Metal Loft Beds for Kids with Workstation Desks Underneath

Metal Twin Loft Bed for Kids with Workstation Desk Underneath

Loft Beds, Space & Study Space

These budget-wise-only kids' loft beds with desks and workstations underneath are a smart solution to saving space in otherwise cramped quarters.

Creating space can be tricky in tight bedrooms--especially kids' rooms--where floor space is often at a premium. 


Metal Loft Beds for Kids with Workstation Desks Underneath Under $200 in Silver, Black and White

Multipurpose Use: The space-saving loft bed creates a cozy, elevated sleeping area that leaves plenty of room underneath for a variety of options. It's ideal for storage, work station, a play area, a gaming center or an extra space for a visiting guest. This creative design could save your space and provide you more flexible usage.

  • Multipurpose Use: The space-saving loft bed creates a cozy, elevated sleeping area that leaves plenty of room underneath for a variety of options. It's ideal for storage, work station, a play area, a gaming center or an extra space for a visiting guest. This creative design could save your space and provide you more flexible usage.

  • Heavy-duty Steel Frame: The steel bed construction prevents the single bed frame sagging and makes this loft bed more durable and stronger. Including up to 24 bed board slats adds more supportive to this bed. In addition, the sturdy steel frame can support up to 330lbs, making the bunk bed suitable for older children and teens as well.

Scroll down for several ideas for great low loft beds or the full-size version single loft beds with homework desks and computer workstations underneath the bed itself. Plus, (I hope) you'll get a better idea of what's best for your boy or girl's bedroom without breaking your bank.

  • Durable and sturdy metal frame designed with a clean-cut silhouette in a modern industrial style.
  • Space-saving solution. Includes a desk integrated to the frame and has 58” of under-bed clearance.
  • Upper bunk is equipped with secured metal slats that provide ample support and 14” full-length guardrails for ultimate safety. Maximum mattress recommended height of 6” (sold separately).

Black & Silver Metal Twin Loft Bed with Workstation Underneath 

Loft Beds & Windows: Friend or Foe?

Most of us love windows; they bring your room to life, banish otherwise dark corners and looming shadows and create the illusion of more free space.

I can't imagine covering kids' bedroom windows with heavy panels. Instead, consider sheer panels in your room's color scheme; they're uber-cheap and provide privacy while allowing natural light into your space.

Another thing to think about is window placement: will the bed be covering your window if you go for a higher loft bed? Do you have an awkwardly-placed window? 

There are several things you can do to easily fix the window issues for either a low loft bed (aka, twin junior) for smaller children, or a high twin loft for older kids and teenagers--and on to college dorm. I created a few visuals (at the end of this page) to give you an idea of some easy fixes.

  • Space-saving functionality. Built-in study area with multiples shelves on each side for storage. Ladder on the front.
  • Bed accommodates a twin size mattress (75" X 39") – sold separately. Maximum upper mattress thickness of 6".


Full Metal Loft Bed for Kids with Workstation Desk Below

Kids' Two Ladder Full Loft Bed with Desk Underneath & Two Bunk Ladders

Some Things to Think About with Your Kid's New Loft Bed

Kids' Metal FULL Loft Bed with Workstation Desk Underneath

Kids' Metal Twin Loft Bed with Workstation Desk Underneath

In this article, I'll broach several things that might be detrimental to your kid's overall bedroom decor and the loft bed's functionality if you're not careful.

I'll start with size because it's often the obvious gets overlooked--like when you've just secured that last bolt and you realize junior can't sit up in the loft bed's upper bunk without a major whack to the head. 

Be sure you measure for your floor space, width, ceiling height and depth while considering your child's size (weight included). Too, you might want to construct the bed fully in its intended spot because it may not fit through the door or up the stairs or around a hall corner, otherwise.

Serious Business in a Full Size Metal Loft Bed with Workstation Underneath: computer keyboard tray and shelves

Kids' Full Metal Loft Bed with Computer Desk Workstation Below

I've included several study loft beds that seem to have it all: great desks and workstation--some with storage aplenty--with bookshelves all tucked into one tidy unit underneath a twin or full loft bed. So, you've quite the package in the floorspace of a single bed. How neat is that? If you've kids like mine, the bed may be the only 'neat' thing in their bedroom!

