Deep fabric sides for storage
  • Budget-friendly 
  • 150 lb. capacity

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