Light Blue and Brown Bedding & Comforter Sets

Brown and light blue bedding like these ethereal sets promise to deliver your lackluster bedroom to the bright and alive space you've long been pining for.

Light/Baby Blue and Chocolate Brown Comforter Bedding Set Queen & King Sizes

Light Blue and Chocolate Brown Comforter Bedding Set Queen

Getting the Most from Your Bedding

The most important feature in your space--the focal point--has quite a job of capturing the eye, and introducing your theme--all while having an inviting, 'come inside' presence. With all those expected qualities, it pays to invest wisely and lavishly (while being sensible).
Bedding is your room's shining star and everything else, like accessories and lighting, should play supporting roles to your baby blue and brown bed set. Keep similarly hued pieces from competing with your bedding by placing like-items on opposite sides of your bedroom.
Ideally, your accessories and other fabrics should complement your bedding--not compete. I'll talk more about placement and layering below.
Light and baby blue and chocolate brown bedding like these comforter sets have the aesthetic design and energy to perform as the room's show-stopper. Begin big with your bedding; everything else is easy-peasy!

Light Blue and Chocolate Brown Reversible Bedding: Comforter Set

Why Use Reversible Bedding?

It may seem strange for some of us to incorporate a bed set like this one where you'll have your preferred light blue, rich, chocolate brown and white theme colors but I'd venture to say we all know a friend or three that insist on changing their furniture arrangements around seemingly every other month.
And then there's 'those folks' whom I deem the 'Picaso' ilk, with the perpetual paint brush in hand and ten coats of different layer in hues from light blue to mud brown.
For those of us in a constant state of decor-go-round, reversible bedding in your brown and light blue color palette may be a sensible option, as there's no need to buy another bed set; just remake the bed on the flip side.
Too, you may want to hand down the bedding to the next child in line for more big-kid bedding. With decor, there seems to be an answer for the quirkiest of decorators.

The Missing Hues: Adding Color

Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue Comforter: 4-Pc Bedding Set Queen, King

Sometimes a fabulous comforter or bedding set is just the style and has all the oomph you're looking for.
Except one thing: it's missing a color--not good.
But don't discount the bedding just yet. Sheets do a fabulous job of replacing what is missing from that gotta-have comforter, quilt or duvet. This baby blue and chocolate brown comforter set exemplifies a minimal use of brown and adding a nice sheet set can make a profound difference.
When using sheets to add the missing element, make your bed in the halfway fold or roll down; this will add a welcoming effect that's quite inviting and not at all contrived looking.

7-Pc Light Blue and Chocolate Brown Comforter Bedding Set

Bedding for Two: Decorating for Both Genders

It goes without saying that men aren't too fond of fru-fru flowers and bright pink polka dots. While that may be a bit on the extreme edge of bedroom decor, I've seen some owner suites where it's obvious the man of the house lost out on the vote for the room's color palette and bedding and wall art and . . ..
Well, you get the picture [or, enter your own scary visual, here].
For bedroom spaces where men and women live in harmony, it's most likely there's a reason for such bedroom bliss: the space's decor suites them both.
It's bedding like this light blue and chocolate brown comforter set that suits both genders with its nondescript bands of color. Too, any appropriate wall art will appeal to both the man and woman--no favoritism, here.
The owner suite should reflect hues that are favored by those occupying it, so it's a good idea to list preferred colors, designs, decor genres and art, then meet wherever your preferences intersect.
See? It's not so difficult after all, to appeal to both of you.

24-Pc. Room-in-a-Bag Brow and Light Blue Bedding & Window Set

Matching Window Treatments--or Not?

Bedding like this whopper of a light blue, brown and white comforter set includes every conceivable matching fabric you'll need to complete your bedroom scheme. For some of us, this may seem like a great deal but you may want to take a few things into consideration before settling on your final bed set.
With bedding ensembles that include window panels, you'll need a sizable space, where all that matching will have the room it needs to avoid looking overdone.
Windows should be on opposing walls or at least a good bit away from your bedding. At all costs, keep your decor from appearing gaudy and/or contrived.
Ideally, your bedroom should look relaxing and inviting.

