Purple Black and White Bedding Sets: Drama Uplifted

Purple, black and white bedding and comforter sets like these don't have the high price tag but really deliver, adding drama and light to your bedroom's space.


 Modern & Contemporary Black, Purple and White Comforter Sets


I love this eye-catching white, black and purple comforter set with its bold presentation done in black blocking against a contrast of white and delicately contained in a medium purple border.  With this bedding set, you'll have that oh wow! focal image your bedroom needs without much ado. Another fab reason for going with this set if you're decorating a girl's bedroom is this comforter isn't soon outgrown; there's plenty of years use with this pattern. Isn't it bold?  

Here's a great option for bedding in your purple, black and white color palette. Like the bed sets above, this comforter is budget friendly.   

It's a linear design like this striped comforter set that opens the door to lots of decor options.

The solid lines allow you to opt for any form of artwork and perhaps an area rug with a design element to it.

Having options when decorating is always a plus-plus.

The Hollywood Glam Genre 

These fabulous white, purple and black accent comforter sets has the characteristics for Hollywood Glam is that's where your headed for your bedroom.

The model rooms here work with the bedding but the set will work with ornate silver framed mirrors, a white or silver flokati rug and overhead chandelier.

Go with a cooler modern vibe or go glam!



Getting Ideas from Model Rooms

Getting Ideas from Model Rooms

I love the simplicity of this model room, don't you? The night table is a simple tray table you can find for an uber-cheap price. The small
bedside lamp is another piece that's easy to find and equally cheap price-wise.

Look for ideas in model rooms like this one and you'll have a designer look for way less.

7-Piece Purple Lavender and White Bedding Set

With this comforter set is absent the black, you can add that in as I mentioned, earlier. Here's what makes this bedding set great for your purple, white and black color scheme:

  • There's two purple hues: lavender/lilac and plum
  • The solid colors allow a wide range of bedroom decor options 
  • You can use this comforter set for girls, tweens and teens' bedrooms
  • Uber-cheap but very good reviews

24-Pce Whole Bedroom Purple, Black and White Bedding Set

Whole Bedroom Comforter and Bedding Sets

This purple, white and black bedding set includes all you'll need to create a bedroom in your color palette and not have to rummage for more pieces.

This bedding set includes:
  • Black, white and purple comforter
  • 4 Window panels
  • 4 Tiebacks
  • 2 Black, white and purple window valances
  • 2 Pillow shams
  • 2 Euro shams
  • 4-Piece Sheet set
  • Black bedskirt
  • 2 Decorative Pillows

The bedding--rather whole bedroom--set above is a great option for dorm rooms, too. 

Finish your purple, black and white bed set with area or accent rugs in white to brighten your bedroom space, and black or purple rugs to warm your room. In small spaces, angle your rug, tucking one corner under your bed. The result is am illusion of more room. who knew?

Don't be afraid to experiment with painting techniques for walls. Express yourself for a space that's truly your own!  

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