Purple Plum Colored Bedding: Warm & Opulent Comforter Sets that Inspire

These purple plum comforter and other bedding sets promise to set the stage quite easily without too much fuss--and funding.

Purple Plum Colored Pinch Pleated Comforter 5-Piece Bedding Set

Purple Plum Colored and Grey/Gray Bedding: 5-Pce Comforter Set

Getting Started with Your Plum Bedroom Palette

I started with these plum colored comforter sets: one with pinch pleats and one with layered detailing.

While the purple/plum colored bedding set above is a solid with less variety to it, the pinch pleats work fabulously at creating an array of shadow and shine, where you'll enjoy its richer plum color in the comforter's dips and crevices, and the lighter shade of plum in the utmost top part of the set.

9-Piece Plum Colored and Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set

Plum Color and a Bit 'o Grey: two fabulous contrasts 

I love this plum colored bedding set on the left, don't you? The plum is well-balanced with the gray down to the bedskirt--how fab is that?

The model room is well-appointed, too, with the grey wall and black details as well with the lovely, black chandelier, table lamp and furniture pieces.

But if you want the plum color and grey hues to bask in the different life of the day's light each and every hour, the comforter set above is the ideal bedding choice. I have this very bed set (in blue), and I love it!      

7-Pce. Gray/Grey and Plum Colored Comforter Bedding Set

Now, About Your Bedroom Walls:

Don't you love the taupe color on these walls? They're the perfect shade to complement the plum colored flowers on this bedding set. The plum color here, looks a bit more purple than the subdued  hues on the comforter sets above. 

It's easy to envision white walls with this bedding set if you loathe painting or just can't.  
Too, this comforter set will look fab with grey walls, too. decide what hue or tone in your bedding you want to elicit from your bedding and go for it. Your bedroom should be totally you. 

Gray/Grey and Plum Colored Window Panels 54" x 84"

Budget-Friendly Options for Your Windows 

While these plum colored, window panels best match the bedding set above, you can envision them with the other plum comforters--both solid color plum and solid bedding, too.  

Other uber-cheap (but very popular) window dressings include sheer panels like the silver-grey panels below.  

Uber-Cheap Silver Window Panels 60" x 84" Under $10 a Pair

Sheer Window Panels for Under $10 a Pair

Plum is a great hue to pair with these silver-grey sheer window panels. They're available in many colors, including plum and purple. But for under $10 per pair, you can layer plum with silver or grey panels.

I love when fabulous decor is uber cheap. Who knew?  


12-Pce. Uber-Cheap Plum and Lavender Comforter Bedding Set

Plum & Lavender Comforter Bed-in-a-Bag Set

Often times you might see the budget-saving term 'bed-in-a-bag' but exactly what is meant by that? 

Well, here's a good example of a genuine, real-deal, 12-piece, plum bed-in-a-bag set (Whew!).

Such sets should always include a full sheet set--hence the term bed-in-a-bag. Here's what's included with this plum colored, comforter set:  

  • Plum and lavender comforter
  • 2 Pillow shams
  • Bed skirt
  • 2 Decorative pillows
  • Flat sheet; fitted sheet; two pillow cases 

Sometimes you'll see 'bed-in-a-bag' but the bedding set doesn't include a full sheet set, so do be careful and make sure you get the set you expect.

7-Pc Plum and Silver Colored Comforter Bedding Set

Plum and Silver Bedding Set:

Here's a fabulous example of drama and light being played out on a bedding set, and I love it--I love its price, too!

Seriously, there's no better example the polar opposites: purple plum, silver and black that'll serve your bedroom well to warm the space while being a plush contribution to your bedroom.

You'll have key pieces with this 7-piece plum colored bedding set: 
  • Plum and silver comforter
  • 2 Pillow shams in plum and silver
  •  Bedskirt
  • 3 Decorative plum color and silver accent pillows   

Under $25 4-pc. Purple Plum Sheet Bedding Set

Under $25 Plum Colored Affordable Sheet Set

Being a diehard penny-pincher, I'm not sure if I'm the only one excited to see soft, highly-visual plum colored sheet sets, but I'll settle for being a lone 'ranger.'

This sheet set is queen size, but at the link, you'll see the other sizes. Rich and dramatic--I'll take 'em.

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