Ruched Bedding and Comforter Sets

Ruched comforters and bedding sets like these add an air of romance to your bedroom--transforming an otherwise okay space to pure opulence.

Ruched Bedding: 7-Piece White Ruched Comforter Set Full, Queen to Cal. King

Under $50 Pink Ruched Comforter Set: 7-Pc. Pink Ruched Bedding

Ruched Bedding: A Bit of Romance

Romance and the bedroom are synonymous when decorating with these opulent ruched bedding sets, where you'll your blank-slate goes from wan to WOW!
Ruched (pronounced roosh-t) bedding isn't a new concept with its vintage good looks, European past and luxurious appeal; it melds our love of white lace, pink ruffles and plush grey and silver blue bedding into a unique gathering technique. Indeed, ruched bedding is pure opulence.
Keeping within your decor's romantic genre will take pairing up like elements for a cohesive, finished look that's classic and timeless. While you have a look at some of my favorite ruched bedding picks in colors you love, like pink, white, grey, blue and others, I'll lend some helpful decorating tips to help you achieve the frilly ruched bedding you've been pining for.
Prepare to be enchanted.

Getting Started: Dressing

your Bed for Success 

Luxury Ruched Bedding: Ivory White Ruched Comforter Set
I get so excited when I happen upon luxury bedding sets for under $100. When I refer to 'luxury' I'm not talking price, rather, it's more the bedding's value as the space's first impression.

Often, luxury bedding, like this ivory aka off white ruched comforter set, features sophisticated design done up in plush layers for a unique look of opulence; after all, the bed is your bedroom's 'star' and has the job of 'performing' as show-stopper.

Bedding sets like these ruched beauties have those elements that set the stage for your decor palette quite easily and for little initial investment, making for a great start to a successful finish you'll love.

Begin with just the right bedding and use accessories that complement and support your focal pieces and you're almost guaranteed success.

Taupe Ruched Bedding: 4-Piece Ruched Comforter & Shams Set

Ruched Bedding & Your Wall Color

Paint can make a profound change in your space the instant you put down the brush; it's instant gratification. But if you're not up to painting or simply can't paint in a rented place, you'll need to consider the walls as your biggest definer of what color - and at times, style - bedding you can use for a successful result.
White ruch bedding will look amazing with white walls. Normally, I wouldn't suggest such an arrangement but the ruch desiign has several 'pockets' of light and shadow that will play against the lighter walls, keeping the space fresh, bright and aesthetically pleasing.
I included a model room further on so you can see how well this style works with white on white. You will need to stick with a minimal palette with conservative tones, though.
I love the walls shown here with these bedding sets, where there's a perfect balance of natural hues and white. Having the right paint color for your planned theme or genre can make or break your decor, so choose carefully.

Luxury Ruched Bedding Under $100: Queen Ruched Comforter Set
Luxury Silver Ruched Bedding: 5-Pc. Ruched Comforter Set

Using Texture to Define Your Space:                                                                                                                                                 Luxury Ruched & Lace White Ivory Comforter Set

Ruched & Ruffle Ivory White Bedding: 4-Pc Queen & King Comforter Set
As I promised, here's the model room with white walls against white bedding. Isn't this room inviting?
Mixing texture in your space adds to its instant warmth and dimension. The mix of ruffle and ruch in this bedding set is a luxurious pairing of design, adding to the comforter's opulence. Notice how the two textures appear in different tones as it plays off the room's natural lighting.
Texture adds that oft-talked about "layering" in the interior design world, where you add pieces that compliment your room's main focus: the bedding.
I love the depth in the flokati rug; it grounds the space and betrays warmth with its high, delicate pile. While the rug is white like the rest of the room, its texture sets it apart from the bedding. Add a healthy mix of smooth and plush textures and your overall palette will look cohesive and finished without being overdone.
You can click the image to see more about this set. I love this room, don't you?

Blue Ruched Bedding: 4-Pc. Ruched Comforter Set

Bold Color Ruched Bedding for an Energized Space--or Not

There's no more personal space than the bedroom, so it goes without saying (but I'm saying it, anyway) that you more than likely have a color in mind. Do you want your bedding to 'speak' loudly with a "look at me' impression? Or, do you want total serenity with your bed being one with the rest of your decor?
Color can certainly be the one factor in creating the ambiance you've been pining for.
Notice how the bright blue ruched bedding makes the largest impact statement in the model room here. If you're more inclined to being wound up after a busy day you will fare better with those conservative hues versus ruch bedding that's big and bold.
I love an energized space - but not too much in the bedroom, as I'm usually wide awake come bedtime. If you can identify, you may want to steer clear of bold bedding colors and choose accordingly.

                                                                                   Mysterious Black               

Black Ruched Bedding: 7-Pc. Black Ruched Comforter Set Queen

Full or Queen Size Comforter Set

Black is mysterious when mixed with a sophisticated bedding design like ruch and depending on your wall's color can betray many personalities.
When paired with white walls you can imagine the distinct contrast, compared to the warmer, grey walls shown in this model room.
I suggest adding to the bedding, here, as the bed looks a bit flat - especially with the grey walls - and badly in need of contrast with accent pillows and/or maybe a throw to cozy up the bed. I'm not a fan of the black throw pillow shown, as its similar hue does little to complement set.
Consider a few bejeweled pillows for that needed sparkle and POP!

Pink Ruched Bedding: Twin Size Ruched Comforter Set in Pink

Bedding That Grows with Your Tween or Teen

If you're decorating for a younger girl to teen, bedding sets that 'grow' with your child promise the best investment for your decorating dollars.
Ruch bedding sets like these have just the right appeal to be age-neutral with their fanciful colors girls love.
I'm not a fan of redecorating with each new growth phase that I've coined as "Bambi to Bieber" seemingly overnight. It's best to begin with carefully chosen bedding and adding a conservative number of age-appropriate accessories that can be changed out on a whim. VIOLA! You've a 'new' room!

More Fun Colors of the Same Ruched Comforter Bedding Set:

Purple Ruched Bedding Comforter Set
Teal Blue Ruched Bedding Set

Deep/Dark Purple Ruched Bedding: 4-pc Comforter Set

Create Drama with Less: Ruched Bedding with Depth

With dramatic bedding sets you won't need too much else that wows, lest you wind up with a cacophony of color, a bit like wearing too much rouge.
Not good for a relaxing atmosphere. You don't want to be caught up in a shouting match complements of your pillows and window panels.
For this reason, keep your important elements just that--important--by pairing your comforter or other bedding with less-impressive pieces. Deep, dramatic hues like reds, purple and black to name a few are great focal piece options but allow them to be the majestic element in your space without any 'help' from neighboring accessories.
Less is more.

I hope you found just the right color ruched bedding set among this selection. What's your fave? 

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