DC & Marvel Comic Superhero Rugs & Bedroom Ideas

Kids' Superhero Justice League Area Rug

Decorating with Marvel Comic Superhero Rugs & Fun Accessories

Fun, superhero Marvel Comics rugs, bedding and other fun accessories like these promise to morph kids' bedrooms from BLAH to BAM!

Decorating your child's bedroom in their newest superhero doesn't have to cost a ton of money, time and brain energy with hit and miss guessing games. Begin with a strong foundation of themed bedding and ground the space with a fabulous superhero rug and you're off and running to a successful finish.
With your new superhero bedding and rug (dare I say, "dynamic duo?) and a few decorating basics you can be on your way to greatness, indeed.
And I'll show you how.
Scroll down to find great ideas and learn how to incorporate fun, Marvel Comics superhero character rugs, bedding, wall art and cool gotta~have accessories into your little superhero's space for a too~cool bedroom you'll both love.

In the Beginning: The Oh-So-Important Focal Point Fit for a Superhero:

Kids' Superhero Bedding: 4-Pc Marvel Comics Avengers Comforter & Sheet Set

Ideally, your bed will serve as your bedroom's focal point, as it's typically the space's largest contribution. Using superhero bedding like this Marvel Comics, Avengers comforter set is a great way to introduce your space's theme, welcome your little superheroes and warm the space.
That's quite the job description!

Ideas for Getting a Super Superhero Bedroom

Marvel Comics Superhero Bedding: Twin Spiderman Comforter & Sheet Set
Kids' Twin Size Marvel Comic Spiderman Superhero Comforter & Sheet Set

Using bedding in a big way--as your bedroom's main attraction--with the help of this set's brilliant hues, will for sure bring your kid's space into focus with your proposed superhero comic theme. Bathe walls in a contrasting color like lighter blues or even white if you're not up to or able to paint.
Ideally, your bed set should to be your room's crowning jewel and everything else serve in supporting 'co-star' roles. Bedding is such an easy way to start of your decorating venture with a Bang!

Batman DC Comics Superhero Comforter Set: Another Great Idea for a Marvel~ous First Impression

Kids' DC Comics Superhero Bedding: Batman Comforter & Sheet Set

Build your Superhero Bedroom Piece-by-Piece: DC Comics Batman Comforter & Sheet Set

 As I mentioned earlier, your bedding should take center field but adding themed accessories and wall art is a fun way to build upon your bed's voice and enrich the space, adding dimension to a blank palette.
Any of these Marvel or DC Comics superhero bedding sets will make a great first impression.

4-Pc. Twin Size Avengers Superhero Sheet Set

Finally: Dark-Colored Marvel Comics Superhero Sheet Set

While crisp whites are fabulous for us adults to lounge about on lazy days, kids can make them a disaster with stains you have to tend to come every wash day--and in between.

This sheet set features Marvel Comics Avengers, The Hulk, Spiderman and other superhero faves, so you're not locked into a given character. 

I love the versatility these dark-colored sheets lend to your kid's superhero themed decor palette, don't you/

4-Piece Twin Size Avengers & Spiderman Superhero Sheet Set

Large 52" Round Captain America Shield Area Rug


Using Unrelated Pieces in Your Superhero Themed Bedroom Space

Superhero Area Rug Bedroom Decor

Area Rugs with Splashes of Color Create a Superhero Area Rugs

While this handmade rug isn't a product of DC, Marvel Comics et al. it's a great shoe-in and emphasizes how you can mix seemingly unrelated pieces to make a great themed impression. Too, you can save quite a bit on your decor budget by piecing together accessories like this colorful area rug.
Its design is reminiscent of the comic book callouts, like, "BAM!" "POW!" and "SMASH!" (well maybe not the latter, but you get the idea).
Look for related 'unrelated' pieces and you'll often save big while adding a unique quality to your kid's superhero themed bedroom.

Light Up Your Superhero Space with Themed Lighting

Official Marvel Comics Superhero Bedroom Decor: Thor Table Lamp

Thor Superhro Action Figure Table/Accent  Lamp

There's no greater thief of fabulous decor than poor lighting, lending to gloomy shadows and creepy corners. Obviously, you want adequate light in your child's bedroom, lest you get frequent late-night visits from your kid seeking solace from the shadow man (and I'm not talking one of those superhero villains, either).
Having enough lighting can be pretty easy and you won't have to dump a ton of cash to get the light you need. I suggest having one superhero themed piece like this Marvel Comics Thor lamp and giving it well-deserved, prominent placement atop any focal piece.
Other must-have lighting is overhead and either lower or task-oriented fixtures.Consider budget-friendly uplights (aka can lights) and a simple fixture at the ceiling. I love paper lanterns paired with an uber-cheap hanging light kit. Together, you can have a nice ceiling light for less than $15.
Allow this Thor lamp to garner the attention it so deserves and keep other lighting to a minimum visually.

Marvel Comics Superhero Poster

Marvel Comic Superhero Bedroom Decor: Marvel Comic Heros Poster

36" x 24" Posters: Superhero Themed Wall Art on the Cheap: Bedroom Decor's Best-Kept Secret
I'm always lamenting the great investment posters are. They're ideal wall art for kids who often change their preferences seemingly overnight. When paired with poster frames, you've quite an impressive art form that's nice and neat.
The standard size poster is 36" x 24" and most posters are available in this size.
I've found that big-box crafts stores carry these frames and when bought using a weekly coupon you can have 'forever' frame for super-cheap. Come time for your kid's newest fad, simply pop out the old poster and in with the new.