Full Size Metal Loft Bed with Full Computer Workstation Desk, Keyboard Tray and Shelves Underneath

Twin Metal Loft Bed Fit for a Teen: a 'dorm room' made easy

Twin Loft Bed with Corner Workstation Desk & Futon Underneath

Twin Size Metal Loft Bed, Corner Workstation Desk, CD Holder, Memo Holder, Futon Sofa Bed and Desk Chair Underneath-- Yes, the loft bed is included! 

Children's Low Loft Bed with Homework Desk and Storage Shelves: a tidy package 

Kids' Junior/Low Twin Metal Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves
While full-height loft beds seem to afford the most for your investment, don't discount junior loft beds with plentiful storage like this one that best suits younger to school-aged kids.
Another consideration is your kid's bedroom, especially those smaller rooms with limited turnaround space. It's these rooms where low loft beds like this one are ideal picks for little boys and girls. This model is available in white, also. Really, both color choices are gender neutral, so if they've a younger sibling you'll have a bed at the ready be they a boy or girl. You'll get plenty of storage, a roomy, twin size bed atop and a great return on your investment. A definite WIN-WIN.
Low Loft Bed: Kids' Twin Size Metal Loft Bed with Homework Desk and Shelves: Great for Bedrooms with Low Ceilings

My #1 Fave for Low Loft Bed with Desk & Storage Shelves, Dresser/Drawers

Kids' Twin Low Loft Bed with Locker Storage & Desk Below


Kids' Uber-low Price Junior Loft Bed with Plenty of Storage Shelves and Drawers and Desk Underneath--even an optional trundle bed (further down)

Low Loft Bed with the 'Personality' of Four Pieces of Furniture: in several finishes 

Children's Low Loft Bed White Wood Finish with Desk, Dresser Drawers

Low Loft Bed with White Wood Finish: Homework Desk, Dresser Drawer Storage and Shelves

Wood Loft Beds: melding classic design with modern necessities 

Wood low Loft Bed with Desk, Dresser Drawers, Slide & Chair Underneath

Your kid's age is another consideration you might want to give weight to before hitting the gavel for best loft bed ever. It's been my experience that tweens and teens opt for modern design beds and decor over the more traditional, mission and craftsman genres.
Here's a look at both classic and more modern design loft beds to give you a visual on the subtle--but important--differences. If you're looking for a more-permanent arrangement for your kid's room, I suggest opting for a loft bed with straight lines more indicative of modern pieces.
Note how the loft bed (above white) with its metal accent betrays a 'cool' vibe, while the bed above left has a cottage appeal that looks fabulous in younger kids' bedrooms.
So, while any of these loft beds will do for little kids, it's likely they'll outgrow the traditional styles once they get into teen idol posters; I've coined it the 'Bambi to Bieber' phase.
For the biggest payback, I'd go for a loft bed that will grow with your child's maturing tastes. All you'll need do is switch out posters and maybe a lamp and you're good to go for the next phase. Easy-peasy.

Classic Wood Loft Bed with Computer Workstation & Shelving Underneath

Solid Wood Twin Loft Bed with Computer Desk/Workstation Underneath

For those who just hafta have the wood and detail of traditional furniture pieces, this solid wood twin loft bed fits the bill with its arched head and footboards.
And while its twin frame is indicative of a more rustic setting, the bed has a great desk/workstation setup underneath for the serious student with a PC and keyboard, books and all the accoutrements for acing their next exam. But back to the bed:
The desktop is more a workstation with its ample width. I would place a mat atop any carpet to protect the pile from all the wear from the desk chair, while making easy work of rolling from desk to shelf and back again. The slide-out keyboard tray rivals that of the modern tekkie computer desks, too. With this study loft bed, your kid will have a full-on home office setup underneath for homework, and in the space of a twin bed--old meets new at its finest, I'd say.

When Only White Will Do: white twin loft bed with lots of storage and homework desk 

White Wood Twin Loft Bed with Desks, Dresser Shelf Storage

Decorating with Loft Beds: wall art on the cheap

Higher beds like this study loft design are a real boon for all school-age kids where a quiet place to do homework is a must. Of all the loft beds I've featured here, this one is my personal pick for tweens and teens, especially.
The desktop arrangement is more a workstation than simple desk and there's a pull-out keyboard shelf I can appreciate--truly a computer desk kids can grow with and there's the extra shelf for reference materials and supplies at arm's reach. Along with an additional bookshelf and storage drawers, there's definitely no shortage of space all packed into a twin bed's floorspace.
With its linear frame, your wall art should be snap when you use those cheap poster frames. I suggest buying standard poster-sizes like 36" x 24." Since most posters are available in this size, you can easily change the posters out on a whim and have a nice, clean-edge piece of art.
You can also buy ugly pictures at thrift stores and yard sales, pop out the glass, paint it and hang the frame around any object, like a boomerang or starfish--literally anything. I say, "Put a frame around 'it' and art it is!"

