Paris & Eiffel Tower Themed Bedding Sets and Bedroom Decor for Less: To Paris on a Dime

Budget-Friendly Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower Themed Bedding

Paris Decor, Comforters & Bedding

These budget-wise Paris themed bed sets and bedroom decor add to your overall theme where the Eiffel Tower looms large, creating an amazing space you'll love.

From tween to teens and beyond, 'going to Paris' is a simple jaunt to her bedroom. Who knew?

Scroll down to see the whole collection of fun to fancy Paris themed bedding for girls, teens and adults.

Your Bedroom's Paris Style: 

Pink Poodle Paris Eiffel Tower Themed Comforter & Sheets Bedding Set

There's lots of Paris Themed Bedding and Eiffel Tower inspired bed sets and your biggest investment is your themed bedding.

Your choices for bedding should:

  • support your color palette
  • introduce your Paris and/or Eiffel Tower theme
  • be age appropriate
This pink, poodle in Paris bed-in-a-bag comforter set is total fab! Here's why:
  • budget-wise at under $60
  • includes Paris/Eiffel Tower sheet set, bed skirt, pillow shams and comforter  


Paris Bedding for Girls: Poodle Eiffel Tower Theme Comforter & Sheet Set

Paris & Eiffel Tower Themed Bedding for Girls

Obviously, these two bed sets (here and the bed-in-a-bag set above) are for younger girls and tweens. 

Both Paris/Eiffel Tower theme comforter sets include full sheet sets, but this reversible comforter here doesn't have a bed skirt.  

Isn't this bed-in-bag set too cute with its Eiffel Tower, poodles, ballerina and cafe design? I love it!

Paris' Eiffel Tower Theme Turquoise Bed Set with Sheet

Pink in Paris: an Oh-La-La Experience in Decor

There's nothing more sweet than soft pink hues to lull your senses into a restful mode. Add white and black stripes and you've a French boutique or candy-sweet bedroom space for your young girl to tween.

I would forgo the matching window treatment--or at least the panels if your girl's bedroom is small or the window is on the same wall as shown in this model room. It's simply too many stripes going on. Other than that caveat, this too-cute-pink-Paris--with a splash of Eiffel Towers--comforter set and matching is beautiful-as-Paris bedding. Dontcha think?!

Fabulous Hues Against Black and White Paris & Eiffel Tower Bedding

Black and white with a contrasting burst of color, like with this turquoise and sepia bed set is idealized here with this 6-Piece Paris themed bedding. this set includes a matching flat sheet which is a plus-plus.
Add hints of turquoise about your bedroom but be sure you don't overdo it.

4-Piece Comforter Set: Paris Themed Eiffel Tower Bedding

Postage Stamp Black and White Paris Bed Set

Postage stamp bedding sets like this Paris themed comforter set is a popular design with its appeal to those of us who like nostalgia and the idea of creating a modern or vintage space.

Too, you can add color as you wish--from reds to muted purple to hot pinks--and Paris or Eiffel Towers; there's no limit to your preference for decor with this themed comforter set.

Hot Pink and Turquoise/Teal Paris Theme Eiffel Tower Comforter Set

When Only Color Will Do:

I'm loving this hot pink and turquoise reversible,, Paris themed comforter bedding set. Its brilliant hues promise to capture the eye and hold it--what a total fab impression, indeed!

With this bed set, there's a whole host of Paris and Eiffel Tower decor, like you see in the model room here. You can keep to the set's decorations or opt for low cost sheer, window panels for less than $12 a pair!   

There's more Paris themed bedding below but I wanted to share a best-kept 'secret' for color:

From Under $12 a Pair: in 21 Colors for Girls & Teens

Window Panels in a Host of Hues: it's paris with a 'view'

I love sheer window panels, as they're a great way to dress your girl's, tween or teen's paris themed bedroom without dishing out tons of cash in the process.

Consider hanging two colors in one window in a striped fashion to get more bang in your girl's Paris themed bedroom.  Easy, lots of colors, cheap and highly visual. A yes, yes and yes.

3D Eiffel Tower Bedding for a Dramatic Expression

Paris & Eiffel Tower Bedding Set: 4-Pc. 3D Eiffel Tower

This 4-Piece Blue Bedding Set with a dramatic 3D Eiffel Tower Paris Theme looks fabulous with darker wall paint, but try to keep the Paris nights theme to your focal wall. Bathing all four walls in a dark hue like the blue you see here, might leave you wanting to leave Paris behind!

Less is definitely more.

Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower Themed Comforter 4-pc. Bedding Set

Taking Your Paris Themed Bedroom Decor from the Pros

This simple, yet sophisticated, Paris and Eiffel Tower bedroom is an easy one to replicate with its DIY decorations that are quite and budget-friendly (aka cheap)  to make in an afternoon.
I included some Paris and Eiffel Tower themed pieces to give you an idea of how simple it is to create a professionally-appointed bedroom space.   You can cover cardboard letters from big-box craft stores (use a weekly phone-app coupon) with pages from newspaper or for color, use magazine pages.

Eiffel Tower Accessories are a Fun Way to Decorate in Theme

12-in. Eiffel Tower Paris Statue/Decoration for Teens & Girls

Eiffel Tower/Paris Statue:

  • looks like the Eiffel Tower from image
  • budget-friendly
  • can be used just about anywhere
  • adds to your bedroom's Paris theme 

Paris Themed Eiffel Tower Accent Throw Pillow from Under $10

Uber-Cheap Paris/Eiffel Tower Throw Pillow

  • helps replicate the Paris-themed bedroom above
  • quaint embroidered Eiffel Tower design
  • budget-wise, yet well made
  • helps introduce your Paris theme

Eiffel Tower Paris Theme Accent Lamp

Paris Eiffel Tower Accent Lamp

  • emulates the size and shape of the Eiffel Tower lamp in the model bedroom above
  • easy on/off bedside pull chain 
  • trendy black and white with brushed nickel base  

Duvet Filler Comforter for Your Paris Theme Duvet: Cover Insert

About Those Duvets:

Lots of folks shy away from duvets simply because it's a foreign concept. It may seem like a lot of hoopla at first but duvets are a lovely way to get the fabulous look you're after. Too, if you tend to run hot or cold at night, a duvet is the way to go, as you can fill it with a thickness that suits both you and the season.

Duvet covers and bedding sets can be filled by the same insert from your last bed set. Here's a budget-friendly duvet insert at right. Get  the insert once and you're done!

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