Twin Size Marvel Comics Avengers Superheroes Sheet Set

Avenger's Superheroes Twin Size Sheet Set

While it's a given that kids and extra sheet sets are a go-together, themed pieces like this Marvel Comics Avenger set pair up nicely with solid color comforters. You'll save on having plain outer bedding while having the benefit of themed design exposed by turning it down to reveal the sheets inside.

Kids' Superhero Accent & Area Rugs: Warm and 'Enlarge' Your Superhero Themed Bedroom Space

DC Comics Superhero Area Rugs: Batman, Superman Logo

Area Rugs by DC Comics

These superhero are rugs are the ideal way to warm up your new bedroom and ground your decor palette. There's plenty to look at on your newly~appointed walls and it makes good sense to have a rug to balance the whole look and feel of your child's bedroom.
Too, a large area rug can help "enlarge" a smaller space by placing it on the diagonal, as doing so gives your room the illusion of more square footage without much fuss. Tuck the rug at an angle just under the foot of the bed; you'll see intant results.
For hardwood floors, rugs are a must~have for warming the space.
Click on the Batman image to see more about these DC Comics superhero area rugs.

Marvel Comics Superhero Spiderman Area Rug Comforter Towel

Marvel Comics Spiderman Bedding Set: Comforter Area Rug & Towel Set

It's a good idea to balance your space with three uniquely shaped pieces to every one large straight edge elements. You can also create this different look by using the diagonal approach I talked about above.
Though still a linear element, the placement can make a big difference. Play around with your rug and you'll be surprised with how many looks you can create!

Superhero area rugs help add dimension and warmth to the largest of spaces.

Wall Murals: Easy-Peasy Way to 'Wow' in Your Kid's Superhero Bedroom

DC Comics Superhero Theme Avengers Wall Art Mural 6' x 10'

Instant Superheroes Avengers' Themed 'Headboard'

I love using big decor pieces versus several small ones. This huge, 9' X 15' Marvel Comics Avengers mural makes easy work of defining your superhero bedroom theme and can hold its own in the absence of a headboard.

You can hang this mural easily with four manageable strips. When it's time to remove the mural, it can easily be pulled off ~ no scraping. There's no question what the theme of your room is with such an engaging element in your space.

Vibrant Graphics = Fabulous Superhero Focal Piece

DC Comics Superhero Batman Bed Set in Vibrant Blue & Yellow 

Superhero Bedding: Batman Comforter Set Twin

The deep blue hues and bold print this Batman superhero comforter set boasts will serve you well as a valuable focal piece. In larger rooms you may want to add other themed pieces but smaller spaces will get by splendidly with just this set as the bedroom's only themed textile.
I'd pair up this bed set with black and navy (or royal) blue sheer window panels, flanking each side of the window in both colors to add dimension. Sheer panels are uber-cheap and look fabulous with all the colors available.
Allow this strong contribution to be the amazing piece it is; you don't need to add a thing!

Marvel's Spiderman Theme Decor - About Layering

Spiderman Superhero Comforter & Sheet Set

Marvel Comics Superhero Bedding: Spiderman Comforter & Sheet Set Twin

Build your decorating palette with a few key pieces like the Spiderman comforter set I've shown here. Warm up your space with an accent or area rug if floor space allows.
Using decor pieces from the floor upwards is a process called layering ~ building and balancing each element; that's the fun part! Keep busy prints and low key designs in check to avoid a messy, cluttered appearance. It's a good idea to place or hang similar elements on opposite sides of your room to avoid conflict. You'll want to appreciate each piece on its own.
Experiment before you make your final decision on placement for best results.

Create a Batman Focal Point: Super-Sized City Scape Wall Decal

Kids' Superhero Bedroom Decor: Batman Gothic City Mural

Remember Batman's Gotham City? The city skyline is illuminated with the bat symbol in the fashion of a strobe light.
You can easily recreate a stunning skyline much like the ol' standby with wall mural decals like this one. Unlike challenging wallpaper of yesteryear, wall decals are removable and re-positional and you can try again if your first try isn't picture-perfect.
Too, they're available in a host of sizes and other styles, so you can create an amazing mural quite easily and affordably.

Thinking Outside the Box: Hang a Rug on Your Wall

Kids' Superhero Bedroom Oval Batman Rug Logo

DC Comics Batman Logo Oval Accent Rug

While it seems logical that rugs are floor dwellers, don't discount the idea of using your superhero accent rug on your space's wall.
Yes, I said, "wall."
Remember my reference earlier about the batman logo/shield beaming over the cityscape wall decal above? This Batman accent rug can be the shining star piece you need on your focal wall. Indeed, there''s no shortage of ideas for your superhero theme; just take your cues from your child's favorite comic book.
Have him or her express their favorite ideas and I'd venture to say they'll care for their room a bit more.

Worthy of a Superhero: Walls That WOW

Giant Batman Superhero Removeable Wall Decal

Creating Your Own Superhero Stunt Wall Art

Use your imagination or peruse comic books to get ideas for a one-of--a-kind superhero mural. I like the idea of hanging thus giant batman wall decal over the cityscape piece above.
The result would be spectacular with Batman seemingly coming through the wall to save the day. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Keeping Your Decor Balanced
I created this visual to give you an idea of how wall art often mirrors the space's other pieces. While you may clearly see the three posters, you may have overlooked the trio arrangement on the table.
Now that I've brought that to your attention, you can clearly see their relationship and how well the arrangement works together. Ideally, you want to keep each addition in your space a ''welcome' one. One where the new piece won't compete with the other.
The practice is best realized by stepping back and determining if it's 'Wow!' or 'War.'

Which is your favorite superhero comic rug or bedding? Leave me a comment, and thanks for visiting!


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