Purple Zebra, Cheetah and Leopard Print Comforter & Bedding Sets

These fun-to-funky budget-friendly purple cheetah, leopard and zebra animal print bedding sets make decorating your bedroom that much easier. 

Dark Purple Animal Print Bedding: 7-Pc. Purple Zebra and Cheetah/Leopard Print Comforter Set Queen

Fun Design on the Wild Side: Purple Cheetah, Leopard & Zebra Print Bedding

White & Purple Zebra Print Bedding: Zebra Print Comforter & Sheet Set Twin-Queen
Finding the ideal purple zebra, cheetah or leopard print bedding set can be seem like a real walk on the wild side when perusing the internet for just the right animal-print comforter.
And rounding up all those cheetah spots and zebra stripes into a finished, cohesive look can be downright daunting. But rest assured, there is light at the end of the rainbow with this selection of purple animal print bedding.
With a few of my basic decorating tips, you can find sanity among the chaos of your tween or teen girl's bedroom (yes, it is possible!). Scroll down for a peek at fabulous bedding sets that sport your purple animal print faves: leopard, cheetah and zebras. The rest is easy-peasy!

Beginning Your Animal Print Decorating Venture - Dark Purple & Black Animal Print Bedding

Purple Animal Print Bedding: Dark Purple Zebra Print Comforter Set Queen
Bedrooms are among the easiest rooms to decorate, as we've a built-in fixture: the bed. After your bedding--the room's focal point--there's no guesswork. YAY!
But let's not celebrate too soon; lest we lose sight of how to dress the bed for success. You want your new purple animal print comforter to stand out from the rest of the room's pieces. Ideally, your bedding should seemingly spring from your focal wall, as though it's shouting, "Look at me!"

Your Purple Animal Print Venture Starts with Your Space's Focal Point

Dark Purple Animal Print Bedding: 7-Pc Purple Cheetah/Leopard Print Comforter Set
It's best to begin with your bedding serving as your bedroom's star and build your decor around it, with your accessories playing supporting roles. Your bed should be your room's show-stopper, so allow it to garner the most attention in your space.
Go as big with your bedding as your space and budget allow and the rest is easy.

Focal Points: Start Out Like a Lion, End with a Whisper

Black and Purple Animal Print Bedding: 7-Pc Zebra Print Comforter Set

Here's another classic purple animal print bedding set that will get the job done. It's zebra stripes have the  WOW! factor you're looking for and their striking zebra patterns work to make your first manner of decor a running success.
Start big, on a 'high note' and end with a whisper. ideally, your purple bedding set should be well remembered.

Melding Purple Animal Prints for a Cohesive, Versatile Look:

Full Purple Animal Print Bedding:Purple Zebra & Leopard/Cheetah Comforter Set Full
Mixing animal prints is a good idea, as you have more freedom with your decor. You're free to alternate your bedding, wall art and accessories in either purple cheetah/leopard spots or zebra stripe and still be 'in the spirit' with your animal print theme.
A word of warning, though: you'll need to keep all those leopard/cheetah spots and zebra stripes in control or you'll have three runaway 'animals' on your hands! It's easy to lose sight of patterns and the result is rather dizzying--not dazzling.

A Jumble of Jungle Animals: It's All About Balance

Dark Purple and Black Animal Print Bedding: Purple Zebra Print Comforter Set Queen

Purple and Black Leopard Cheetah Zebra Print Comforter Bedding Set

Now, About Those Matching Window Panels--Not

Purple Zebra and Cheetah/Leopard Animal Print Comforter & Sheet Set
Notice how, in some model rooms there will be matching window panels and they're just too much. With purple animal prints, matching panels might not be wise--especially in small bedrooms, as there will seem to be no let up of purple and zebra . . . er . . . what are now, daggers instead of fanciful zebra stripes.
With fabulously strong designs and patterns, it's critical to keep to a healthy ratio in your girl's animal print bedroom. I've included a few window treatment options below that better suit busy bedding like these animal print sets.

Influencing Color to Suit Your Style

Uber-Cheap 3-Pce. Rainbow Zebra Print Comforter Set Twin, Full Queen

I know what you're thinking about this rainbow zebra print comforter set: But is it purple?

Well, yes and no. Sometimes we'll find a gotta-have decorative piece that's a little lacking in our ideal color. Don't discount the piece just yet; there is a way to 'morp' that flat hue into the fab hue we're pining for.
You can use a visual strategy where you'll use nearby accessories and window treatments' color to influence your beddings' appearance.

Girls' Purple Leopard/Cheetah Print Comforter Set Twin
Pillows Help Pile on the Purple

Girls' Purple Animal Print Bedding: Purple Zebra Comforter Set

While all that color mumbo jumbo may seem complicated (I can do that; I'm so wordy) but really, it's easy--just toss pillows in the color you want upon your bed and hang window panels in similar hues to create an impression that the bedding is more purple or more pink, etc.

You might even graduated the color if your bedding is really missing its mark. So long as your bedding is in the same color family, you can manipulate color to deceive the eye. Use one uber-striking piece (like a pillow) in the right color on your bed. The eye is much more likely to remember the pillow's color than the bed's.
Interior design is all about 'color play', so use it to your advantage for a look that's truly your own.

Which purple animal print--the leopard/cheetah or zebra print--is your fave?

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