Desktop Lamp with Magnifying Lens and Floor Magnifying Lamps

Floor Lamps with magnifying glass like these are a great way for crafters and avid readers to see every detail and read the whole page wherever you need it,

LED Floor Lamp with Whole Page Magnifying Glass & Adjustable Gooseneck 

LED Floor Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck and Whole Page Magnifier

If you're a reader with low vision from macular degeneration or other problems seeing the page, this floor lamp has a well-rated magnifying glass the lights up the page while enlarging the print.

For crafters, this portable lamp will go where the action is, as this magnifier can bed adjusted and the optional battery operation means you won't need an electrical plug-in outlet; just  move the lamp to your needlepoint, jewelry making project or DIY instructions and you're good to go!  

  • portable
  • LED light
  • optional battery operation
  • great for anyone with vision impairment like macular degeneration
  • budget-wise
  • 5-star ratings

Portable Rolling Floor Magnifying Lamp for Needlework & Jewelry Makers

Floor Lamp with Wheels & Magnifying Glass 

This floor lamp is the ultimate magnifier for anyone who enjoys crafting, jewelry making, nail art and work that requires eagle-eye vision. Many aestheticians sing the praises for this lamp's features.

While I'm not well-versed (aka, i know nothing) about 5 Diopter magnifying lens, it's a fabulous option if you're looking for precision in your floor lamp. I love the rolling base and the floor lamp's adjustable arm where you can hover over your latest project.  

Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp for Crafts & Reading

Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp for Reading & Crafts

Here's a fabulous adjustable gooseneck floor lamp with a whole/full-page magnifying glass lens.Unlike the floor lamp above (the first lamp), the bottom is weighted well enough to be steady (I'm thinking rambunctious puppy dog, here) while you relax or focus on your reading or other project.
Here's what folks claimed about this magnifying floor lamp:  

  • large magnifying lens for full page reading
  • weighted base
  • gooseneck adjusts over the page/craft
  • great for low/poor vision like macular degeneration or bifocal wearers
  • budget-friendly 
  • long life

Best Floor Lamp with Magnifying Glass and Clip for Crafting

My #1 Pick for Best Floor Lamp with Magnifying Glass and Clip

This floor lamp with its magnifying glass and clip is total fab for us crafters, jewelry making, cross stitchers--any needlework--and fine print.
There's a lot to love about this lamp:

  • portable and adjustable
  • bright, bright light
  •  flexible magnifier glass
  • flexible gooseneck clip
  • budget friendly
  • great for reading with low or poor vision
  • clip holds directions still and in view
  • light adjusts up and downward
  • adjustable height

Desk Top Lamp with Magnifying Lens

Desk Top Lamp with 2X Magnifying Glass Lens Under $25

I didn't save the best for last this time. This desk top magnifying lamp has a lot to love, and for under $25 I can love two and not be hurting.

If your work at your desk or have a craft surface that suffices as a station for doing anything from scrapbooking to jewelry making where those clasps and findings can be tricky, this little desk lamp with its 2X magnifier may be your answer.

I've seen this magnifying lamp for around $60, so this one is a great price.

  • 5x power spot lens for even closer views
  • use with electric or battery power
  • adjustable goosenesk
  • 2 powerful LED lights
  • small; use anywhere
  • budget-friendly at under $25

Magnifying Lamp for Desk or Table with Adjustable Arm

Clamp-On Desktop/Table Lamp with Magnifying Lens

Here's another of my magnifying lamp faves for either desktop or table top use. The long, adjustable arm has a great reach to is, so if you do model or sewing projects, this lamp will work fabulously. Here's a list of  features:

  • Under $40
  • 3 Diopter Glass Magnifying Lens
  • Flexible Arm Extends up to 36", 
  • Spring & Tension Control Knobs
  • Clamp Mounts Easily to Any Desk or Table
  • 60 Watt Incandescent Light
  • CFL Bulb Included

  No matter what you do, having free hands and a magnifying lens will get the job done much more accurately than a conventional desktop or table lamp. Don't you think so? 

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