Black and White/Cream Toile & Damask Comforters and Bedding Sets

Decorating your bedroom in classic black and white toile or damask bedding is a great way to introduce a European influence into your bedroom without much adieu . . . er, ado.

Off White/Cream Toile Comforter Bedding Set Queen & King Sizes
Toile and Damask design betray the early efforts of Eastern artisans, whose exclusive technique was coveted by the upper class who clamored for more. But these 18th century textile treasures surging westward were made possible only by the Silk Road in their earliest introduction, making toile in particular, highly valuable. With so much history behind these purely opulent fabrics coupled with classic beauty, it's no wonder that Damask and Toile hold steady in their reign as a most natural choice when opting for European design in your home.
Scroll down to peruse these, ever-popular black and white - as well as black and cream - Toile and Damask bedding sets that promise to deliver, setting the stage for a most luxurious impression in your favorite bedroom retreat. I've included several decorating basics to get you from point A to B-eautiful in no time!
Image Credit: The Ralph Lauren black and cream Luxury Toile bedding set shown here is available in Twin, Queen & King Sizes below.

Decor for Your Space's Lighting - Black & White Damask Comforter Set

Black and Cream White Bird on a Branch Toile Quilt Set

Anytime you plan to add black into your space, you must consider your room's natural light. You certainly don't want your abode to look like a cave that's absent about ten coal miners and a plethora of soot . NOT good!
Obviously, for darker rooms, go with lighter paint. And your bedding should take on a lighter appearance as well.
This predominantly white Damask comforter set has the background enough to brighten dark and dreary recesses of your bedroom should you be short a window or two.
Also, you want to keep your bed's palette on the brighter side with bright, like-hued pillows and sheets. Keep other additions on the bright-side, too. A fluffy white rug in flokati will add depth and one more detail to breathe life into your space.

4-Piece French Toile Black and White Comforter Bedding Set

Kid-Friendly Toile for Little Sophisticates

Black & White French Toile 4-Piece Bedding Set

While black and white toile may seem too serious for children, you can create quite the fairy tale ambiance with bedding sets like this twin sized, toile version. Too, twin size toile bed sets have the makings of a lovely guest room where your overnight company will feel appreciated in the bed and breakfast-like decor.
Pair this lovely toile bedding set with a chandelier overhead and a nice white fluffy rug (I love flokati) for a convincing top-to-bottom look you'll love every bit as much as your friends and family. Begin with your bed set; the rest is easy!
Click on the image to see more about this toile comforter set.

Black and White Damask Comforter Reversible Bedding Set

Going Cheap Without Being Cheap

3-Piece Black and White/White and Black Damask Bedding Set 

We all have thee word somewhere in the recesses of our (sane) mind; it's called "budget" and it's not fun. But let's face it: budgeting is crucial, lest you go overboard and regret your every purchase.
I make a mention of budget every chance I get for two reasons: one being the obvious - regret. And the other because I enjoy finding uber-cheap pieces that lend an air of opulence every bit as well as their pricier counterparts. So, it's no wonder that I've included this lovely bedding set, courtesy of a successful 'hunt'. Isn't it quite luxurious for far less?
So, there you have it: a lovely 'compromise' to pricey pieces without it looking the part of 'cheap'.
If you find a 'gotta-have' piece, you can opt to indulge, knowing you will cut back somewhere else or find an alternate, much like this black and white damask bedding set. It's all about what makes you happy in your space.

4-piece Black and White Damask Comforter Bedding Set

Creating a Chic Boutique Boudoir

3 pc Black & White Full/Queen Damask Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

I just love this sweet Damask-themed girl's bedroom! It's quite the chic boutique genre that's still popular among tweens and teens.
For a classic and convincing look, build your theme even more with inexpensive chandeliers that plug in rather than hardwiring if you're not too handy. Really, wiring a chandelier isn't hard at all. Most often, it's just a matter of connecting three wires, then shoring everything up into the cap. And VIOLA!
I like the boutique idea where adding a simple, wrought iron-like wire dress form with a few long strands of pearls and maybe a hat placed at an angle to complete the look. A small hourglass chair in a corner paired with a Damask accent pillow will do nicely for a dressing nook.
I love flokati rugs underfoot in a feminine space. Rugs really warm up the harsh look of hardwood flooring, while warming up the space. It's the simple things that make a genuine impression.
Begin with a single Damask bedding set like this one and the rest is easy.

Budget-Wise 8-Pce Cream and Black Toile Comforter Bedding Set
Making Your Bedding Work in Your Space
Model rooms make for great inspiration for decorating your own space. While the wall art is quite unique, you can recreate the effect or opt for period pieces. Collect images of pieces from model rooms you love. You don't have to go mirror-image with your decor; just use the size, color and whatever feature you love and go with it.  If you've a smaller room, consider a few larger pieces of wall art versus the cluttered look of lots of small framed pieces. Keep walls simple but appropriate.

A Note About this Toile Bed Set: This bedding is very affordable--and quite popular, so there might be a bit of a wait. I just love it, don't you? 

Choosing Paint Color for Your Black and White Bedding

Creating Drama & Instant Gratification

8-Pce. Black and White Damask Bedding: Comforter and Sheet Set
Damask (pronounced dam-usk) has earlier roots than Toile and takes form in floral, scrollwork and a host of unique identifiers that we instantly recognise as a product of the prescribed, reversible weave.
Damask makes its most striking appearance when done up in black and white, were the two hues contrast quite stunningly - as is evident in the Damask bedding sets shown here.
Ideally, you want your bedding to take charge of the room, overwhelm it without interruption. To realize this effect, bathe walls in neutral tone paint. I like the walls here in the model rooms but if you're stuck with white walls or you're just not up all that painting, white walls work perfectly with damask bedding, as the walls' blank canvas appearance allows your bedding to command the show. Damask makes an ideal subject for your bedroom's focal point.
Don't you think so?

Budget-Friendly Damask & Toile Bed Sets:

Budget-friendly Black and White French Toile Comforter in Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes
Black and White French Toile Comforter- All Sizes

Under $75 Bedding: 7-Piece White and Black Damask Comforter Set with Decorative Pillows

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