Plus Size Rockabilly & Pin-Up Clothing and Rockabilly Dresses

50's Retro and Rockabilly style dresses like these in small to plus-size are a great way to express your love for fashion, fun and the unique without breaking your wardrobe  budget.

50's Rockabilly Swing party Dress S-4X Plus Size

50's Style Small to Plus Size Rockabilly Retro & Pin-Up Party Swing Dresses

Pin-Up, Pencil, Wiggle, Swing & Secretary Styles

50s Purple or Blue Rockabilly Party/Swing Dress S-4X Plus size
If you love the 50s retro fashion, you'll love this collection of affordable, vintage-style Rockabilly pin-up, small to plus-size dresses every bit as I do. 
Adding to the recent hoopla, it seems Hollywood is just now catching on with celebs like Kim Kardashian looking rather . . . well . . . dashing, in her pinup, pencil dress with pleated collar (lovin' her shoes, too, by the way). 
And after seeing a few more celebs (like Paris Hilton, et al.) sporting this unique Rockabilly style, I had to check things out for myself and being the hopeless, yet passionate writer, I had to share my findings with like-minded fashionistas (that would be you and me).
Seriously, though, Rockabilly plus size pinup and swing dresses make a fashion statement that bears repeating. Its cool design is purely 50's vintage style; just think Bettie Page and her sexy wiggle dresses that defined this awesome rock 'n' roll era.

Lovin' Vintage Rockabilly: But What Does it Mean?

What is Rockabilly and When Did it Surface?

Simply put, the term Rockabilly is named for a genre of 1950s music--a hybrid of rock and roll and country and the subculture borne of its popularity.

S-4X Plus Size Rockabilly Swing Party Dress with Bow
The LBD: a little black dress you can take anywhere
With this cute black--or red, or blue--swing party dress with a (doubly cute) bow at the waist, I'm thinking Audrey Hepburn and Sarah Jessica Parker.
This Rockabilly swing party dress will go anywhere and makes the perfect traveling companion for those questionable "What will everyone be wearing?" casual events. Better to pack this girlfriend than be caught under~done (been there and done that). I would wear a crinoline underneath for extra fullness ~ or fluff, if you will. I'd pair this retro style dress with some flirty pumps for a complete vintage 50's look.

Scalloped Necklines: Dress for Success--in a more feminine style

Red Rockabilly-Retro Swing Dress S-4X Plus Size

It's no secret fashion lines can certainly influence--if not change--your body shape (at least visually). I love the scalloped neckline of this 50s retro style swing party dress. It will certainly give you a more defined shape 'where it counts' most, followed by pleating and finished with buttons.
Visually, this cute Rockabilly dress will certainly positively influence the way you look--and feel.
Sizes Small to 4X Plus

Hmm . . . Where Did Rockabilly Originate?

A Little Bit of Music + Big Rock Legends = Iconic Fashion that Endures

Music from fifties icons such as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley catapulted their fame over the airways, and helped to influence this phenomenon from its Southern roots and into the national spotlight.
Thus, Rockabilly was born.

Red Rockabilly 50s Style Swing Dress S-4X Plus Size

Oh, boy do these dresses look like celeb couture ~ think Melissa Burgland and her over~the~top retro look where she sported a polka dot swing dress complete with a cherry on top (I'm serious, she wore a fascinator of two faux bing cherries!). 

But getting back to reality, you'll for sure look more amazing than our celebrity friend. Just leave the cherry fascinator for the clueless.

I love this red dress with its Parisian style pink neckline and bow. The color duo looks like a twist of old-fashioned candy, doesn't it? 

Red & Black Polka Dot Swing Dress S-Plus Size 4X
The red dress with black polka dots and adoring bow is my personal fave. But the black 3/4 sleeve dress has that really cute bolero look which is quite the 'topping on the cupcake'. Be sure to arrive fashionably late with this lovely. This is one dress to be remembered. And snap that pic; you're gonna need documentation of such fab~u~lous~ity (I made that one up, too. Words can't hold a candle to defining its amazingness! Really, any of these fab~find swing dresses would look stunning for clubbing with girlfriends or that sweet first date. Peep toe platform pumps would make great pals for all styles shown here. Yeah, who's the diva, now?

Black or Blue Pin~UP 50s Style Secretary Dress - Under $30

Sailor Nautical Pinup Rockabilly Pencil Dress
Did I just say the red dress above was my fave?

Cancel that.

I'm lovin' the cute cap sleeves and nautical trim of this black pencil aka retro secretary 'forever' dress. It's available in Royal & Navy Blue, too.

The white trim on the skirt is very slimming and the buttons keep the eye on your 'new waistline.'

50's Style Pencil/Wiggle Secretary Dress XS-4X Plus Size

One more 'forever' dress, this black wiggle dress has fabulous features that, like the nautical dress above, are quite slimming, indeed.

Yes, the dress is retro and makes a fab party dress, but i'm seeing this one in the office--where you're definitely the boss.

Sizes XS-4X plus

Penchant for Pleats & 50's Vintage? - Plus~Size Rockabilly Style Swing Dress

Fabulous Pleated Swing Halter Dresses: a summer night must-have

Rockabilly Fashion: Not Just for Crazed Fans

Leopard Style Polka Dot Rockabilly Halter Dress to 4X
                                                        Rockabilly clothing emerged to cater to followers of this national Rockabilly music craze, one that has survived decades, despite newer fashion trends. Rockabilly clothing continues to hold its ground in today's fashion industry, and many classic styles have shown promise as "forever" favorites.

Pink Polka Dot Retro Halter Swing Dress to 4X

I'm totally psyched about these summer halter stunners! Definitely a head~turner with their sweetheart bodices and oh~so~fabulous pleats with polka dots as an added surprise. I don't know about you but I'm thinking parties and dancing. Give your gal pals something to look at ~ with an envious eye, of course.

Pencil Dresses: a Wardrobe Staple that's Here to Stay

Rockabilly Pin-Up 50's Style Pencil Wiggle/Secretary Dress

Here's the sexy, yet sophisticated secretary pencil style dress I've seen Paris Hilton stepping out in. These fun fashion picks can go from office to evening without having to worry about anything but a spritz to your hair and some red lipstick (imagine that!). How's that for on~the~go sophistication? I love the way these fun pencil dresses look office sophisticate by day and sexy (but oh~so~the~intellect) vixen at night. Plus, these vintage styles won't fall out of favor in a season's time like fad fashion will, so they make perfect 'cents' (I know, silly Lily but I couldn't help myself).
XS-4X Plus Sizes

50s Style Rockabilly Pencil Secretary Dress XS-4X plus

The days where the pencil dress was for dictation-ready secretaries with steno pads in hand are long gone. Well, the steno dictation thing is gone but the pencil dress remains an enduring wardrobe must-have, hugging curves for over half a century.
There's nothing frumpy about this dress and by all means don't be intimidated; go ahead and wear it to the office where you're on the 'other' side of the desk, sans the steno pad, please.

50s Style Retro Cap Sleeve Party Swing Dress
A Retro Swing Dress for Summer in Every Color of the Rainbow

Under $40

Size XS to 2X Plus 

What's your Rockabilly fashion fave?

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