Bohemian Style Comforter and Bedding Sets

These Bohemian style (or Boho) comforters and bedding sets have the bright, carefree design you want for a convincing bedroom space that's a reflection that's truly your own.

4-Piece Bohemian Style Bedding Set: Hot Pink, Orange and Teal

4-Piece Bohemian Style Bedding Set with BoHo Sheets

Your Carefree Bohemian Style: Artist, Wanderer, Poet & Nature Lover

A true blue Bohemian style bedroom should reflect who you are in bold rainbow hues like you see in the bedding I've included here.

Most often, when buying Bohemian bedding, you'll have to order it online or you'll be traipsing in unchartered territory in mall basements and searching high and low to no avail. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch but finding these Bohemian style bedding sets has been a pleasure and us Boho lovers have to pass on our fortune to another, so here's a fabulous collection of bedding sets I beet you'll love.

4-piece Bohemian Style Boho Bedding Set Queen

Going Carefree: Your Bohemian Wall Color

If you're not sure what color paint you'll need for a full-on Bohemian style decor, take your cues from the bedding's model room like the bed set hre with the bold hues pulled from the bedding's vast color palette.

If you're limited in your room's wall color--I'm thinking dorm rooms with white walls--the bedding can take over and hold its own in your bedroom.

But aren't these walls amazing? 

4-Piece Bohemian Style Peacock Bedding Set: Matching Sheet

Bohemian Style: Going Modest Everywhere Else

Bohemian bedding, as I mentioned, can hold its own in any space. I love this peacock bedding set with its carefree, whimsical style that betrays the Bohemian genre. 

The great thing about decorating in the Bohemian style, is your supporting pieces from accessories, lighting and wall art should be an eclectic array of simplicity. The Bohemian style model room here features low cost pieces that might well be hand-me-downs.    

Bohemian Style Bedding Set: 4-Piece with Boho Style Sheet

Bohemian Style Bedding Set with a Purple or Fuchsia Palette

Here's a fabulous example of light and dark with this Bohemian style bedding set. I love the large, fun flowers and all the decor options for color.

The bed set's white background really lights up the space, so you can go dark with wall color and other pieces in your room.

I'm beginning to see why the Bohemian style bedding is so popular in dingy dorm rooms. 

Floral Bohemian Style Bedding Set: 4-Pieces Boho Sheet Included

Burst of Flowers in Color: true Bohemian Style

Teal is a fabulous hue to brighten up a dark bedroom or dorm space. and add a burst of flowers and tell-tale Bohemian style medallions and there's not a whole lot you need to do. 

Get out those new spray paints and revamp an old lamp and night stand to suit your color palette and you're good to go.

A Word About Bohemian Style Bedding

Red & Blue Bohemian Style Bedding Set Full & Queen

Most 'real' Bohemian style bedding is in European form of a comforter known as the duvet. Unlike comforters, duvets are often machine washable covers that require a filler piece.

Don't be afraid of duvets; they're often vibrant with higher-quality dyes and other coloring processes. I've included a cheap (price wise) duvet filler below.

Under $40 Duvet Bedding: White Insert Comforter

Duvet inserts can be different thicknesses to make nighttime--and your sleep--more comfortable.

This bedding insert is budget-friendly, well-rated and available in all sizes.

Sheer Window Panels for Bohemian Style Decor

Dressing Your Windows Bohemian Style for Under $10 a Pair

Sheer window panels are available in a host of Bohemian style 
hues but another fabulous feature is their low price. These two 
sets will take just a small part of your decorating budget as they're less than $10 a pair.

Add two or more colors on one widow in colors pulled from your Bohemian bedding set.

Aren't these color electric?
Turquoise Pair of Bohemian Style Sheer Window Panels

Budget-wise Bohemian Style Comforter Set Queen & King

Bohemian Style Uber-Cheap Comforter Sets

Here's a great example of several Bohemian style comforter bedding sets. The bright hues and large design work will create the Boho look you;re after quite cheaply.

Cheaper Bohemian Style Comforter Bedding Set in Queen & King

Aren't these Bohemian style bedding set total fab?

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