Light Blue and Chocolate Brown Floral Comforter Bedding Set Queen, King

About Floral Bedding:

Floral design can take on many personalities as you can see, here. While we might think florals are quite the feminine decor genre, adding earthy colors to the subject can betray a more gender-neutral ambiance.
Consider the size and shape of the print. Larger flowers with simpler lines have a more modern appearance, while more ornate or realistic floral prints are most oft of traditional ilk.

Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue Quilt Bedding Set Queen

The Same Color Palette, Different Voices

Note the model rooms for these light blue and chocolate brown comforter sets. The decor is strikingly different based on the 'voice' of the bedding's design. The contemporary vibe is evident with the floral bed set above right, while the conservative, traditional sets contribute to the classical decor spaces of the remaining two.
It's all a matter of personal preference and how you've appointed your adjoining rooms.
Each of these comforter sets boast the same brown and light blue hues but it's their defining floral patterns that make the space unique.

Light/Baby Blue and Chocolate Brown Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter Set

The 'Sheet Trick' and Getting the Color Result You Need

As I mentioned, sometimes it's just plain easier to opt for a bed set complete with matching sheets like this king size Baroque set in our sought after blue and brown design.
If you're one to dress the bed in down-turned, welcoming fashion, you'd most likely come out better to invest in a comforter set that's complete with coordinating sheets.
You don't have to go for bedding that's both colors to get the blue and brown you're after. Consider a comforter set like this one with the light blue sheet; I really appreciate those, here for their contrasting blue against the brown comforter, don't you?

Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue Quilt Bedding Set

Keeping Patterns in Check:

Much like patterns can make or break your choice in bedding, they can do the same for your space.
Using patterns successfully, is a delicate balancing act: too many like swirls and dots and you've one space better left to a hypnotist's couch than your bedroom. Indeed, the result can be quite dizzying.
Not Good.

8-Pc Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue Comforter/Bedding Set Queen King

Flocking for Texture: what is flocking?

Texture is an important part of creating a successful bedroom space with decor that's works in tandem for one result: a warm and welcoming bedroom you can retreat to after the most stressful of days.
Flocked bedding is one texture that quietly adds to your space's overall decor 'health.' Its raised and fuzzy texture is a welcome change from the ordinary flat and lifeless textiles around it.
But what is flocking?
Like I mentioned, it's a raised pattern wherein you can pass your hand over it and experience its warm and fuzzy appeal. The brown scrollwork in the damask pattern takes on several tones as light passes across the comforter.
At any given hour, you'll have a different look in your space, one you'll certainly appreciate.

Chocolate Brown and Light/Baby Blue Comforter Bedding Set

Texture, Color & Pattern: the balancing act

Kidding aside, I've had good results using my 3:1 ratio. That is, one patterned piece to three nondescript, plain ones. Surround a busy comforter with a solid chair with rug underfoot. Balance the arrangement with a light blue and brown accent pillow from your bedding alongside of a solid blue or brown pillow.
Large rooms can support more themed pieces but small spaces might necessitate you place matching patterns on opposite walls.
Allow your important pieces to stand alone in its glory without 'help' from nearby pieces and you'll have one amaZING focal point.

Light Blue and Brown Comforter Set: Bedding in Queen & King

I had to include this light blue and chocolate-y brown comforter set for its beauty alone.
This set is a bit pricier than its peers, here but if you're in love, too, go ahead and indulge; you can scrimp elsewhere in the room!
I've a penchant for modern decor and the perfectly-appointed light blue hue is ideal for a modern loft ambiance. This is one model room I'd love to use as a guide when furnishing my own space.
Isn't it irresistible?

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