White Low Loft Bed with Pull-out Desk, Dresser Drawers and Shelves

Easy 'Bed-Making' Tip

Low Loft Bed with Pull-Out Desk and Dresser Underneath
I don't think a spot the width of a toothpick was spared in this tightly-packed low (often referred to as 'junior') loft bed with its bookshelf, shelves and dresser underneath the twin size bed.
Like the other low loft junior beds, this mini is ideal for smaller children, too and it's available in a three, popular wood finishes (white, black and cherry brown),so it's sure to fit in with your planned decor.
Speaking of decor, you'll want to dress the bed in super-cute bedding but in order for it to look great, the bed needs making daily. And with bunks and loft beds with storage and all that going on underneath, making up the bed can be tricky. For wee ones, making a bed upon arising just isn't feasible.
So, don't!
Here's a 'trick' for having a great-looking, neat bedroom I've used in my early days with toddler twins: Use your kid's comforter as you would a top sheet, then use a simpler blanket for warmth. Upon arising, have your child place the blanket in one of the cubbies or drawers in the morning. VIOLA! You're left with a tidy loft bed with a neat-as-a-pin comforter (tuck the comforter under the mattress or use velcro strips to keep it crease-free).
Who knew?

Loft Beds and adding color to your kid's room

Children's Low Loft Twin Bed with Desk, Shelves and Dresser
Odds are you--or your child-- has a theme or color in mind, so that makes buying art, bedding and accessories a bit easier. But like anything, too much color is not a good thing and results in diluting the effect you most prized pieces have on your space.
A brown loft bed like the one here at left is made fabulous by adding a colorful rug, matching window panels, and bedding . . . etc, but be careful, lest the bed get lost in a sea of a one-color-zoo-gone-wild.
Keep your space's main attraction just that: the star of the show.
It's ok to have a hint of sameness in each piece; just keep it to splash, hint or pinch level. I like the 3:1 ratio, where you've three nondescript--or plain--pieces to every theme piece; you'll achieve a balance that's pleasing to the eye.
Either of these beds will make a smashing impression in your kid's room and they'll do great on their own without too much help. Choose a theme-based bed set and keep the other themed pieces low-profile.

Totally Teen-Friendly Decor: cool but ingenious loft bed with desk, storage and optional trundle

Trundle for Low Loft Bed with Locker Storage and Desk Underneath

Metal and modern design go hand-in-hand and this teen loft bed with desk and the optional, pull-out trundle bed underneath it, betrays that hard-as-steel city streets loft design.
The cool factor is apparent with this low loft study bed in high-energy red and blue or it's girly-girl version is done up in pink and purple. I would have gone berserk for this bed but most importantly, it's the beds' features that have so much promise for great decor while serving as quite the piece for studying and storing.
I'd venture to say these teen loft beds with desks will be a 'coveted piece of several pieces' of furniture (I would have never thought this verbiage would make sense)
Tweens and teen kids love metal framed furniture; its soooOO SoHo! Pair this lofty piece up with NYC posters like the yellow cab and the black & white with neon bedding and wall art and you've one ama-ZING! space they'll swear to love you forever for.
As a side note, I must say the abstract wall art over the bed is a great way to decorate while spending quality time with your child. Their simplicity promises to be a cherished, no-fail project you'll both love. The canvases can be had for uber-cheap at big box craft stores where they're usually in a package of two or three. Throw in a weekly phone app coupon and it's a win-win.
I hope I've been some help to you in your quest for the best loft bed for your kid's bedroom!

Ideas for Creating Harmony with Loft Beds and Those Tough Windows

Off-center Window: use well-placed window panels for balance

Older Mid-Century, High Windows & Corner Windows: it's all about the curtain panels

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And kids and teens need either a desk or full-on workstation for doing homework. Finding room for all that junk . . . er . . . school stuff is a conundrum best left to professional organizers, or if you're like me, you can opt for a tidy loft bed with a desk underneath for saving space--and money.Either loft bed you choose will give your kids the homework space they need below, while serving as an attractive element to their bedroom. And it's all in one tidy package.

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