Solid Purple Teen Bedding Sets

Solid purple teen bedding include comforter and quilt sets like these are just the color most girls love, and with  the deep, rich hue you'll have the ideal start to a space your teenager can truly call their own.

Dark Solid Teen Bedding Set: 7-pc. Comforter Set Full & King Size

Getting Started in Your Teen's Bedroom

Solid Purple Teen Bedding Sets: 7-Pc. Dark Solid Stripe Comforter Set Queen King
It's solid purple teen-friendly bedding like these drama-filled rich comforters that are the space's main attraction. Notice how the depth of the purple seems to leap from the wall.

Either solid purple bedding set will do to capture the eye.

Don't you think so? 

Reversible Solid Purple Teen Bedding Sets

Solid Purple Teen Bedding Set: 3-Pc Reversible Comforter Set full/Queen

Reversible solid purple bedding sets like this one and the comforter set below are great for teenagers, as they can experience both the purple and red hues they love.

Solid Purple Teen Bedding Sets: Light Purple & Solid Pink Comforter Set Full Queen

I love this light purple and solid pink, reversible comforter set. The two solid colors afford you a host of fun, teen-friendly decor.  

hot Pink and Solid Purple Teen Bedding: Uber-Cheap Comforter Set

Solid Color Purple Teen Bedding Set: Uber-Cheap Purple Comforter Set

Solid Color Purple Bedding: not the 'blah' you might think

Using solid color purple bedding sets, you have the freedom to us printed pillows, rugs, and wall art--even window panels.

I love sheer window panels, as they're cheap and allow light to filter into your teen's bedroom. Often times sheer panels in solid purple, pink, white--any solid color are under $10  for thee pair!  

Solid Purple Quilt Bedding Sets: decorating for now and later

Solid Purple Teen Quilt Bedding Set: Queen & King Size Purple Quilt

This solid color purple quilt set has a luxurious look but the price is surprising. Its deep purple hue will satisfy teen's love for the color and the quilt's texture is a fabulous option for decorating well beyond your teenager's younger years. 

Solid Purple Color Teen Bedding Set: Purple Scalloped Quilt Set

What a solid purple quilt set that's total fab! I love finding bedding sets like this one that's truly a unique find. 

This purple quilt has a host of exclusive detailing with its scalloped hemlines and stitched design work. 

There's a plethora of decor genres from country to shabby chic you can work toward with this unique, solid purple quilt set.   

Solid Color Purple Teen Bedding Set: Furry/Fuzzy Purple Comforter

Texture Adds Warmth: solid purple adds drama

This solid color purple with its furry--or fuzzy--texture will surprise you with the constant shift of the room's light.

With such a play of light and dark purple hues, the bedding set takes on a warm and welcoming vibe.  

Solid Purple Teen Bedding: Purple Butterfly Furry Bedspread Set

More Solid Purple Bedding Options for Teens and Beyond

Solid Purple Ruched Teen Bedding Comforter Set

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